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  • Name: Zinaida Sharko ( Zinaida Sharko )
  • Date of birth: 14 may 1929
  • Age: 87 years
  • Date of death: 4 Aug 2016
  • Place of birth: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Zinaida sharko: biography

    Zinaida Maksimovna sharko – recognizable Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, has performed in my life more than a hundred roles. Born near Rostov-na-Donu, Cossack’s daughter and a firefighter never imagined that life had prepared for her the fate of the artist.

    At the age of 12 years, the small Zinochka part of the children’s ensemble at Cheboksarskaya the House of pioneers has already participated in concerts for the wounded soldiers of the red Army. Her children’s efforts were awarded with the medal «For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war». Through many decades, the winner of various awards and titles Zinaida Maksimovna, as before, considered a medal «For valiant labor…» most important award.

    Zinaida Sharko
    Zinaida Sharko | MetroNews

    Zina Charcot first appeared on stage at the age of five years. She participated with the father of the initiative and read the poem «iron fist.» At the age of eight years, the talented girl has played the role of Cinderella, and a year later, she was entrusted to play the Swan Princess.

    In fourth grade, Zina was involved in the play-Opera «the wolf and the seven little kids», she was entrusted the role of goat. This year the war began, and the ensemble, which was a girl, began to give concerts in hospitals. In 1943 Zina really wanted to get to the front, at the time she was in seventh grade and was planning to join the torpedo school. Her idea was not a success.

    Zinaida sharko in his youth
    Zinaida sharko in his youth

    After graduating from high school with honors, young Zinaida gathered in Moscow. From home she went with scandal because the parents did not support the idea of entering the theater Institute. Charcot was aimed at Mat, but he changed his mind. In the end the choice fell on the Leningrad theatrical Institute.

    The girl by miracle has been adopted in the first year, her mentor was the famous theater Director Boris Zhirinovsky Zones. It was he after 3 years sent the student to practice in the Leningrad regional touring theater, where young and talented actress said the Director Lydia Atmanaki. It is this knowledge then led Charcot to George Sometimes.


    Zinaida Maksimovna sharko is known primarily as an actress BDT (Bolshoi drama theatre). But her journey has been winding. During training, Zinaida was invited to work in the variety theatre in the Winter, so there was her acquaintance with the future artistic Director of the BDT, at that time artistic Director of the Leningrad theater. Lenin Komsomol Georgy Tovstonogov.

    Zinaida sharko at the theater
    Zinaida sharko at the theater | Vozle Lesa

    He invited a young actress in the theatre, but after a time withdrew the offer by telegram. This event prompted Zenaida to get a job in the Lensovet theatre, which was headed by Nikolai Akimov.

    Cooperation with the renowned Director has given the young actress is not easy. Her manner to grow into the role and make it through didn’t like Akimov. They argued a lot, fought, but for some time continued to work together. In the Lensovet theatre Charcot lasted two seasons, then a few years went on the stage of the theatre Lydia Atmanaki.

    Zinaida sharko at the theater
    Zinaida sharko at the theater | M24

    The troupe of the BDT Zinaida Maksimovna came only in 1956. The first theatrical season with a new Director brought Charcot five roles. So in the life of the actress began a collaboration that in an interview in his later years, it was called «the happy years». «Three sisters» and «Uncle Vanya» by Chekhov, «the Idiot» Dostoevsky, «nest of nobles» by Turgenev, «King Henry IV» of Shakespeare – here’s a list of productions under the leadership of George Alexandrovich, involving Zinaida sharko.

    Zinaida sharko and Georgy Tovstonogov
    Zinaida sharko and Georgy Tovstonogov | Blog Arthur Solomon

    In 1989, dead friends, and the actress was very upset by the death of his favorite Director, but the theater is not abandoned. For her the death of artistic Director of the theatre meant the end of an era. Rich creative life became the basis for the memoirs of the actress, which was issued in 2014 entitled «My personal data».

    In two-thousand years Zinaida sharko toured Russia in the company of Inna Churikova. They were troupe performance of «Old maid». The play was so successful that it established tour abroad.

    The role of Elisabeth Orban in the play «Cat and Mouse» was the final in the life of Zinaida Maksimovna.


    In her youth Zinaida starred in the film by Kira Muratova «the Long goodbye». In this role, there is some autobiography. At the time of filming in Charcot had a son the same age as her on-screen child. With him she had a relationship similar to the dramatic line in the film.

    Zinaida lived quarrel at home, to best implement them in the picture. Son Ivan was crying at the premiere. He learned on the screen of speech and facial expressions of the mother, remembering their quarrels and conflicts. After one of the skirmishes Ivan ran away from home, he lived with his father for several months.

    Zinaida sharko in the film
    Zinaida sharko in «dostigaev and others» | Movie-Theater

    Charcot was off a little, saying that it does not like the camera. A good film roles can be counted on the fingers. Actress was obsessed with the theatre all his life, and the absence of a queue of filmmakers spared.

    Despite the fact that Charcot was shot a little in her filmography you can find recognizable images. The role Anergy, a chaperone of the Countess Diana de Bellefleur, of the legendary Soviet musical «the Dog in the manger» was brilliantly executed Zinaida Maksimovna.

