Zhanna Friske

photo Zhanna Friske

  • Name: Zhanna Friske ( Zhanna Friske )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1974
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of death: June 15, 2015
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Russian singer, TV presenter and actress
  • Marital status: was in civil marriage with Dmitry Shepelev

    Zhanna Friske biography

    Zhanna Friske is one of the brightest stars of domestic show-business. In its short life she made a quick career. The star soloist of group «Brilliant», singer, actress, TV presenter and participant of several television ratings and an incredibly beautiful woman, which many people call a sex symbol. Jeanne was like a bright comet, which shone in the warm light of the sky and left the memory of his gentle smile.

    Jeanne Friske
    Photos of the singer | Wmj.ru

    Meeting the parents of the future star was held in 1973. An artist and employee of the Moscow House of arts Vladimir Friske saw on one of the streets of Moscow in the Urals, beautiful Olga Kopylov. Smiling girl fall in love with Muscovite at first sight.

    The wedding couple decided not to delay. Less than six months in their passports appeared cliches about marriage. Vladimir took his wife’s surname and became Kopylov. In the mid-1990s, when Joan started to make a career in show business, the stage name she took the name of the grandmother – the Volga Germans are in charge of Vilgelmovna Friske.

    Zhanna Friske in childhood
    Baby photo

    In July 1974, in the family Kopylov appeared twins – a boy and a girl. The twins were born prematurely in the seventh month of pregnancy. Unfortunately, my son was congenital abnormality. The boy soon died. Yet the girl was named Jeanne, was able to dispel the grief of the parents. The girl was like a ray of light. At baptism he received the name Anna.

    Zhanna Kopylova, it seems, is born an artist. The girl turned out to be a good ear and a beautiful voice. She was called to school initiative. Yes and dance the girl could, so from childhood he attended the school of sport dance and ballet Studio. And still have time to engage in artistic gymnastics and acrobatics.

    Zhanna Friske in childhood
    Early photos of the singer | Fishki.net

    When Joan turned 12, she had her sister Natalia. When a younger sister grew up, girls become real friends. The parents brought up their daughters in severity.

    After the end of the 406-th school in the Metropolitan area Perovo Zhanna Kopylova became a student of Moscow University for the Humanities. She chose the faculty of journalism. But in the third year realized that she is not interesting. Therefore, without regret, left the University and went to look for their place under the sun.

    In search of work, Jeanne took a job as a sales Manager of office furniture in one of the capital firms. Later began teaching choreography at the sports Palace.

    The «Brilliant»

    According to one version of the group «Brilliant» Zhanna came through acquaintance with Olga Orlova in 1995. According to another version – Kopylov was invited by the producer Andrei Gromov in 1996. He knew that the girl is professionally engaged in choreography and in the group at that time was in need of a consultant.

    Zhanna Friske in the group
    In the «Brilliant» | ELLE

    After several rehearsals, the producer realized that Jeanne excellent «fit» in the team «sparkly». Bright appearance, ability to move, a pleasant voice – it had everything we needed for a career as a singer. The girl took a stage name Zhanna Friske and in may 1997 became the fourth member of the pop project «Brilliant». At that time in the girl band have already worked Olga Orlova, Polina, Iodis and barbarian Queen. Soon one of the «sequin» – Barbara left the group. In its place came Irina Lukyanov.

    We cannot say that the father of Jeanne Friske was delighted with the daughter’s decision to become a singer and to lead a life on the road. But seeing the rousing success of the Quartet and the rapidly growing popularity of girls, he realized that the eldest daughter found her way.

    Zhanna Friske in the group
    In the group «Brilliant» | NG72.ru

    Together with the «Brilliant» Zhanna Friske participated in recording the album «Just a dream», which appeared in 1998. The huge success of the art «sparkly» prompted the producer but rather to record new covers. Soon there was an album «About love», «four sea» and «Orange Paradise». Latest album – a collection of songs written in a popular Soviet song.

    Zhanna Friske on stage with
    On stage with «Brilliant» | Woman.ru

    It is noteworthy that the «Orange Paradise» Zhanna Friske recorded with a fully upgraded team. Former participants replaced Kseniya Novikova, Anna Semenovich and Julia Kovalchuk. After the release of this album biography of Zhanna Friske made a sharp turn: the singer realized that «evolved» a girl band and «ripe» for a solo career. At that time the name of the star was known to all.

