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  • Name: Zhanna Epple ( Zhanna Epple )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Zhanna Epple: biography

    Jeanne Epple lucky since birth: her last name is of French aristocrats. Great-grandfather of Joan, Arthur de Epple was an outstanding researcher, one of the founders of genetic engineering. Jeanne’s paternal French and maternal – Russian. And Actresses in the veins flows Jewish blood. This is from my grandmother Sofia Entin.

    The future actress was born in July 1964 in intelligent Moscow family. Father Vladimir N. Epple, an engineer by profession, worked as the Director of the research Institute of the peat industry, mother Lyudmila Trudolubov – teacher in the school.

    Shortly after birth the girl was sent to Sakhalin, where they lived with her grandparents on the maternal side. It was a difficult period in the life of parents that they wanted to protect the daughter from unnecessary stress.

    Grandfather of Jeanne worked as a journalist, and my grandmother a chief accountant in the management of correctional institutions. They had little free time, so her granddaughter was sent to kindergarten, which works on the principle of a boarding school. Here and passed the early childhood the future actress. In Moscow Epple came five years later when it was time to go to school. In addition, Jeanne had already returned to another family: the parents are divorced, mom remarried for Sergei Ulantseva. My stepfather worked in senior positions in the Ministry and has developed a good relationship with my stepdaughter.

    With his own father Zhanna Epple saw each other infrequently, but remember that every meeting that turned into a celebration. Often dad would take the daughter in the suburban village of «Rest» where his friends lived, scientists and inventors. Soon his father married again, and Jeanne appeared half-brother Nicholas.

    At school Jeanne Epple was a good student, managing to engage in artistic gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, ballet and music. She was very sociable, had many friends. Somehow one of her friends, considering her acting talent, brought Epple on listening to GITIS. After school, Epple without hesitation entered in this prestigious drama school. Thus began the biography of Zhanna Epple, the future of the Honored artist of Russia.

    Zhanna Epple movies

    Epple, after graduating from drama school, he went to work at the Comedy Theatre. However, there’s a young actress didn’t stay long, going to the theatre named after Stanislavsky. On this stage she performed many prominent roles and has received a good start in the acting profession.

    In 1987, the year Jeanne Epple has offered a small role in the film «Native.» The debut was very successful, young actress with a bright appearance and the original style of play was noticed by the Directors. Soon Epple received his first starring role in the film «

  • Slick and Hippos», after which the screens she immediately woke up famous. For this band there were many others that adopted Jeanne as the stars of the screen: «Streets of broken lamps», «Turkish March», «evlampiya Romanova…». Each of these paintings brought a bit of well-deserved popularity and fame. The actress was told that she had her own fan club.

    The period from 2004 to 2007 year was a special period in the creative biography of Zhanna Epple. The screens came from three seasons of the popular series «

  • Balzac age, or All men are bast…». The actress played the role of Julia Raikovoi charming and instantly became famous among millions of viewers. On-screen heroine Jeanne became one of the most popular in the series, providing a pattern of high ratings. In the period from 2000 to 2010 years, Zhanna Epple scored in fourteen different bands. In 2010, the year Jeanne Epple received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Then the woman wanted to try myself in other roles. Soon, fans saw his darling leading the project «

  • The club of the former wives» on TNT.

    Zhanna Epple: personal life

    Personal life of Zhanna Epple is not as cloudless as her film career. The fate of the actress was three men. Her first husband, Jeanne became a choreographer and a dancer

  • Alex Bakay, who later left for the United States, leaving his wife. It was the only official marriage. Behind him were two other civilians. For seventeen years Epple lived with a cameraman (later businessman)
  • Ilya Frez, son of the famous Director Ilya Frez. To this Union was born two sons, the actress – Potap and Efim.

    Farewell to Ilya Frez was painful and was accompanied by scandals. Loudly the couple shared property. Personal life of Zhanna Epple and all its vicissitudes are regularly discussed in the tabloids.

    Then the actress met a businessman

  • Dmitry Fiks, but this Union lasted very long.

    Zhanna Epple: filmography

    • Aboriginal
    • Slick and Hippos
    • White clothes
    • Evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman
    • Turkish March
    • Balzac age, or All men are bast…
    • Best holiday
    • Big girls
    • Reporters
    • Glare
    • Love under a signature stamp «top secret»
    • Paparazi
    • Faith, Hope, Love
    • Fatal inheritance

    Zhanna Epple: photo

    Jeanne Epple

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