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  • Name: Zemfira ( Ramazanova Zemfira )
  • Date of birth: 26 August 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Ufa
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: musician, singer, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Zemfira: biography

    Zemfira Ramazanova at the time, opened in the national rock music new page. Her style is press calls «women’s destiny», and the popularity of the singer, has soared to the tops of all the radio stations in eighteen years not only not declining, but continues to conquer new fans.

    Paul was born in Ufa in intelligent Tatar-Bashkir family. Her father Talgat Talkovich taught history and her mother is Florida Haciena worked as a specialist in physical therapy. The girl had an older brother named Ramil, with whom the singer had a close and trusting relationship.

    Zemfira - family (brother, mom, dad)
    Family Zemfira | rroufu

    Zemfira talent for music was revealed very early, five years old, the future singer studied at a specialized music school where he studied piano and was a soloist in the school choir. Then she performed on local television with a children’s song.

    Zemfira in childhood
    Zemfira in childhood | Movie-news

    The girl was seven years old when she wrote her first song, singing it at work at my mom’s. In school Zemfira was fond of creativity of group «Cinema»: according to the singer herself, the songs of Viktor Tsoi and Thom Yorke has influenced her development as a musician.

    The school Zemfira seriously played basketball. Despite the fact that the girl was in the command below all, she became captain of the Junior team of Russia. Thus, in the last class was faced with a dilemma: sport or music. Zemfira chose the latter and enrolled at the Ufa College of arts at the Department of pop-jazz vocals.

    Zemfira in the childhood was engaged in basketball
    Zemfira in the childhood was engaged in basketball | Veralline

    In parallel with his studies in high school the girl began to earn money, performing popular songs in the Ufa restaurants. However, this activity quickly she was tired, and in 1996, Paul went to work on the radio: she was recording commercials for the Bashkir branch of the radio station «Europe Plus». Then she records her first demo.


    Biography of Zemfira changed dramatically in 1997, when the annual rock festival «Maxidrome» cassette tape of her songs came through a friend of journalists in the hands of the then producer of the band «Mumiy Troll» Leonid Burlakov. Leonid decides to give a chance to the talented singer and at the end of 1998, Zemfira writes in the Studio Mosfilm his first album «Zemfira«.

    The erection of the first album was done in the British capital under the leadership of Ilya Lagutenko, frontman and leader of the «mummy Troll». In the recording also involved a guitarist and a drummer. The CD release took place in may 1999, some songs came into the rotation of radio stations in February. Thus, the audience was prepared for the birth of a new star.

    Zemfira early in his career
    Zemfira early in his career | Geometry

    The album was a great success for the first six months has sold more than seven hundred thousand copies. Three songs were filmed video clips video clip for the song «AIDS», which eventually came out on wide screens, the «Why» is a concert video from the Ufa of a female singer and video of «Arrivederci», which immediately won the hearts of thousands of fans with its innovative approach to editing and directing (the person Zemfira in the video was hatched, it was rumoured that the singer’s side — project the Lagutenko).

    On the first tour, which started three months after the release of the album, too, exceeded all expectations, the concerts were sold out. After returning from a tour group «Zemfira» starts recording a new album, which also was named after one of the songs «Forgive me, my love«. The singer admits that names are always hard she was given. Nevertheless, «Forgive me, my love» became the most popular disc 2000 in Russia, and also the most commercially successful of all the discography of Zemfira. The singer becomes the «Performer of the year» by the music magazine «OM».

    The increased popularity of the rather vexed than pleased Zemfira, and at the end of 2000, she went into a sabbatical, taking part only in one project, dedicated to her musical idol Viktor Tsoi — the concert of «Kino», for which Paul wrote the song «Cuckoo» and «Every night».

    Zemfira | Kudann

    The next step was the album Zemfira «Fourteen weeks of silence«, which was released in 2002. During this time, the girl rethought a lot of things in his work, and the album is solid, but unlike her previous work. She completely moved away from the stylistic framework within the time specified Burlakov, therefore it is constantly compared with «Mumiy Troll», although the band previously participated in the recording of songs. Circulation records exceeded a million discs, and the singer in 2003, received the award «Triumph» .

