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  • Name: Zoya Antonova ( Zoya Antonova )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Zoya Antonova biography

    Zoya Antonova (Fomichev-Korsakov) – young Belarusian actress who attracted the attention of the audience after starring in the melodrama «the Heart is not a stone», and then repeated the success with the television series «My strange child.»

    Zoe is originally from Belarus. She grew up in Minsk, in a family that had no direct relationship to the cinema. In the school years, the girl began to show a high creative potential, which parents tried to encourage and support the daughter in her endeavors.

    Having matriculation, Zoya Antonova entered the Belarusian state Academy of art, where for five years he studied in the Studio of St. St. Kotovskogo and eventually became the owner of diploma in the specialty «actress drama theater and cinema».

    Even in his student days, the girl debuted on the professional stage Studio Theater named after Yevgeny Mirovich in the play «Eurydice,» which made her artistic Director of the Academy. After graduation Antonov invited to the famous Minsk drama theatre of the Belarusian army, where she’s involved so far.


    Despite the fact that Zoya Antonova lives and plays in the theatres of Belarus, her film debut came in the picture of the Russian production. She starred in one series, detective, «Your honor», which became her first experience in cinema. Then there was the romance of «Beloved daughter of Pope Carlo» crime films «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya» and «Zhurov-2», a love story «Katya’s happiness.»

    Compatriots didn’t forget about the young actress. Zoe was involved in the crime drama «sworn to protect» and a melodramatic film «the Quiet center» and «This woman to me.» But much more Antonov was invited to the Russian projects. Recognition came to her after an exit on screens of an ironic film about the investigations «Family detective» melodrama «the Heart is not a stone».

    After that, the actress has become more popular. In her filmography appeared the melodrama «For you» and «With favourite do not leave» romantic painting «Castle in the sand» and «Call and I will come», a mystical detective «the Alchemist. Elixir Faust.»

    Over the past year, Zoe took part in a huge number of shots. The screens went Thriller «Running is not to die,» the crime drama «the Trap star», the psychological drama «fortune Cookies», the melodrama «the House of dolls», women’s history, «the Last victim Anna». In June 2016, the audience began to follow the events of the new television series involving Zoe Antonova – romantic drama «My alien baby», and the actress went to continue their work in the new project «Not a feather.»

    Personal life

    On the same course with Zoya Antonova in the Belarusian Academy of arts he studied Sergei Fomichev-Korsakov. Young people soon began to associate closely, and after some time got married.

    Zoe took her husband’s name, but in the credits of the film and theater posters continued to appear under his real name. A few years ago, Zoe and Sergei first child – a son named Ivan. Parents are very anxious care about the kid, give him maximum attention and trying to be quite time consuming the profession is not reflected at the boy.


    • 2011 — This woman to me
    • 2012 — the Heart is not stone
    • 2013 — For you
    • 2013 — With loved ones not part
    • 2014 — Castle in the sand
    • 2014 — Call and I will come
    • 2015 — we can’t Run away to die
    • 2015 — the House of dolls
    • 2015 — fortune Cookie
    • 2015 My strange child


    Zoya Antonova

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