    Zinaida sharko in the film
    Zinaida sharko in the film «dog in the manger» | Movie-Theater

    For filming in this Comedy based on the works of Lope de VEGA took and music skills. «Romance Anergy», which the heroine Charcot teaches Diana, was performed by the artist alone.

    The most successful is the work of Zinaida Maksimovna in the melodrama «the Moon was full garden», which was released in 2000. Partners actress for the film began Nikolai Volkov and Lev Durov. This role is Charcot brought the whole scattering of awards, among which were «Golden Aries» and «Nika».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Zinaida sharko was the reason for multiple interviews. Was even made into a movie, «Zinaida sharko. In splendid isolation». Family, kids, husband – life values of the majority of Soviet women remained for her in second place.

    In his youth, the artist had been very attractive. Her slender legs were a legend in the College community. But by the middle of his life the talented actress was left alone.

    Zinaida sharko and Igor Vladimirov
    Zinaida sharko and Igor Vladimirov

    She made several attempts to arrange his personal life. The first marriage of the actress with Igor Vladimirov hardly be called successful. The Director was the father of her only son, but greatly undermined faith in men.

    After breaking up, the actress was very jealous of the child to the father, could not forgive her former husband. The difference in views on Igor Vladimirova became a cause of conflict Zinaida with a teenage son. This experience helped her play one of her most successful roles in the movie.

    Igor Vladimirov and Alisa Freundlich
    Igor Vladimirov and Alisa Freundlich | PHENOMENON-NEWS

    Together with her first husband, the actress lived for 7 years when they divorced in 1960, their son Ivan was not 5 years. In the same year Vladimir married the actress Alisa Freundlich, with whom then lived for two decades. This circumstance was the cause of the burning animosity between the two famous theater Actresses.

    Second husband Charcot became a colleague of Sergei Yursky, who was younger than her. This creative family too, lasted only 7 years. Children from the Jurassic and Charcot was not.

    Zinaida sharko and Sergei Yursky
    Zinaida sharko and Sergei Yursky

    In an interview with the son of Zinaida Maksimovna tells that her mother loved men, she liked their attention, courtship. Colleagues in the theater, has said that the actress has always been your unique style. Zinaida incredible sewing skirts, picked him to blouses, scarves and jewelry, but in spite of this, a talented woman and has not married again.


    Zinaida Maksimovna received the title of honored artist of the RSFSR 1960, and 20 years later became «popular». It 4 the prize from the jury of various film festivals for best actress in the film «the Moon was full garden», including the «Nika» prize.

    Zinaida Sharko
    Zinaida Sharko | Edikst

    Twice the actress was the winner of the Higher theatrical award of St. Petersburg «Golden soffit». Work in theater and film Charcot brought a lot of awards, ranks and regalia. For the contribution to theatrical art she has been awarded several times, most recently in 2013, the special prize «Golden mask».

    Charcot liked to take pictures with their awards, which over the years became more and more.

    The revelation of the son

    In an extensive interview for the magazine «Caravan» Ivan sharko has revealed many details of life of his mother. He told about his difficult relationship with his parents and how it all got better with age. After Zinaida Maksimovna son exchanged apartment and left, their relationship has improved, but the actress even in old age did not agree to move in with Ivan.

    Zinaida sharko with his son Ivan
    Zinaida sharko with his son Ivan | Seven days

    Threw it and his addictions to tobacco, despite the entreaties of relatives and a demonstrative withdrawal of the cigarettes. Charcot had a strong personality, which helped her with her work, but was disturbed in life. In old age, the actress has reconciled with Alice Freundlich, in 2005, they played together in the play «Quartet».

    Zinaida Sharko
    Zinaida Sharko | Apostrophe

    Zina, as he called her son, happy that her grandchildren are actors. Ivan, however, is related to the theater. It is professionally engaged in stage costume and scenery, and his career started there, where for a long time served as parents in the BDT. Ivan sharko successfully worked in Moscow with Oleg Tabakov, but returned to Saint Petersburg to be closer to the old mother.


    Zinaida sharko died in August 2016, in the 88th year of life. The cause of death of the actress was published, but in 2015, in an interview with the son of people’s artist recalled that his mother had a serious operation in the Oncology Department of one of St. Petersburg hospitals.

    The Grave Of Zinaida Sharko
    The grave of Zinaida sharko | Virtual necropolis

    Funeral of Charcot in the Church of St. Nicholas, and the funeral took place in St. Petersburg, Bolsheokhtinsky cemetery. To say good-bye to Zinaida sharko it’s more than a hundred people, the grave was covered with flowers. Among those who accompanied the actress, were both friends and colleagues, and relatives.


    • 1971 – the Long goodbye
    • 1975 – other people’s letters
    • 1977 – the dog in the manger
    • 1977 – the Nose
    • In 1979 Fantazii Faryateva
    • 1983 – Unique
    • 1991 – Arithmetic of a murder
    • 1997 – Circus burned down and the clowns ran away
    • 1998 – the Composition to a Victory Day
    • 2000 – the Moon was full garden
    • 2003 – Theatrical novel
    • 2007 – Sonya – The Golden Pen


    Zinaida Sharko

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