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  • Name: Zaza Napoli ( Vladim Kazantsev )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Yarovoy, Altai Krai
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Zaza Napoli : biography

    Vladim Kazantsev, better known as the travesty diva Zaza Napoli was born in the Altai Republic in April 1973.

    At the time of the appearance of the son in the family was already grown up 12-year-old daughter. Vladim, the late and beloved child in what did not know refusal. However, he has learned to earn money during his school years. At first the boy was pleased to learn in different circles, and at the age of 16 he began to teach. Salary 37 roubles Kazantsev took part – time at that time turned out to be a good tool for the student of pedagogical College.

    Parents Vladimov, as he argues, occupies a significant position. His father worked as a engineer of a large chemical plant, mother worked in the office of East Kazakhstan region. The house, a warm atmosphere reigned. Here loved the humor and all sorts of jokes, a lot of jokes and staged skits. Guests loved to visit this house.

    Creative nature Zaza Napoli «grew up» with his cheerful and friendly family. After graduating from College, Vlad for years he worked as a primary school teacher. The kids loved it, because the lessons are never missed. In fact, the lessons Kazantsev was more similar to theatrical performances in which children of all sorts of cognitive things is not told the teacher and made them «talking» dolls.

    But a year later, the future entertainer parted ways with the school and became a student of East-Siberian state Institute of culture, — selecting a specialty «the actor of theatre and cinema».

    Zaza Napoli and birds of Paradise»

    The young actor was doing very well. Already in his student years, he made his debut on the theatrical stage, brilliantly reincarnated in now from «the Seagull» by Chekhov, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, heartless or weak-willed George from the play «Not afraid of Virginia Woolf».

    During training he managed to try his hand as a DJ on the radio and even host on local TV. Often he was invited to conduct concerts. But in those years Kazantsev, even in a head did not come that he may appear at a public event in something other than a solid men’s suit.

    Some time later there was another talent of this multifaceted man. He began to sew clothes, and quite skillfully, at the level of the talented designer. First it was clothing for friends. But then came the turn for the spectacular costumes. Citizens of Kazan began to organize shows and fashion shows.

    In 1997, a talented showman he came to Moscow, thinking that if he managed to conquer his native land, and capital in front of him will not stand. It happened, but the process of conquest was not so rapid. The first time the young man was engaged in sewing clothes in a normal workshop. Often looked here artists, who had ordered the costumes. Often it was the actors who worked in the genre of travesty.

    Once one of regular customers from the artistic Bohemia, if you look for Power, and encouraged him to try yourself as a travesty. And he took a chance. Thus was born the extravagant lady Zaza Napoli.

    Our time is Zaza Napoli – it is a real brand. But only the owner and the «father» of this brand knows how difficult it was success. Indeed, in the capital at that time was the countless drag Queen divas. To withstand the competition and stay one of the best managed units. The satiated audience stopped his attention on her, Zaza Napoli.

    He was able to give my lady all the qualities necessary for success. It’s bright and sharp on the tongue, vamp with a curvaceous figure and irrepressible temperament. His Zaza Napoli is well-versed in any environment, from determining how much can be salty at her joke in this audience.

    In 1998, Zaza Napoli becomes a diva in an organized Kazantsev transvestite theatre «birds of Paradise». To watch a colorful show comes a huge number of Muscovites and guests of the capital. Soon, drag Queens team headed by its undisputed diva Zaza Napoli becomes so popular that his show order the best night clubs of Moscow.

    Scandalous and shocking of the program «birds of Paradise» saw visitors all the glamorous parties. Zaza Napoli takes expensive advertising orders and even appear on the screens. Vladim Kazantsev becomes the presenter of the programme «Suck@love», which is broadcast on NTV. He is often invited to appear in the episodes or in the role-a cameo in various films.

    Recently, Zaza Napoli appeared in rating Comedy series «Studio 17» on a par with such stars of Russian cinema and show-business as Gosha Kutsenko, Pyotr Buslov, Alexander Nezlobin, Victoria Bonya, and others.

    Personal life

    Of Vladim Kazantsev because of his stage image many relate to non-traditional sexual minorities. However, Zaza Napoli – it’s only a brand image, successfully sold and popular in show business. Really personal life is Zaza Napoli, or rather the personal life of Vladim Kazantsev, quite arranged. The talented Altai has a wife Tatiana, Sumchenko. Occupation Tatyana same as the men: she is the founder and head of curvacious cuties show «property of Republic».

    The pair met when Zaza Napoli has toured in Kiev. In the past, the second half Kazantsev job regiomontana, nanny, waitress, and even a Fanny pack.

    In 2002 Kazantsev and Sumchenko legalized their marriage. They are quite happy together. The only thing that Mars their happiness is frequent tours and tight schedules.


    Zaza Napoli

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