photo Zara

  • Name: Zara ( Zarifa Mgoyan )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian pop folk singer and actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Zara : biography

    Real name is now well-known singer Zara — Zarifa mgoyan Pashaeva. Her parents were born in Leninakan and come from a family of Yezidi Kurds.

    Children of the Mgoian family – the eldest daughter of Liana, the average Zarif and son Roman born in Leningrad, where the family emigrated. The mother of Zerah, Nadi Jamalova is a housewife. Papa Pasha Bimbashievich worked in mechanical engineering and a PhD in physico-mathematical Sciences.

    In Mgoian family no one, except the dice are not associated with music or any art form. But her talent for music appeared very early. First steps in creation the girl made at school age. Artistic 12-year-old girl with a good voice noticed well-known musician Oleg Kvasha. He invited Zarif to sing some of his songs and realized that before him a future singer who will soon occupy a niche in the world of music and show business.

    The song «today» and «Heart of Juliet» proposed and Made and sung by Zara soon was in rotation on some radio stations of Russia and is remembered by many listeners. As it turned out, since they started the biography of Zara. Soon, with the support of musician and producer Oleg Kvasha young singer participated in the contest «Morning star». She sang the same two songs and went to the final.


    After participating and winning in the «Morning star» Zara regularly participates in various competitions and festivals, including international. So, in the competition for young singers and musicians, «Let the children laugh» Zarifa mgoyan won the main prize. The contest was held in Egypt. It was followed by others.

    In 16 years, the first Studio album by Zara «Heart of Juliet». Almost immediately after him came the first Studio album, named «Zara».

    After school (she graduated with a silver medal), she becomes a student at the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art. It showed another talent of Zara: she successfully made her debut as an actress. In the early 2000s, the budding actress has played his first roles in productions of «voices of the past century», «Idiot» and «Heavenly swallows». Then Zara made his debut on the silver screen, appearing in a small role in the film «named Baron…». The debut was successful, and Zerah was invited to star in the film «Spetsnaz po-Russki 2». She later appeared in the films «Tabor», «Pushkin. The last duel» and «White sand».

    But not the theatre and the cinema, and the music and singing made famous Zara. In 2006, Zarifa mgoyan participated in the project «Factory of stars-6». The appearance on the national channel of Russia and occupied third place attracted a lot of attention to the performer. And even allowed her to sign a lucrative contract, the well-known producer Victor Drobysh.

    In 2007 the latest album «don’t leave me alone.» Soon Zara went on their first tour of the country. The success accompanied the emergence of the new hit «a Sky for two», written especially for the acclaimed painting «the Apocalypse Code». Since then Zara is a frequent guest on various television projects which are broadcasted on Russian TV channels. The star becomes her joint performance with Dmitry Pevtsov on the show «Two stars». Quite often Zara stands in the popular project «Dostoyanie Respubliki», where sings the hits of the Soviet period.

    In the short period since 2009 to 2012 Zara 4 times became the laureate of the prestigious prize «Golden gramophone».

    Personal life

    Becoming famous, the singer and actress has faced increased media attention to his person. I must say, this is not a very liked young singer. Personal life of Zara was considered too closely, there was gossip and fiction. Subsequently, according to the singer herself, this was the reason for the collapse of her first marriage.

    Zara and Sergey Matvienko – the son ex-the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko – have lived together for just over a year. For the marriage, Zara had adopted Orthodoxy. It would seem, nothing foretold a sad ending, but not having how to savor the details of their lives, the tabloid publication soon have a new reason to talk on the topic «Zara and Sergey Matvienko.» What was the reason for the divorce, and the unknown. The singer blames the Newspapers and they say that the reason for the divorce Zara and banker Sergei Matviyenko that a man demanded of the young wife to quit her singing career and show business, devoting himself entirely to the family.

    The second time Zara got married in 2008. Her husband is a prominent official of the Department of health. For marriage to Zahra Sergei Ivanov divorced his wife, with whom he raised two children. In 2010 was born the first son of Zerah, and Sergei Ivanov, Daniel. Two years later appeared the Maxim.

    Zara is a very family man. Now, bitter experience, she is strongly protective of the family and marriage from unnecessary noise in tabloid publications.

    In early July 2016, the year Zara divorced from her husband Sergei Ivanov. According to the singer, to divorce cited disagreements with her husband, and divorce was the only way out of the crisis in the relationship.


    • Love-beautiful
    • The only
    • Covered winter
    • Heaven for two
    • Rings-diamonds
    • On the edge of love
    • For her
    • Fly
    • I’ll be gentle
    • Remember me



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