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  • Name: Zhanna Badoeva ( Zhanna Badoeva )
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: mažeikiai, Lithuanian SSR
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: TV Presenter, actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Zhanna badoeva: biography

    Zhanna badoeva is one of the brightest and most talented leaders in Ukrainian, and more recently on Russian television. Jeanne became famous after the release of interesting and informative travel show-project «the eagle and Reshka».

    Zhanna badoeva – nee Dolgopolsky – old was born in the Lithuanian town of Alytus, in the family of engineers. About her nationality she says. So there are three versions: she’s Russian, and Ukrainian, and Jewish. Which one is correct is known only to Zhanna Badoeva. Parents, techies by training, wanted daughter also got a «serious» education and followed in their footsteps. And even though Janna already in childhood showed artistic quality – the girl inherited from her grandmother-a pianist’s love of music and was engaged in the choreography, however, she lost parents and became a student of the high school building.

    Zhanna badoeva with parents
    Zhanna badoeva with parents | Instagram

    To graduate she had in Kiev, where the family moved. But to work Badoev would: she was not himself an engineer. So she decided to get a profession, which was the dream: she always wanted to be an actress.

    But things are not exactly as you wanted, Jeanne. In the theatrical Institute named. K. Karpenko-Kary she was not accepted to the faculty of acting – not passed the age. Badoev was upset, but didn’t give up: she chose the directing Department.

    Zhanna badoeva mom
    Zhanna badoeva mom | Telekritika

    Her talent and artistry was clearly evident at the beginning of training and was seen as a teacher-mentor in acting Nina Vladimirovna Carolopolis. She invited Jeanne Badoev to teach on the acting faculty. Teacher Jeanne worked for several years. But working in television as an actress or TV presenter was left in dreams.


    Biography of Jeanne Badoeva and her appearance on the television associated with the release of the popular Comedy show «Comedy club». The actress was the first female resident of the project. Soon she was appointed the creative producer that gave scope for the realization of many ideas.

    Zhanna badoeva was the Director of several popular projects that was broadcast on one of the most famous Ukrainian TV channels. First of all, the talent show «Dance for you», «jukebox» and «Superstar». For several years Jeanne badoeva has acquired considerable experience of television production.

    Zhanna Badoeva
    Zhanna Badoeva | VKontakte

    And the popularity Zhanna Badoeva brought her personal project called «the eagle and Reshka». Script-travel-show the leading pair had to visit one of the countries. Each of the leaders must demonstrate to audience how you can spend time abroad, if his pocket is almost empty (only 100$), or, conversely, if he is the owner of unlimited card. The fate of who will prove to be a budget tourist and who is a temporary millionaire, decided tossed a coin as heads or tails.

    Most of the time a couple Radoevich spent in travel, where he acquainted the audience with the sights and peculiarities of each country, the opportunity to live on 100 dollars and feel the financial emancipation of man.

    Zhanna badoeva on the show
    Zhanna badoeva on the show «heads and Tails» | Dv-reclama.Ru

    Zhanna badoeva paired with Alan by Badaeva, which then was replaced by Andrey Bednyakov, literally, lived his project and fully given to the beloved. In 2012, when behind Badoeva and a half, she left «the eagle and Reshka», explaining the care with fatigue and lack of attention to children.

    In 2015, the 10th anniversary season of «heads and tails», the audience again saw everyone’s favorite leading alternately in a familiar role, including Joan Badoev.

    After leaving the tour shows Badoev became co-host another exciting project «Masterchef». A cooking show with the participation of Hector Jimenez Bravo and Nikolai Tishchenko was no less successful than the travel-show «Orel I Reshka». Tasting and evaluation of culinary delights has not gone unnoticed – after project Zhanna badoeva is a real foodie and a connoisseur of Haute cuisine.

    Zhanna badoeva on a cooking show
    Zhanna badoeva on the cooking show «Mastershef» | Pipsqueak

    Another project called «don’t leave me» Zhanna badoeva was conducted jointly with the unpredictable and charismatic Dmitry Kolyadenko.

    In the summer of 2013 began broadcasting on the new Russian Federal entertainment channel «Friday!», essential grid which is built on entertainment programs of its own production, as well as on projects of the Ukrainian TV channels.

    Zhanna badoeva was also invited to the channel. Soon the audience saw on the screens new and exciting programs that smiling leads the journalist and the artist. This project «battle of the salons», «#Ganapati» and «Dangerous tour».

    Zhanna badoeva on the show
    Zhanna badoeva on the show «battle of the salons» | Woman.ru

    Personal life

    For the first time Zhanna badoeva was married oil businessman, older than her by several years. From Igor Jeanne gave birth to a son Boris. Soon the couple decided to separate. As it turned out, the marriage fell apart because of the reluctance Badoeva to become a housewife and to leave the Institute. The man was unable to accept the fact that the couple had many interests outside the family.

    In his personal life Jeanne Badoeva appeared and music video Director Alan Badoev. In marriage a daughter, Lolita. In a happy family not have disagreements regarding children. Alan Badoev raised Boris, his son.

    Alan Badoev and Zhanna badoeva
    Alan Badoev and Zhanna badoeva | See All

    But in 2012, it became known that strong as many thought, a 9-year marriage broke up. Despite the fact that the network was full of thematic photo and the tragic headlines, the ex-wife did not perceive the events as a tragedy: they are absolutely friendly to each other. There are a lot of rumors about the reasons for divorce. There is even a version that Alan Badoev’s sexual orientation. But the former spouses do not want to speak on this topic and have friendly relations.

    Shortly after the divorce, fans of Zhanna Badoeva talking about her new novel with businessman Sergei Babenko. Rumor has it that the pair met in America. In 2013 they held their engagement party. There was even a wedding date – February 16, 2014.

    Sergey Babenko and Zhanna badoeva
    Sergey Babenko and Zhanna badoeva | Ivona

    But in the fall, the couple broke up, and down» to the altar. About the reasons Zhanna badoeva does not tell, preferring to gloss over information about his personal life. Only once the woman indirectly let slip about the reasons for the termination of relations with Babenko. On her page on the social network there was a record that she’s single again, but happy and free woman. And if her life will meet a man with whom she will be comfortable and which will not to press her, she’ll marry again.

    Fans of Kim and started talking about a possible return leads to ex-husband Alan Badoev. After all, they always seemed so harmonious and beautiful couple. But this did not happen.

    In 2014, media reported that Zhanna badoeva was married for the third time. Her lover was a businessman Vasily Melnychyn, who has long resided in Italy. Journalists reported that Badoev and Melnychyn got married in the same 2014. But the couple decided not to advertise such an intimate event.

    Zhanna badoeva and Basil Melnichen
    Zhanna badoeva and Basil Melnichen | Viva.ua

    Zhanna badoeva with children – Boris and Lolita – most of the time in Sunny Italy. In one of the glossy magazines she shared with readers his exclusive family photo. On them happy family resting at Mauritius.

    Zhanna badoeva with children
    Zhanna badoeva with the Source

    The woman said that her third marriage is very changed. She became quiet and peaceful.

    Beside her husband Basil by Joan Melnichny comfortable. Man has a great sense of humor, has a docile nature and good heart. Italy seems Badoeva the best of the countries with which she will not want to go.

    Television projects

    • «Dance for you»
    • «Jukebox»
    • «Superstar»
    • «Heads and Tails»
    • «Masterchef»
    • «Don’t stop me now»
    • «Battle of the salons»
    • «#Ganapati»
    • «Dangerous tour»


    Zhanna Badoeva

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