    Solo career

    In autumn 2005, Zhanna Friske gave his fans his debut solo album, which was given the name «Jeanne». Some of the album’s songs became hits and landed on the top of the rotation on radio and music channels. On the song «La La La», «Flying in the dark» and «somewhere in summer» appeared clips.

    In total, the album includes 9 original songs along with 4 remixes.

    According to music critic Boris Barabanov best but underrated song Zhanna Friske, which she recorded after leaving the «Brilliant» is «Western». She appeared in 2009 and was recorded together with Tanya Tereshinoy. The lyrics to the song written by Ivan Alexeev (Noize MC).

    A year after the release of their debut album, Zhanna Friske got reissued it, adding a couple of remixes and three music videos. During this period, the singer collaborated with Andrei Gubin.

    Zhanna Friske on stage
    On stage | KP

    Unfortunately, the first disc was the last, although Zhanna Friske is not going to complete the vocal career. After the release of the album she recorded 17 new singles, some of them together with other known peers. For example, the track «raspberries» Friske released together with the guys from «Disco Crash», «Western» Tanya Tereshinoy, Djigan she sang the hit «You’re next», and Dmitry Malikov, the song «Softly falling snow».

    Latest hit Zhanna Friske called «Love wanted» was released shortly before her death in 2015. Maturity, professionalism, brilliance and sexuality is characterized as music critics of the last song of the stars.


    In the diversity of talent and innate artistry of Jeanne Friske her fans are convinced after participation stars in several popular television shows and appearances in the film.

    In 2003, Friske took part in the 4th season of the reality show «Last hero». For several months the artist spent in star-studded company on a deserted island of South America. The conditions of survival were, without exaggeration, harsh. Dangerous to life and health issues was enough. For example, Nikolai Drozdov was inadvertently poisoned by other project participants poisonous frogs. Drozdov was sure that after removing the skins, the meat of the frogs is not dangerous.

    Zhanna Friske in the show
    In the show «the Last hero» | Tengri Mix

    Later Zhanna Friske was previously unknown to her allergies. As it turned out, the woman’s body reacted to some exotic plants.

    However, the party bravely reached the final, although they lost leadership position to Yana Volkova. Viewers who watched the behavior of the stars in the unusual, not greenhouse conditions, were amazed and enthusiastic personal qualities of Zhanna Friske. The singer-behaved, showed a Royal restraint, calm and always a good attitude to my colleagues.

    Zhanna Friske in the show
    In the show «Circus with stars» | Liveinternet

    After returning to the capital Zhanna Friske, inspired by new experiences and gained invaluable knowledge about the previously unknown life made the final decision not to return to the group «Brilliant». She could feel the strength on a solo flight.

    In the 2000s, the star was invited in various TV projects. Zhanna Friske participated in the show «Heart of Africa», «Empire», «Circus with the stars» and «Circus».

    Zhanna Friske in the project
    In the project «Vacation in Mexico» | Vacation in Mexico

    In 2008, she took part in the second season of the popular show «Ice age». At first she skated with Vitali Novikov, and then her partner was Maxim Marinin.

    After 3 years, in 2011, Zhanna Friske led the reality show «Vacation in Mexico». But the heavy workload has forced the artist to abandon the work in the second season, passing the baton Alena Vodonaevoy.


    In addition to his solo career, the singer tried his hand as an actress and TV presenter. In 2004, audiences saw a blockbuster Timur Bekmambetov’s «Night watch». Zhanna Friske got a way of charming and freedom-loving singer Alice Donnikova. In this way, many fans learned of the star itself. But Donnikova was not only a singer, but also a dark witch, capable of deceit.

    Zhanna Friske in the film
    In the movie «Night watch» | the New paper

    Successful acting debut was inspired by Zhanna Friske on the continuation of film career. In 2005 the artist gave consent to participate in the continuing Saga of the confrontation of light and dark forces. This time her character got more screen time. The audience enthusiastically watched the unfolding on screen love story. Alice Donnikova had to make a choice between the character of Victor Verzhbitsky – the dark Lord by the name of Zabulon, and romantic young vampire Bones, who brilliantly embodied on the screen Aleksey Chadov.

    For his work in «Day watch» Zhanna Friske was awarded the MTV award in the category «Best female role».

    Zhanna Friske in the film
    In the film «what men talk About» Rosbalt

    4 years later, in 2010, the actress once again appeared on the screen. This time in the psychological drama Klim shypenko «Who am I?» Unfortunately, the film did not have the same success as the previous blockbusters. But the Comedy in the genre of the road movie is Dmitry Dyachenko called «what men talk About» gathered in the domestic box office of nearly $ 12 million.

