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  • Name: Zoe Straub ( Straub Zoe )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Vienna, Austria
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Zoe Straub: biography

    Zoe Straub, better known as Zoë is an Austrian singer and actress. She often performs his own songs, and sings both in German and English and French. In 2016, Zoe became the representative of Austria at the contest «Eurovision 2016», where he presented on court of jury and spectators hit the «loin d’ici».

    She was born and raised in the Austrian capital Vienna. Her parents, father Christoph Straub and mother, Rumina Wilfling, used to be quite famous across the Austrian musicians. They founded the pop Duo «Papermoon», which has toured not only in local cities but also in different European countries.

    Love of music was passed on to Zoe inherited. Still very young she began singing favorite songs, often repeating adults. At the age of six years old girl first came into the recording Studio, where he participated in creating the song «Doop Doop Baby», which was published on one of the albums parents, as well as a separate single.

    In 2007 Zoe Straub spoke at the children’s vocal contest «Kiddy Contest» and made a good impression, performing there song «Engel ohne Flügel» from the repertoire of the singer Nicole. Continuing to evolve in music, gifted girl did not forget about education. She graduated in Vienna’s prestigious Lyceum with advanced study of French language and culture and now is able to speak equally and freely in their native German and in French.

    Songs and movies

    In 2015, Zoe Straub already had in his repertoire a couple of dozen successful songs and one of them decided to submit for the qualifying competition for the Eurovision song contest. It was catchy, but soulful song «Quel filou» which she wrote with her father. On selecting Zoe took third place in that year, a music festival was not hit.

    But she locked herself in the Studio and recorded their first full-length album, which he called respectively — «Debut». The album consists entirely of French songs, two of which already mentioned «Quel filou» and the romantic «Mon cœur a trop aimé» — into the top ranks of the charts.

    After a year Zoe tries again to go to Eurovision with the song «loin d’ici» win national selection. By the way, the video for this song filmed on complex technology, which combines traditional video, computer graphics and watercolor animation.

    Recently, Straub decided to try his hand in the movie. She appeared as Laura in the television series «Suburban wives» and is also currently working on way of the Roses in the new project «Prepared».

    Personal life

    19-year-old Zoe Straub is in love with her work. She’s very creative and wants as quickly as possible to try yourself in many directions. Therefore, a serious romantic relationship yet not consciously builds.

    Zoe not only singing, but also listening to many other performers, trying to take the best from each of your favorite artist. Musicians with a world name, the girl highlights, Beyonce, Edith Piaf and Andrew Hozier.


    • 2002 — Doop Doop Baby
    • 2007 — Engel ohne Flügel
    • 2015 — Still My Heart Beats
    • 2015 — Debut
    • 2015 — Quel filou
    • 2015 — Je fous en el
    • 2015 — a Mon cœur trop aimé
    • 2016 — loin d’ici


    • 2015 — Suburban wife
    • 2016 — Prepared


    Zoe Straub

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