    2004 was marked by Zemfira for several events. She performed two bright pairs: one at the rock festival «Maxidrome» paired with Ilya Lagutenko and the second with Queen at the MTV Russia Music Awards (immortal hit, Ferdi mercury «We are the Champions»).

    Zemfira decided to get a higher education in philosophy and enrolled at MSU, but to complete the training failed, too much time has been music.

    In 2005 starts the collaboration Zemfira actress and Director, charismatic Renata Litvinova. Zemfira was invited to create music for the film Litvinova «Goddess: how I fell in love». Renata subsequently directed the video for the song «the End» and many subsequent works of the singer.

    In October 2007, the release of the new album Zemfira «Thank you«which the singer released his behalf, saying that the group «Zemfira» no longer exists, but only she — the singer Zemfira Ramazanova.

    During the tour the concerts were a special single, «10 boys», which features ten remixes of the song «Boy» collected from among the works that people have sent to the competition. Then was presented a film-concert «Green theatre in Zemfira», Litvinova filmed during a performance of the singer on the same site in Gorky Park in Moscow.

    Zemfira | Website fans Zemfira

    In 2009 Paul released a compilation called «Z-sides«, and also tours a lot in Russia and abroad. Also, the singer is working on the soundtrack to the Arthouse film «the Last tale Rita», directed by her friend Renata Litvinova.

    The next album Zemfira has become another breakthrough in the history of Russian rock. CD «Live in your head«, an amazing combination of minimalism, style and balance of the sound of said new word in modern music. He set a new record in domestic online sales.

    At the end of 2103 Zemfira was awarded the MTV Europe Music Awards as best Russian artist.

    At the end of October 2015 Zemfira announced the launch of a new concert tour, the «Little man». The singer has visited more than 20 Russian cities and cities abroad. A huge tour was launched in February 2016 in Omsk and ended in April in Moscow.

    During a large-scale tour of the «Little man» Zemfira announced the completion of the touring activities.

    The Uchpochmak

    At the end of 2013, iTunes was posted three songs almost immediately topped the Russian charts. The contractor was listed as «the Uchpochmack» is the Bashkir means «triangle». As stated by the legend that is described in the official community groups in social networks, the group includes guitarist Bro, bassist Luke and drummer and vocalist of the Rocket, features the animated characters.

    Distinctive vocals Zemfira students learned from, and soon she announced the performance of his side project in the main concert hall «Russia», where was the mystery of personalities Brough and Luke: they were the nephews of Zemfira, the twins Artyom and Artur Ramazanov.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Zemfira in the entire musical career of the singer was filled with all sorts of rumors and speculation. This began with the singer at the beginning announcing the upcoming wedding to the leader of the group «Dancing Minus» Vyacheslav Petkun, which was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Since then, the name Zemfira press wrongly linked to oligarch Roman Abramovich, the Director of the singer Anastasia Kalmanovich.

    Zemfira and Anastasia Kalmanovich
    Zemfira and Anastasia Kalmanovich | Express newspaper

    In recent years, the reporters claim Zemfira and Renata Litvinova — not just a girlfriend, supposedly women share much more. Girlfriend did not comment on this information. Secretive nature of the singer and her dislike of interviews allows journalists only speculate about her private life.

    Zemfira and Renata Litvinova - a brilliant creative tandem
    Zemfira and Renata Litvinova — a brilliant creative tandem | Radio «New wave»

    In 2010, the family Zemfira, disaster struck — her older brother who drowned in the river while spearfishing. A year earlier from a long illness died her dad Talgat Malkovich, and in early 2015, the singer lost her mother. Since then, the girl tries to take care of the remaining nephews Arthur and Temika, so at the end of 2013 Zemfira has created with them a joint musical project.


    • Zemfira
    • Forgive me my love
    • Fourteen weeks of silence
    • Vendetta
    • Thank you
    • To live in your head



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