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  • Name: Aguzarova Zhanna ( Zhanna Aguzarova )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Activity: Singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Zhanna Aguzarova: biography

    Zhanna Aguzarova, an eccentric Russian singer, the owner of a unique voice and distinctive flamboyant style was born in Vang Vieng, a small village near Tyumen. Jeanne’s father Hassan was Ossetian by nationality, and his family lived. Mother Lyudmila Savchenko, worked as a pharmacist at a local pharmacy. When the girl was young, the family moved to Novosibirsk, and there, in the small village of Oscillations, the future singer studied in the school from which he graduated in 1977. Already in those years, Jeanne decided that he will sing on stage, and even argued with classmates about this.

    After graduating from high school Aguzarova tried several times to enroll in drama school in different cities of Russia, however, neither in Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don, neither in Ekaterinburg to do her and failed. In the end she goes to drama school Novosibirsk, but already in the first year she had to leave school, so as because pneumonia a future star missed most of the classes. Zhanna Aguzarova went to conquer the capital, where also unsuccessfully tried to become a student of Gnessin school. In the end Aguzarova took a job at a local College and began to study for a painter.

    Jeanne Aguzarova group «Bravo!»

    At this time Joan began to rotate in circles of the capital of Bohemia, where it seems Ivanna Anders, the daughter of Swedish diplomats, correcting the name «Ivan» in someone else’s fake passport (your documents she lost). The girl talked with the rock musicians tried to get the vocalist in the group «the Crematorium», went to listen to the «PostScript,» which played Eugene Havtan. Aguzarova unexpectedly becomes the vocalist of his new project, which later became known as the «Bravo!». The group was formed in 1983, and the first concert was given after a year of rehearsals. Already the first recording of the ensemble has gained great popularity among the audience.

    1984 was marked by numerous persecutions rock bands from the side of the authorities. During one of these checks, Zhanna Aguzarova was arrested during a concert because of an old story with fake documents. The singer first put in the infamous «Prison», and then forced to undergo examination in Institute of judicial psychiatry of a name Serbian. Then, recognizing her sane, send in the Tyumen region, where Joan spends in forced labour in the local timber industry a year and a half.

    A prison term could not get Aguzarovu to leave the scene. After the dismissal of Joan returns to the composition Bravo! and the collective’s popularity continues to grow steadily. In 1986, the band performs on the television program «Musical ring», where Aguzarovu is the audience Alla Pugacheva. Starting time of the active tour, «Bravo!» in the country, viewers love pure and childish sounding voice aguzarovoj, and her eccentric outfits and a peculiar way to behave on stage become the hallmark of the team.

    In parallel, the artist is actively cooperating with «Night prospect», and also participated in the concert dedicated to the victims of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. At that time, the popularity Aguzarova peaks: results of a survey of readers of the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets» Zhanna Aguzarova takes the second place after Pugacheva in popularity in the Soviet Union.

    In 1987, a group of «Bravo!» is releasing their first album. Soon the whole country sings the melody «Yellow shoes», «Only you» and others. The song «Wonderful country» used as the soundtrack to the cult film «AssA». But the second rally was also short-lived, and already in 1988 the road «Bravo!» and her strange vocalist diverge. Zhanna Aguzarova decides to focus on his solo career.

    Zhanna Aguzarova: solo career

    In 1990, Joan is finally getting a higher education, graduating from the Musical College named Ippolitova-Ivanov. After the release of the singer records solo album «Russian album» and got to work in the theater of Alla Pugacheva. But soon Aguzarova leaves the theater because of an argument with the Diva — this conflict ended with reconciliation in 2012.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union Zhanna Aguzarova emigrated to the United States, decided to try his luck overseas. However, creative career in America did not happen: after two years of working in the restaurant «Black sea» Aguzarova resigned, he graduated from the courses of DJ and started to cooperate with Basil Noise. The result of the joint creative work was the album «Tectonics» and a collection of remakes of «Nineteen ninety’s».

    In Russia Aguzarova returned in 1993, joining the jubilee tour «Bravo!», finally she moved in just three years. Then, in 1996, Zhanna Aguzarova gave concerts in the framework of election campaign of Boris Yeltsin, appeared in the Christmas musical project of Konstantin Ernst «Old songs about the main-2». In 1998, partly accompanied a group of «Bravo» in a concert tour «Bromania» in Russia, in 2001, performed at the largest rock festival «Maxidrome».

    Since that time the popularity Aguzarova is gradually on the decline. Since 2006, the singer gives infrequent concerts with invited musicians in the clubs. The cause of this decline many friends of the actress believe excessive eccentricity of Jeanne. Anyway, the creative contribution Aguzarova in the domestic music cannot be overstated: a group of «Bravo!» with her participation is still played on radio stations, and the unique vocals of the singer was an unprecedented phenomenon — closer to a level only managed Zemfira, which at the beginning of its ascent is often compared with Aguzarova.

    Currently, in addition to rare concerts, the singer enjoys painting and paints abstract paintings. Style, teetering on the brink of kitsch and outrageous, sharply highlights the personality of Joan Aguzarova. When the sky of the Western show business up the star of the outrageous Lady Gaga, many have compared her style with Aguzarova, which has repeatedly stated its alien origin.

    Zhanna Aguzarova: personal life

    The artist prefers not to talk about his relationship. However, the personal life of Joan aguzarovoj was marked not by one marriage. Ilya, the first husband of the singer, worked as a marine biologist in his recent interview, he said that during the prison Joan was having mental problems. After the divorce Aguzarova went to America with Timur by Murtazaeva, who was the bassist of the first part of «Bravo!». Already abroad, the couple broke up.

    Second husband of Jeanne became Nikolay Poltoranin, who worked for some time, the singer producer.

    Zhanna Aguzarova: discography

    • BRAVO
    • Ensemble Bravo
    • Bravo Team
    • Zhanna Aguzarova and Bravo 1983-1988
    • «Bravo» Live in Moscow
    • BRAVO «Songs of different years»
    • Nineteen ninety’s
    • The Best
    • Russian album
    • Back2Future
    • Night Avenue (Zhanna Aguzarova and Natasha Baramova, Humanitarian life)
    • Zhanna Aguzarova and Stalker «the Martian»
    • Pavel Kuzin «Bravo, Joan!»
    • Happiness will come

    Zhanna Aguzarova: photo

    Zhanna Aguzarova

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