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  • Name: Zhomart Yertayev ( Zhomart Yertayev )
  • Date of birth: 28 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: p. Factory (now located), Jambulinga district, Alma-ATA region, Kazakh SSR
  • Activities: Businessman, financier, expert, public figure, publicist
  • Marital status: Married

    Zhomart Yertayev: biography

    Zhomart Yertayev – known Kazakhstan and Russian entrepreneur, a recognized financial expert, is also known as a public figure and publicist. He established himself as a leader, able to lead to the success of any enterprise.

    The future financier, was born in the Factory village (now the village of Kargaly), which is fifty kilometers from Alma-ATA in a family of teachers. Lived modestly. Mom taught physics in high school, but always worked to put the Zhomart and his younger brother to his feet. No wonder, talking about the childhood years in interviews and essays, businessman significant in my life somehow connects with the mother, noting that she by his example, showed him how important it is to work hard and never lose faith in justice.

    After finishing school in Alma-ATA, Zhomart entered Alma-ATA Institute of architecture and construction, by choosing the specialty engineer-economist. The entrant with the highest number of points that gave the opportunity to study in one of the Moscow universities, but Zhomart decided to stay in the homeland, in Kazakhstan.

    Zhomart Yertayev
    Zhomart Yertayev in his youth

    In 1994 he graduated from the faculty of management and business and proceeded to build a career that began, however, with amusing incident – the future of an entrepreneur, not hired in the usual cashier of the exchange office. Within a year, then yesterday the student became the top Manager of the Bank, and this work was, figuratively speaking, the runway.

    Career Zhomart Yertav

    If you don’t count the part-time student and started at the same time attempt to create your own business, the first experience of future banker received, becoming a financial Advisor in the Kazakh center of business cooperation «Atakent». The next step to success was the position of head of information-analytical management of DUB «Alfa-Bank» in Almaty, where in 23 years Zhomart Yertayev was the Deputy Chairman of the Board. It was here that he first demonstrated the ability to bring in the leaders of even the secondary Bank.

    Then there were a few places, leadership positions and the stories of quick success. The record of the banker working in the Central Asian financial and investment company «Semipalatinsk joint-stock city Bank» and «Irtyshbusinessbank». From 2002 to 2007 Jomart was the Chairman of the Board of «Alliance Bank», the once little-known regional Bank has become one of the leaders of Kazakhstan’s banking system. After that Zhomart Yertayev about a year he was Chairman of the Board of BTA Bank in Ukraine, after which he returned to Kazakhstan as Chairman of the Board of JSC «Eurasian Bank».

    Zhomart Yertayev
    Zhomart Yertayev

    From 2010 to present performs the duties of consultant to the Board of Directors of JSC «Bank RBK». In addition, since 2011 Zhomart led Eurasian center of financial consulting (ECFC).

    In 2014, Zhomart Yertayev changed its profile, becoming CEO of the telecommunications company «Alma-TV» and then the head of the international holding company of Alma Group. He now combines under the brand Almatel five major Telecom operators of Kazakhstan OOO «Alma-TV» and the Russian «Company 2», «Digit One» LLC «Technology of House Networks» and LLC «SCTS». The plans of the Zhomart yertav – creation in the next few years, universal telecommunications operator, which will be one of the largest in Russia.

  • Social work & journalism

    Businessman leads an active social life, speaking from the standpoint of public-private partnerships and strengthening business ties between the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). His views are reflected in the author’s journalistic texts and in media interviews. Within two years Zhomart did blog posts which invariably caused a wide public resonance.

    Zhomart Yertayev and his colleagues
    Zhomart Yertayev and his colleagues

    In 2013 in Kazakhstan was published the book «the World is our house!» – a collection of original texts Zhomart yertav and interviews in which he spoke on a variety of topics – from business to eternal philosophical questions. The initiator of the publication was Nurgul yertav wife Zhomart.

    Training was conducted in total secrecy, and thus failed to achieve the desired effect – the release of the book has become a surprise not only for readers but for the author.

    Personal life

    Spare time Zhomart Yertayev devotes to his family: his wife, son and two daughters. They love to relax together and do sports, for example Cycling.


    Zhomart Yertayev

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