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  • Name: Zhanyl Asanbekova ( Zhanyl Asanbekova )
  • Place of birth: Darkhan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Zhanyl Asanbekova: biography

    Zhanyl Asanbekova – Russian actress, known to television viewers primarily for his role Ainur in a Comedy sitcom «Kitchen».

    She was born in August 1967 in a small Kyrgyz village of Darkhan, located near lake Issyk-Kul. Zhanyl and her siblings were raised by grandparents. A girl from an early age loved to sing and dance, the school was an activist and participated in all events.

    Like many children of Kyrgyzstan, Zhanyl soon began to work: take turns with your brother she grazed flocks of sheep. To somehow entertain themselves in the pasture, she morning to evening sang songs from Indian movies or staged an impromptu one-man show. Sometimes to see a talented friend used her friends who praise supported the girl’s secret dream of becoming an actress.

    The fate gave the opportunity Zhanyl Asanbekova to fulfill that desire. In 1989 she set at the regional entered the Higher theater school Shchepkin, having a huge competition. The actress recalls that the most difficult for her was the third round of selection, when entrants were asked to come to the examiners in bathing suits. For Kyrgyz girls it was a real shock.

    After the Commission announced that Zhanyl became a student, suddenly the grandmother refused to let her go to Moscow. Had to intervene by respected farm leaders, who managed to convince the woman that opened before her granddaughter the prospect of a rare chance.

    Well after studying in «Chips» and even after finishing graduate school, Asanbekova for a long time hid his diploma Actresses. She led the life of a housewife, although, whenever possible, actively participated in the dispensation of the concerts, especially the national. For example, she was one of the organizers of the event, Chingiz Aitmatov.


    To be in a movie Zhanyl Asanbekova invited before, but family circumstances were such that she could not at the right time to get to the final casting. This happened, for example, with the proposal of the directing brigade of the film «Nomad» and some other paintings.

    So it happened that the debut of the actress on the screen was only 45 years, but it immediately was recognized by all country. In a Comedy television series «Kitchen» Zhanyl Asanbekova effectively played the native Bishkek Ainur that the restaurant engaged in restoring order.

    The actress says that despite a huge break in their professional activities, she easily joined the team as on the set of the show in a friendly atmosphere. Asanbekova even a little bit prompted writers, when they confuse national identity of some statements of her character. The first season of «Kitchen» was released in 2012, and the final 6th start in February 2016. Zhanyl has also participated in the full-length version of the TV series «Kitchen in Paris».

    After the Grand success of «Kitchen» Asanbekova began to invite in other projects. She took part in the shooting of the Ukrainian serial Thriller «Together forever», then played in the youth series «Angelica» and the romantic Comedy «Urgent to marry». The latest work Zhanyl, not counting the final season of a favorite with all the «Kitchen» was a dramatic role in the film by French Director Guillaume Protsenko «Wake me up».

    Personal life

    While studying in the second year of high school theater, Zhanyl Asanbekova met with his countryman Taaleem, which at the time was a student of the forestry Institute. After 2 years they were married, they had a son Timerlan and daughter Jasmine.

    Both children have a thirst for creativity. Timerlan in his childhood discovered his artistic talent and was even awarded by Zurab Tsereteli as a gifted child. Growing up, he decided to become an architect. Daughter finishes school and wants to get to the Studio, however, as a makeup artist. Family lives in own house in the suburbs, but in the summer always goes to the native shore of Issyk-Kul.

    Zhanyl from Asanbekova has a dream – she would like to open in Moscow, the Kyrgyz national theatre. And while she sings and writes folk songs in the Kyrgyz language, there are plans to release a CD with these records.

    Many years Zhanyl karate Kyokushin, but in 2009 left the sport, although still retained the desire to return.


    • 2012-2016 — Kitchen
    • 2013 — Together forever
    • 2014 — the Kitchen in Paris
    • 2014-2015 — Angelica
    • Urgently 2015 get married
    • 2015 — Wonderland
    • 2016 — Wake me up


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