    I liked the film as spectators and critics, who generously showered» Comedy laudatory reviews. Zhanna Friske appeared in this project in the role of herself. Her cameo turned out with a fair amount of self-irony. A nice men’s company «the Quartet And» Leonid Baraza, Aleksandr Demidov, Rostislav Khait and Kamil Larin only emphasized the feminine charm of the actress.

    Jeanne Friske
    A talented singer | Svopi.ru

    All three films in which he appeared Zhanna Friske in cameo roles – the «First ambulance», «Beauty requires» and «Christmas matchmakers». In 2013, the latest film project actress called. «Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay luck.» Her filmography includes more than a dozen works.

    Friske was one of the few stars who managed to overcome the stereotype that accompanies most of her colleagues. After participating in the TV movie Joan perceived not as a singer but as an artist in the broadest sense of the word. She was self-sufficient TV star, was able to realize themselves equally well in all forms.

    Jeanne Friske
    Photo presenter | Days.Ru

    It is noteworthy that Zhanna Friske was not afraid to break the stereotypes associated with her persona. For example, in «Last hero», she went for something so feared by many of her colleagues: the star allowed to remove themselves without makeup, in the most unfavorable angles. And in the Comedy «what men talk About» it with ease and subtle irony to laugh at the current reputation as a sex symbol and fatal beauty. As later admitted critic Boris Barabanov, Friske showed «the degree of intelligence and self-irony, the feared men in women».

    Personal life

    Zhanna Friske was the object of desire of thousands of men. Army fans sexy Babes has grown rapidly. About my personal life the stars were a lot of rumors and gossip. She attributed novels with the leader of «dirty rotten scoundrels» Sergey Amoralov, the soloist of group «Hi-Fi» Mitya Fomin. Gossiping about the relationship of the singer with the main macho of the Russian show-business by Dmitry Nagiyev. But no proof or evidence of this «novel» was not.

    Zhanna Friske and Ilya Mitelman
    C Ilya Mitelman

    And yet the ubiquitous paparazzi dug out some information about the personal life of Jeanne Friske. Early in his career, the singer met with the well-known Moscow businessman Ilya Mitelman. He has sponsored several projects. There were rumors about the forthcoming wedding of this couple. But for some unknown reason the case to wedding dress never came. Perhaps this «novel,» existed only in the fertile imagination of the journalistic fraternity. After all, Janna Friske not confirmed.

    Zhanna Friske and Alexander Ovechkin
    C Alexander Ovechkin

    In 2006, VIP party spoke about the affair with the singer hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. And again, «false»: the athlete was fascinated by the other «ex-brilliant» Ksenia Novikova. However, the joint photo Friske and Ovechkin has appeared in the tabloids.

    In August 2011, the media wrote about the new craze star. This time her lover was TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. But the couple denied the relationship. In the end, most fans of the star agreed on the opinion that the novel Friske and Shepelev like a marketing ploy to draw attention to two media persons.

    Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev
    With Dmitry Shepelev | Viva

    But in the winter of 2012, the ubiquitous paparazzi took pictures joint recreation Zhanna and Dmitry in Miami. The unsuspecting couple had nothing in common with the two colleagues who are purely working relationship. Soon emerged a juicy story from a SPA that was booked lovers for the may holidays «for two».

    Finally doubts were dispelled when Twitter Zhanna Friske appeared intriguing entry: «my Dear, our love story will run in diapers». What Dmitry Shepelev said: «I Want our love story to quickly run».

    Plato Shepelev
    Plato Shepelev

    So fans of the 38-year-old actress found out about the pregnancy of Joan, and who is the father of the child.

    The first, named Plato, was born in April 2013 in Miami. The first few months the couple spent in America. The wedding ceremony, the lovers had planned to hold after returning to Moscow.


    About his terrible diagnosis Zhanna Friske learned more during pregnancy. Doctors diagnosed her with an inoperable brain tumor. According to unconfirmed rumors, the woman immediately offered to do chemo. But she refused it out of fear to harm the baby.

    For a long time about the disease Zhanna Friske family and fans of the actress had no idea. But after the birth of Plato is terminally ill, the star could no longer hide his condition. Jeanne’s father Vladimir Kopylov admitted that my daughter had glioblastoma, cancer. The diagnosis is confirmed the chief oncologist of the country Mikhail Davydov.

