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  • Name: Zhenya Malakhova ( Zhenya Malakhova )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Singer, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Zhenya Malakhova: biography

    Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Malakhova was born in Moscow on 28 October 1988. Russian actress, singer, former soloist of group «Reflex». His childhood passed under the strict control of her mother, which she credits to this day.

    In childhood Eugene was sent to a music school, piano class. In the 9 years the girl went through a huge competition for admission to the Musical Theatre of Young Actor and passed. The acquired knowledge and skills in acting and vocals were given the opportunity Malakhova to get in the first round of the casting of «12 chairs». Unfortunately, in the second round, she failed the exam in dance. But the parents had thought that their beloved daughter will be a singer. Still it happened.

    Zhenya Malakhova was known in 16 years after the filming of the clips «Mom» and «go Crazy». Also at that time, the singer took part in the program «Golden gramophone», «New songs about the main», «sink or swim», «Five evenings», «guess the melody». Then Malakhova got into the list of artists nominated for «discovery of the year-2004». In the same year, Malakhova graduated from high school, passing external exams and entered the Moscow state law Academy law school.

    Songs and movies

    The debut performance of the song Zhenya Malakhova, «Mother», written by L. Stupa and St. Drobysh directly related to her personal life. First love, experiences and more. The clip is filmed by the Russian Director and producer Fedor Bondarchuk. In the story Jack plays the role of a car thief that, in the opinion of the girl corresponds to her nature. Malakhov could make a daring, reckless act against all odds. Even if the mother is against it.

    Already in 2006 the creative biography of Zhenya Malakhova has gained momentum. Eugene was one of the soloists of the band Reflex. When the group left Irene Nelson, which is the face of the team for many years, Malakhova took her place.

    The history of the group at the time began to write differently. After a year of work in «Reflex», the team was recognized as the best dance project of Russia. Because the girl was friends with the sport, she managed to win the competition stars aquabike.

    In 2011, Eugene Malakhov entered VGIK (all-Russian state University of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov), in connection with which she had to leave the band. This step Eugene did in order to embark on a solo career. Malakhov really wanted to learn acting.

    During this time, the actress managed to star in several films. Her latest role in the remake of the Director Renata Davletyarova «the dawns here are quiet», in which Zhenya Malakhova has played Komelkova. The artist carefully prepared to shoot pictures, most of which occurred in Calero, where the actors stayed until mid-September. The weather is not conducive, Malakhova I had to swim in icy water, to move through the swamps and go in the pouring rain. In this regard, the actress repeatedly stresses under a contrast shower before filming.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Zhenya Malakhova said reluctantly. Family troubles prefer to leave the house. But, nevertheless, the news of her marriage spread through all the media. In 2014, the former soloist of group «Reflex», and now movie actress, were married in a Moscow registry office with producer Renat by Davletyarova.

    More recently, the couple began to appear on secular parties together that Renat explained the joint creative plans. Of course, any projects in that period did not appear, so fans, journalists and friends suspected that the 25-year-old Zhenya and 52-year-old Renata Roman.

    Ceremony in the registry office passed without much celebration. The bride is a white dress was jeans, a white shirt and jacket cream color. In a wedding dress with bare shoulders Jack arrived at the party on the occasion of marriage. Photo of Zhenya Malakhova and Renat Davletyarov now frequently appear on the pages of leading online publications.

  • Discography
    • 2005 — «I’m no angel»


    • Green carriage
    • Pure art
    • The dawns here are quiet…


    Zhenya Malakhova

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