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  • Name: Zhanna Bolotova ( Zhanna Bolotova )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Lake Karachi, Novosibirsk oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Zhanna Bolotova biography

    Zhanna Bolotova — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, in 1985 she received the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR. She starred in such audience favorite in films like «wounded animal», «the House in which I live», «Journalist», «the Escape of Mr. McKinley» and many others.

    Jeanne was born in the resort town of Lake Karachi, located in the Novosibirsk region. Her father was a hero of the Soviet Union, major Andrey Bolotov. Mother, Zinaida, was a housewife. Early childhood girls passed in Siberia, and the main entertainment Jeanne was reading. She very early learned to read, and her grandmother began to teach her granddaughter to quality literature. For example, Pushkin’s «Eugene Onegin» Bolotov met at the age of 5.

    Later, Jeanne moved with his parents to Moscow. Also lived in Czechoslovakia, where in the early 50-ies at the Embassy had served her father. After school have already made their debut in a movie and saw myself only in the profession of actress, Bolotov enters VGIK in the course of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. There with her studied Zhanna Prokhorenko, Galina Polish and many other future domestic stars.


    Movie Zhanna Bolotova debuted a schoolgirl, starring in 15 years in the epic «the House I live in». There the young actress has embodied on the screen the role of the brave girl Gali Volyn.

    After VGIK Jeanne starred in the films of his teacher Sergei Gerasimov’s «People and animals», «Journalist», «Love of man». Also on account of its picture of the other Directors – romance «If you’re right…», the detective «24-25 not returning,» the spy Thriller «the fate of the resident», a fantastic film «Escape of Mr. McKinley», for which she was awarded the State prize of the USSR.

    Also the actress played in movies her husband directed by Nikolai Gubenko. The most striking works of their Duo is considered a social drama about a neglected childhood «wounded animal» and the romantic melodrama «life of leisure».

    Zhanna Bolotova movie was filmed in 1988, then left her career because she stopped like the proposed scenarios. According to the actress, to play those interesting, need to do plastic surgery, but for her this is unacceptable. The only exception to Jeanne Trofimovna made in 2005 and played a teacher in the University in the Thriller «hide and seek». The reason for his short-term return Bolotov explained by the desire to work with Aleksei Balabanov, who is considered one of the best modern Directors.

    Personal life

    At the age of 19 Zhanna Bolotova was married to the artist Nicholas Dvigubskaya, who recently returned from France. With him she met at a party at a mutual friend, filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky. According to rumors, between Jeanne and Andrew had also been a romantic relationship, which proved to be fleeting. But the marriage between Bolotova and Dvigubskaya, which they made in just a month of Dating, did not last more than a year.

    Her classmate Nikolai Gubenko in love with a girl from the first course, did not give the spouses of the passage and was able to lead his beloved to the man, according to most Actresses, she went without love. Since Zhanna Bolotova and Nikolai Gubenko inseparable. They live happily together for almost 50 years and still feel for each other passionate feelings. However, of children the couple did not wait.

    Interestingly, the famous bard Bulat Okudzhava in his time, too, burned with passion for a young actress and devoted Zhanna Bolotova their songs like «Old jacket», «Smolensk road», «Burning flame, chadit» and «Little woman.»


    • 1957 — the House in which I live
    • 1963 — If you’re right…
    • 1967 — Journalist
    • 1972 — Love man
    • 1973 — the Silence of Dr. Evans
    • 1974 — If you want to be happy
    • 1975 — the Escape of Mr. McKinley
    • 1976 — wounded animal
    • 1980 — From the life of vacationers
    • 1983 — And life, and tears, and love


    Zhanna Bolotova

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