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  • Name: Ziraddin Rzayev ( Ziraddin Rzaev )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: the Shamkhor, Azerbaijan
  • Activity: a psychic, a healer, a finalist on season 6 of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Ziraddin Rzayev: biography

    Ziraddin Rzayev was one of the brightest and most charismatic participants of the show «Battle of psychics.» A physician by training, he seems to have been the most persuasive and influential among the other contenders for the main prize.

    Ziraddin was born in November 1981 in Azerbaijan. According to him, the mother has during the pregnancy realized that the light will be unusual boy. She had two prophetic dreams which sounded the name Ziraddin. So the woman called a newborn baby boy.

    In the family Rzaevich believe that Ziraddin has far kinship with the prophet Muhammad on the mother. Supposedly this was the determining factor in the future appointment of the boy.

    The official biography says that to see the fate of people little Ziraddin could already in early childhood. Psychic and healer claims that already practiced healing the sick. And in the 11th grade Rzayev began to hear unearthly voices. Came to him a strange vision. Boy’s family became more and more convinced of his exceptional abilities.

    After graduation Rzayev entered medical school and became a certified doctor. But the main direction was considered psychic. In 1997, Ziraddin moved to Moscow, where he began his healing practice.

    TV show

    To take part in the popular television show Ziraddin Rzayev convinced one. In 2008, when they started casting for season 6 of the project, the man called to the office and described the unusual properties of his friend, the healer.

    Ziraddin struck observers at the first stage of the program. He correctly guessed the names of the objects that were hidden in envelopes. The experts were even more surprised when any of their questions, the Azerbaijani psychic replied with the utmost precision.

    Rzayev accurately feel the mood and energy of different places. The most difficult tasks were those that were associated with unexpected death. As an example, the test associated with the investigation of the death of the Yaroslavl teenagers. As it turned out, the guys in ritual was killed by the Satanists. Member of the project accurately described all the events and circumstances of the murder, which referred to law enforcement agencies.

    Ziraddin Rzayev managed to reach the final, although they lost the championship to Alexander Litvin. But participation in the TV show turned a psychic in the star, which is often invited to participate in various TV projects. For example, on the Ukrainian channel STB, he often gives astrological forecasts for the week.

    Personal life

    With his wife, the Azerbaijani healer met when I came to work in Moscow. A woman came to him with a terrible diagnosis: she suffered regular epileptic fits. The psychic was able to heal the sick. During the meetings between young people felt.

    So there was the personal life of Ziraddin Rzayev. As it turned out, from the disease he cured his own wife Hellas. The couple had a daughter, and then there was the son.

    Have Rzayev has another talent – music. Ziraddin sings and plays the violin very well. As he says music helps him to calm down and allow your thoughts and feelings in perfect order.


    Ziraddin Rzayev

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