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  • Name: Zoryana Marchenko ( Marchenko Zoryana )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Birth place: Kamenskoye, Dnipropetrovsk oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married Alexander Vedensky

    Zoryana Marchenko biography

    Zoryana Marchenko – famous Ukrainian actress, who received the recognition of the audience after the performance of the title role in the TV series «While sleeping village» and «the Last of the Janissaries». She was born 9 December 1988 and grew up in Dnipropetrovsk region, the small town Dneprodzerzhinsk, which recently returned its historical name — monay. Zoriana parents were actors, so from an early age, the girl herself drawn to this profession.

    By the way, its unusual name Marchenko has received thanks cousin: the boy went to school where I was friends with a classmate, whose name was so and suggested my sister name is also Star. And at baptism he was recorded in the Orthodox manner – Zoya, but in the life of an actress no-one calls.

    Zoryana Marchenko
    Zoryana Marchenko | LAMA:FORUM

    The school Zoryana Marchenko studied without much graciousness, but especially hard for her given items from the category of natural Sciences – chemistry and physics. However, matriculation, she received a remarkable – only two «good» rating, and the rest. With this certificate ambitious girl travels to the capital of Ukraine and entered in the acting direction to the Kyiv national University of film, theatre and television name. K. Karpenko-Kary.

    Universities Marchenko graduated in 2010 with great success. Without work aspiring actress was left almost immediately it was invited to the set of Ukrainian and Russian TV series and film projects.


    First time Zoryana Marchenko appeared on the screen in one episode serial movie «Faith, Hope, Love». Then, in her filmography, one after another appeared new paintings, including the melodrama «Euphrosyne» crime fiction «Sniffer» and the horror film «Synevyr».

    And in 2014 she quickly became a star, when the screens of several countries came the historical romance «While sleeping village». I wonder what the Directors want the performer to the role of the young Cossack Marysia. Auditioned girls from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but all to no avail. When the leadership of the project saw the Star, further viewing is not needed: she looked like the character was copied from her.

    Zoryana Marchenko in the melodrama
    Zoryana Marchenko in the melodrama «While sleeping village» | the Official movie site

    In addition, with Marchenko on-set accident. In one scene, a horse harnessed to a cart, which drove the actress, frightened and suffered. The star at high speed and fell out of the wagon, but fortunately without serious consequences. However, in the future, in many episodes, where there are animals, instead it was filmed understudy.

    The success of the series was enormous, and hot on the trail took its continuation, a new melodrama about the Cossacks «the Last janissary», which was received by the audience quite well. In 2016 the young actress is working simultaneously on two big projects: the military drama «Occupation» and social band «Chesnochnitsy».

    Personal life

    In the fall of 2014 Zoryana Marchenko first got married. Her husband was the actor Alexey Titenko, Ukrainian star of the television series «While all houses». The young people met on the set historical romance «the Last of the Janissaries», and soon officially signed. But it should be noted that a colorful wedding or gala Banquet Marchenko and Tritenko not satisfied: instead, the couple went on a honeymoon trip to Georgia.

    Zoryana Marchenko and her first husband Alex, Tritenko
    Zoryana Marchenko and her first husband Alex, Tritenko | VK

    However, no honeymoon, no outbreak of passion are unable to turn the relationship Zarina and Alex in a real strong family: the actors broke up. After a while Marchenko met a new love. Second choice girls, Alexander Wedensky, also an actor, her colleague on the series «It’s love».

    Recently the Star first became a mother: she and Alexander had a little daughter who was called beautiful old name Agatha.


    • 2010 — Faith, Hope, Love
    • 2010-2013 — Euphrosyne
    • 2012 — don’t worry, I’m here!
    • 2012 — Synevyr
    • 2013 — Sniffer
    • 2014 — While the village sleeps
    • 2015 — the Last of the Janissaries
    • 2015 Is love
    • 2016 — Occupation
    • 2016 — Chesnochnitsy


    Zoryana Marchenko

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