    Jeanne Friske
    The illness of the singer

    In January 2014, the woman was treated at a clinic in new York. On the causes of the disease Zhanna Friske were all sorts of rumors. Some «experts» claimed that the impetus for the development of the disease could be the IVF procedure, which reportedly ran a woman to become a mother. But no confirmation of this hypothesis has not.

    The money for the treatment of your favorite stars gathered whole country. After the official announcement about the disease Friske First channel has started a fundraiser. In total it collected more than 66 million rubles. Later, on account of Respond received another million. On the website of the Foundation Jeanne warmly thanked all who contributed.

    Zhanna Friske during illness
    During illness | ea.md

    In summer 2014, fans of the actress breathed a sigh of relief. Has information that Zhanna Friske with the family after a long and difficult treatment is undergoing a period of rehabilitation in Jurmala, on the Riga coast. Autumn star appeared in the capital. She was able to abandon the wheelchair.

    But the insidious disease returned. This was in February 2015 in the program «Tonight,» said Andrei Malakhov. He told me that Zhanna Friske went to an American clinic and resumed treatment. Soon after she arrived from Los Angeles to Moscow, where doctors Russian Oncology, NCI named after N. N. Blokhin continued to fight for her life.


    The last three months of his life Zhanna Friske spent in a coma. Desperate relatives fought for her salvation, by all means, including turned to alternative medicine.

    The star died on the evening of 15 June 2015 at the suburban house in Balashikha.

    The Funeral Of Jeanne Friske
    Photos from the funeral | Newspaper.Gee

    Family, friends and thousands of fans said goodbye to my favorite in the concert hall «Crocus City Hall». The funeral service was held at Epiphany Cathedral in elohove. Buried Zhanna Friske on the Nikolo-Archangel cemetery.

    At the end of 2016 at the tomb of the artist, a monument in the form of a sculpture of Jeanne in full-length.

    The scandal after the death of Jeanne

    Scandal erupted immediately after the death of the singer. I think he was smoldering at the time when the woman was on her deathbed. The family of Jeanne Friske – her father, mother, sister Natalia and close friend Olga Orlova did not mince words when it came to the civil husband artist Dmitry Shepelev. Talked about the fact that he went and took the son to a resort in Bulgaria, when Jeanne died.

    The Family Of Jeanne Friske
    Father, mother and sister of the singer

    Later it was reported that Dmitry has banned the family of his dead wife to communicate with his son Plato Shepelev. All this crazy cacophony spilled on the TV screens in the controversial show Malakhov «Let them talk», dividing fans of the Series into two irreconcilable camps.

    From time to time in the yellow media wrote about the alleged assault of Vladimir Kopylov on the hapless son-in-law. Shepelev said about the threats he received from the father Friske. He was accused Dmitry in the sale of the last photographs of a terminally ill wife the tabloids and promised to sue the right to education of a grandson.

    Vladimir Friske and Dmitry Shepelev
    Vladimir Friske and Dmitry Shepelev | Zvezdnie novosti

    Oil was added to the fire of rumors about stolen from Rusfond more than 20 million rubles that were supposed to go to the treatment of children with cancer. Native singer pointed to Dmitry Shepelev, he answered them the same. In the end it turned out that the money was never missing.

    At the end of 2016, the scandal began to subside. The conflicting parties divided the property, what was left of the deceased star. The families got apartment in Moscow, and Dmitry and Plato Shepelev – country house of Jeanne Friske in the suburbs.

    Book Dmitry Shepelev
    Book Dmitry Shepelev | Life!

    In December 2016, when the pain of bereavement died down a bit, Dmitry Shepelev was presented to the fans Janna Friske his book, published in «Eksmo», which he called «Jeanne. Love and disease in the history of the life of Jeanne Friske». There are many previously unknown details about the last years of life, the months and weeks before the death of the artist.

    Dmitry said that in the house where he lives with his son, a lot of pictures of Jeanne and Plato, who turned 3 years, remembers mother.


    • 2005 — Jeanne


    • 2004 – «Night watch»
    • 2005 – «Day watch»
    • 2006 – «the First fast»
    • 2007 – «First house»
    • 2008 – «Beauty requires»
    • 2010 – «About what speak men»
    • 2010 – «Who am I?»
    • 2010 – «Christmas matchmakers»
    • 2011 – «Point Doc. The last ten days»
    • 2013 – «Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay luck»


    Jeanne Friske

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