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  • Name: Zulia Radjabov ( Sulahat Radjabov )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Dagestan
  • Activity: the psychic, the healer, the winner of season 2 «battle of the psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Zulia Radjabov : biography

    Dagestan clairvoyant Zulia Radjabov was born on November 30. But the year of birth, it does not tell anyone, so the specified 1985 – only approximate that predispose some fans of the sultry beauty. As explained by Salahat (is the full name of the woman) it’s not about coquetry, and the desire to preserve their aura from willful damage competitors. Zulia knows what he’s talking about, because everything else she has and numerologist.

    Zulia Radjabov grew impressionable and inquisitive girl. Parents were happy with her progress in school. When the daughter grew up, she was fascinated by the sport. She especially liked judo. In this form of martial arts it has reached considerable heights. But dreams of the future were not associated with sports, but with the psychology.

    Having received a high school diploma, Zulia went to Makhachkala. After 5 years she was a certified psychologist. But the specialty Radjabov, short-lived. She got an understanding of what you need to move on. She moved to Moscow and got the second higher education. Now Sulahat had the specialty «therapy».

    About their psychic abilities the woman knew for a long time. Zulia says that in her family there were at least 9 generations of healers and mages, there is some documentary evidence. For example, great-grandfather foretold of the «iron birds».

    Unusual ability, according to the Dagestani healer appeared in her 9 years. But the girl was frightened and did not want to develop them. She quickly began to go blind. As she explained to people in the know, the reason for this was the refusal to accept the healing gift. Then it was even worse. Says Radjabov, she survived 3 near-death. Returning «from the dead», the girl began to develop the divine gift of ability. Her health returned to normal.

    TV show

    To test their abilities and showcase them around the clairvoyant Dagestan decided on the 2nd season of «Battle of psychics». So the biography of Julii Radjabova was enriched by another bright head. Friends and family she decided not to notify.

    Radjabov has excelled with nearly all a daunting task, invented by the administrators of the popular project. She easily guessed the objects and people buried behind a dense screen. The most difficult was to investigate the death of people. Zulia says that the pain of people being killed, and moral sufferings of their relatives, it passes through itself. And it’s incredibly hard.

    Zulia Radjabov managed to cope with all the trials and became the winner in the 2nd season of the project.

    After participating in the rating project, the clairvoyant has a huge army of fans. But also competitors, and simply unscrupulous people who never missed an opportunity to cash in on her name. In social networks, a fake web page, allegedly belonging to Julie. Radjabov warned that never try to «capitalize» on someone else’s misfortune. The answers to the questions she gives only in person, not remotely via the Internet. She has an official website where you can find all the necessary coordinates Dagestan healer and numerologist.

    Personal life

    Bright Caucasian beauty married long time ago. Personal life of Julii Radjabova is man and 11-year-old son, according to the psychic, passed on her abilities. Their relatives the woman is hiding from journalists and all prying eyes away.

    Recently there were rumors that Radjabov got divorced with her husband. But confirmation of this is not. Salahat has not commented on this information.


    Zulia Radjabov

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