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  • Name: Zoya Fedorova ( Zoya Fedorova )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1908
  • Age: 73 years
  • Date of death: 11 Dec 1981
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Zoya Fedorova: biography

    The biography of a great Soviet actress Zoya Fyodorova like a film-drama. It had everything in it: success and fame, a lot of love and romance with a foreigner, the joy of motherhood, the arrest, torture in prison and death from the hands of a cold-blooded killer.

    Zoya Fedorova was born in pre-revolutionary Russia, in Saint Petersburg, in 1909, 21 Dec. Her father was Alexei Fedorov-was a factory worker. Mother Ekaterina Fedorova involved in raising three daughters and a son. The family lived in a large apartment and didn’t need.

    Zoya Fedorova in his youth
    Zoya Fedorova in his youth

    After the events of 1917 in his life there are big changes. Father Zoe the entire soul accepts the revolution and actively participates in it, makes a quick career in the Bolshevik party. In 1918, the family was in Moscow. In the capital his father was appointed head of the passport service in the Kremlin.

    From early childhood, Zoe attended the drama club and dreamed of becoming an actress. Father passion daughter didn’t like it. After school at the age of 17, Zoe went to work at the state insurance. Service did not bring any pleasure, artistic nature girls rebelled and found joy in the dance, which she attended after work.

    The accusations of espionage

    At the party, Anna meets military Kirill Provo. Between young people break out tender feelings. In the fall of 1927 a loved one is suddenly arrested as a British spy. Following him into custody misses and Fedorov. She is suspected of aiding foreign spies.

    Zoya Fedorova in his youth
    Zoya Fedorova in his youth

    In November of that year, the case was closed for lack of evidence confirming the accusation. The situation is quite unusual for those times. Then Providence interceded for Zoe, OGPU was it some plans. Whatever it was, the biography of Zoe Fedorova could not take place.

    Early career

    Despite the protests of his father, in 1930, the girl goes to school at the Theater of the Revolution. During training, she gets a cameo role in the film «Counter». On the premiere came the family, but Fedorov on the screen appeared. The episode with him was cut during installation. On the set of Zoya meets operator Vladimir Rapport, whom you will marry.

    Zoya Fyodorova in movie
    Zoya Fedorova in the movie «Wedding in Malinovka» | Movie-Theater

    Her first on-screen debut will be the role in the musical film «the Accordion», released in 1933. After the release of the film the talented actress receives a lot of offers from Directors. One after the other out of the picture with her. The huge success and national notoriety brings her film «Girlfriend», released in 1936. Actress popular, famous, life is beautiful, but it is a tough period associated with my father’s arrest.

    Zoya Fyodorova in movie
    Zoya Fyodorova in movie «Friend» | full Movie

    Kremlin employee, who personally knew Lenin, was the victim of slander. The reason for the arrest could be his loose remarks against the leadership of the country. His arrest and imprisonment for 10 years was like a bolt from the blue. To help her father, Zoe has an appointment to Lavrenti Beria. Felt a weakness for beautiful Actresses, he invites her to the mansion. Father was dismissed in the summer of 1941, and Zoya received the right at any time to contact Beria for help.

    Zoya Fedorova in his youth
    Zoya Fedorova in his youth

    After my father’s arrest for Zoe got the status of a daughter «enemy of the people». What is strange, on the fate of the actress is not recognized, Fedorov continues to shoot. During the ten years of her career shot 22 films with her participation. In most of them she starred in the title role. For the film «Musical story» (1940) and «Front friend» (1941), the actress received the highest award – the Stalin prize.


    Zoya Fedorova is one of the most popular Actresses of the Soviet cinema. Admire her, love her, films with her participation are successful. But before the end of the 46th over her head the clouds are gathering, in December the actress was arrested. She is accused of conducting hostile propaganda, establishment of anti-Soviet groups, vicious attacks against the Soviet government and even willingness to carry out terrorist acts against the leadership.

    Zoya Fedorova in his youth
    Zoya Fedorova in his youth

    The actress is turning to Beria, but she cannot escape the horrible accusations and heavy sentence. Zoya Fedorova was sentenced to 25 years in reinforced regime camp. All of her property confiscated, and the family sent into exile. A little girl is with relatives in Kazakhstan, in the village of Poludino.

    In 1955, Zoya Fedorova rehabilitated, and after a while drop the charges completely. She reunites with her 9-year-old daughter, returns to the cinema and removed a lot. Role in the movie she gets a small, but characteristic and memorable.

    Personal life

    Her first husband was a reporter Vladimir Rappoport, in the late 30-ies of their marriage has cracked. Second husband – the pilot Ivan Kleshchev, takes war. At the same time, killed another Ivan is her brother.

    Jackson Tate
    Jackson Tate

    The third love of the actress to the military brought the happiness of motherhood and other events that changed her life. In the fall of 1942 at the exhibition of American films in Moscow, the actress met with the correspondent of «United press» Henry Shapiro, among friends and which was Jackson Tate. He was the Deputy head of the Maritime section of the American military mission. Tate invites her in a restaurant. Thus began a beautiful love story of the Soviet actress and the American military.

    The rumors about her were different. According to some sources the actress, who was a KGB agent, the society of American diplomats was introduced specifically. Anyway, Zoe fell in love, got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, who the handsome captain found out many years later. After the war former allies became enemies, so the link Fyodorova and Tate could not have a happy ending.

    Zoya Fedorova daughter
    Zoya Fedorova with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson | Wday

    In July 1945, Zoe is unexpectedly sent on a tour in the Crimea, and Tate within forty-eight hours and deported outside the USSR. After returning to Moscow his favorite Zoya is not found. He writes letters and sends requests, but to no avail. When there was no hope that he received an anonymous letter, which reported that Fedorova married to a composer, and they have two children.

    Zoya Fedorova daughter
    Zoya Fedorova daughter | Colors.life

    Truth in this message was. In 1946, the actress daughter. At the same time, it issued a decree on the punishment of single mothers. To protect Zoe from the regular trouble, her friend from 40 years of the composer Aleksandr Ryazanov offered to sign. Jackson Tate, she met in 1976, when she was allowed to travel abroad.

    Zoya Fedorova
    Zoya Fedorova

    Daughter Victoria inherited the talent of his mother and became an actress. In his youth, when she lived in Moscow, her friends and partners in the shooting was Oleg Yankovsky, Valentin Smirnitsky, Boris Khmelnitsky. Then she went to America, where he was shot. On 66-m to year of life left through an incurable disease.


    In 1981, 11 Dec actress was found dead in the apartment. Cause of death – gunshot to the head. Who killed Zoya Fedorova, the unknown, the mystery of the death remained unsolved.

    Zoya Fedorova
    Zoya Fedorova in recent years | Kinodir

    There were several versions. On one of them, she was murdered by a KGB agent, as was going to emigrate to America, which had earlier moved her daughter. On the other — she gave her life for the diamonds, as entered in the «diamond mafia», which was based on the children and wives of the leaders of the Kremlin, among them was Galina Brezhnev.


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    Zoya Fedorova

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