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  • Name: Zoya Berber ( Berber Zoya )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Actress
  • Marital status: Civil marriage

    Zoya Berber: a biography

    A successful actress Zoe Berber for many years takes pride of place one of the sexiest women in the country. Zoe woke up famous after the role of Lera with Oborin at the youth sitcom «Real boys.» But few people know that the creative biography of the stars of TNT began not so enchanting. A long time girl was looking his way, tried many professions and even dreamed to connect his life with film.

    Zoe Rudolfovna Berber was born in Perm on 1 September 1987, in the family of a jazz musician. The girl was named after her grandmother, and rare surname inherited from his grandfather, a Greek by nationality. Mama Zoya Berber is of German, Jewish and Tatar roots.

    Zoya Berber
    Zoya Berber

    The future star studied well in school, since childhood, showing their theatrical abilities. Without her there was not a single school setting, but nevertheless, to become an actress, the girl didn’t want. Strangely enough, her dream was not a maiden profession mechanic. Moreover, Zoe sometimes thought of becoming a killer at the same time feeling like a Princess.

    From the dreams, but after school or filed documents in the ballet school and immediately took them. It’s hard to believe, but recognized the beauty who has model parameters and height is 174 cm, has experienced a complex about their appearance. The girl frankly disliked their shape, and looking for classmates, was embarrassed even more. My mom had to say she went to College at all.

    Zoya Berber as a child with mum | Instagram

    Then Zoe chose a specialty tailor in Perm College of design and did not even think that her biography will be linked to the movie. After graduation, she entered the Perm state Institute of art and culture during the course of Boris Milgram. At the end of the College Berber sewed denim jacket that went to prom.


    In 2009, Zoya Berber participated in the festival «Space of stage direction». Within a year, the girl played in the play «the Collector of bullets». In 2010, Zoya Berber try to do serial casting of the project «Real boys» on TNT. The girl successfully passed the audition, and it adopted the role of Lera.

    For the filming of Zoya at the time took a leave of absence, not to be limited training, while filming. Parents liked the idea, but with her daughter’s decision, they resigned.

    Zoya Berber in the series
    Zoya Berber in the series «Real boys»

    In the TV series or played a girl from a wealthy family, falls in love with a simple guy Kohl. Her partner was Nikolay Naumov, a well-known KVN player and compatriot Zoe. The first season of «Real boys» was a tremendous success, and the aspiring actress soon became a star of the youth audience.

    While filmography Zoya Berber is not full of masterpieces, but the young actress is so quickly rushed to the Olympus of cinema that will undoubtedly stay there for a long time. Resounding fame came to Berber at the age of 24 years, but according to the actress, did not affect her attitude. Zoe modest in this matter, considering that the present people’s love, it is still far, but plans to go and develop further.

    Zoya Berber in the series
    Zoya Berber in the TV series «Fartsa»

    New successful project in the filmography of Zoya Berber was the work in the series of the First channel «Fartsa». This film was appreciated not only by audience but by the critics, and the role of Nadia allowed the actress to Express themselves on a more serious professional level.

    In the filmography of Berber is and the role in music videos. In 2014 the actress starred in the acclaimed live in Omsk group 25/17 «Russian plantain». Cooperation continued in the next clip 25/17 «New virus» Zoya Berber was offered the role of the singer.

    The actress can be seen frequently in projects of channel TNT and permanently remembered by the audience for her part in the show «Improvisation», where the judge acted as the guest of Paul Will.

    According to the magazine «Maxim» Zoya Berber took fifth place in the nomination «the most sexy girl Russia», which the actress was very surprised. Despite the fact that it forms admired by many men, the actress is in no hurry to be naked in front of an audience, considering such methods to achieve audience interest as unacceptable.

    Zoya Berber
    Zoya Berber

    In instagram Zoya Berber rarely can be seen even in a bikini, and candid photoshoot of the question. Berber is one of the few celebrities that got into the ranking of the magazine «Maxim» only because of their natural femininity and attractiveness, without the erotic photos in the asset.

    Personal life

    Personal life Zoe Berber shrouded in mystery. She fundamentally does not comment on their love relationship. For a long time, Zoya Berber was attributed an affair with a partner on the series «Real boys» Nikolay Naumov. But the actress did not comment on the rumors about his personal life.

    The star later confirmed that the novel on the set was, but elect Zoe was not Nikolay Naumov, and screenwriter of «Real boys» Alexander Sinegubov.

    Zoya Berber and Nikolay Naumov
    Zoya Berber and Nikolay Naumov

    Girl for a long time did not advertise the relationship. But, in March 2015 on the Internet appeared the news that Zoya Berber pregnant, but to reveal the name of the father of the child, the actress flatly refused. That the child’s father is Alexander Sinegubov, in one of interview has told her colleague «Real kids», actor Anton Bogdanov, scattering, therefore, the speculation that the pregnancy of the actress, and it’s just a PR stunt to promote the TV series «Fartsa».

    Zoya Berber : Oleksandr Sinegubov
    Zoya Berber and Alexander Sinegubov

    Husband zoey Berber Alexander Sinegubov to the series «Real boys» as a writer in the WHC. 29 June 2015 instagram Zoya Berber was reported that the actress became a mother of a beautiful girl. Daughter named Hope.

    Their relationship Zoya Berber and Alexander Sinegubov not yet registered.


    Zoya Berber

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