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  • Name: Zinoviy Gerdt ( Zalman Krepinevich )
  • Date of birth: September 21, 1916.
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: 18 Nov 1996
  • Place of birth: Voskresensk, Russia
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Tatiana Pravdina

    Zinovy Gerdt: biography

    Zinovy Efimovich Gerdt (real name Zalman , A. Krepinevich) was born 21 Sep 1916. He spent his childhood in the town of Sebezh of the Pskov province. Father Zinoviy earned kommivoyazhera, like many Jews at the time. In the NEP period the head of the family died, mother was left with four children.

    To 11 years Zalman, as it is affectionately called in the family, lived in his hometown. He attended Hebrew school, knew Yiddish. The boy was fond of poetry, the love of which was instilled in him by a school teacher. Mother Zinovy Gerdt sang beautifully: he listened to the melodious lullabies and learned the world of music.

    When the boy was eleven years old, his older brother moved to Moscow, where he married. Gerdt went to him, went to school at Elektrozavod, where he studied at the mechanic-localwiki. After his studies, he visited the Theatre of working youth.

    During the great Patriotic war, a young actor came into the military voluntarily, though he had reservations. He persuaded the chief to send him to the front. The first year of the war Zinovy served in a company of sappers, received the rank of Lieutenant, and then commanded a sapper company. In February 1943, near Belgorod senior Lieutenant Zinovy Gerdt was seriously wounded in the leg. From the battlefield he was carried on their shoulders the nurse.

    Next was a year in the hospital and 10 operations that have failed. Eleventh surgery was supposed to be a leg amputation, but the surgeon Botkin hospital tried to save the guy’s leg. She managed, however, one leg was shorter than the healthy 8 inches. Limp Zinovy Efimovich life.

    Zinovy Gerdt: theatre

    During treatment in a military hospital came to Moscow puppet theater. Zinovy Gerdt liked his speech. After the war, in 1945, he came to the head of theatre of Sergey Obraztsova.

    Gerdt almost an hour reciting poetry, as a result of his accepted into the troupe. Thus began a theatrical career Zinovy Efimovich.

    The Central puppet theatre artist gave 40 years of his life. He voiced Poet and Singer-Baritone in the «Extraordinary concert», Bear-Governor and Herald in a fairy tale «By magic», Vizier and Aladdin in «the Magic lamp of Aladdin and many other characters. Doll, talking from the stage voice Gerdt, fell in love with not only Soviet audiences. The theatre successfully toured in Japan, USA and other capitalist countries.

    The care of the puppet theatre have a positive impact on career Zinovy Gerdt. Spectators, with bated breath, listened as he read from the stage Akhmatova, Pasternak were imbued their poetry and charged with their energy space.

    Then he worked in the theater «Sovremennik», drama theatre. Ermolaeva, and more.

    Zinoviy Gerdt movies

    Career Zinovy Gerdt in movie was to begin with scenes in the film «the Magician» and «the Golden calf», but both times interfered with the case. The Directors considered the actor a huge creative potential. The magician Kukushkin and the old man panikovskiy determined his creative life.

    Zinovy Gerdt never played strictly according to script. He always managed to find its heroes something new, multifaceted. And rogue Panikovski he wanted to show the funny, lonely, touching and deeply lonely man — the actor did it.

    After the release of the «Golden calf» Directors failed proposals Zinovy Gerdt. He did not spare himself on the set, there suffered a heart attack. But after an illness the actor once again do what he likes.

    Zinovy Gerdt starred in the films «Year like life», «City of masters», «Seven nurses», «Pechki-Lavochki», «You is Taimyr», «Prank», «Nightingale», «Straw hat», «12 chairs», «the meeting Place cannot be changed», «Interdevochka» and many others.

    In 1959, he was awarded the title «Honored artist of the RSFSR», in ten years Gerdt received the title «people’s artist of the RSFSR», and in 1990 became the people’s artist of the USSR.

    Zinovy Gerdt: TV

    On television Zinovy Gerdt led the transfer of «Kinopanorama» from 1962 to 1966 due to schedule conflict, the artist has gone from TV, it was replaced by Alexei Kapler.

    In the 1990s, he was host of the program «Tea club» on TV-6, participated in the capital-show «Field of miracles» with Vladislav Listyev. December 29, 1994 co-starred in the «Rush Hour».

    Last time on television Zinovy Gerdt was seen in the «Tea club» 21 October 1996.

    Zinovy Gerdt: personal life

    With his first wife Mary Zinovy Efimovich met in the theater Studio. In 1945, the couple had a son Vsevolod.

    His second marriage occurred when the actor celebrated his 44th birthday. In the 1960s the puppet Theatre Obraztsov toured extensively in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon. Gerdt presented Tatiana Pravdin, translator from Arabic. Tatiana had to translate into Arabic the play «Unusual concert». So Zinovy met his second wife, who was younger than him by 12 years, and first received the attentions of a low lame actor skeptical. By the way, at that time, both were married. After those tours between them began an affair. Both decided to leave the family. Zinovy Efimovich was adopted by Catherine, daughter of Tatiana from first marriage. They lived happily for 36 years.

    As said Tatiana Pravdina, Gerdt always felt masculine — no woman could resist. In their house there was never a suspicion and jealousy, but always had guests, laughter and goodwill.

    Zinovy Gerdt: death

    Zinovy Efimovich lived for eighty years, the actor was seriously ill at the end of life — it does not obey nor hands, nor feet. He knew about his illness, but lived as if nothing, even humor and intelligence remained the same.

    18 Nov 1996 Zinovy Gerdt died, he was buried at Kuntsevo cemetery in Moscow.

    In 1998 in Kiev, was a monument to the character of the artist — Panikovsky. In 2006 in the city of Sebezh, a monument dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Gerdt.

    Zinovy Gerdt: filmography

    • «The magician»
    • «Strange adults»
    • «The meeting place cannot be changed»
    • «In the thirteenth hour of the night»
    • «The boys»
    • «Thieves in law»
    • «Mary Poppins, goodbye!»
    • «The war is over. Forget…»
    • «The inspector General»
    • «The hero of her novel»

    Zinovy Gerdt: photo

    Zinovy Gerdt

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