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  • Name: Zakhar Prilepin ( Evgeny Prilepin )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Il’inka
  • Activity: Writer
  • Marital status: married to Maria Pilipinas

    Zakhar Prilepin: a biography

    Zakhar Prilepin, a well – known writer, publicist, businessman and scholar. Real name – Evgeny Prilepin. His biography is full of important events. The writer, who today is known to many, went to glory a strange way, having tried many professions. It is a busy life helped him to create unique works that Prilepin writes in the style of fantasy and realism.

    Zakhar Prilepin was born 7 July 1975 in the village of Ilyinka, Ryazan oblast. Prilepine family was very poor: his father, Eugene worked at the school as a history teacher, and his mother was a nurse in the hospital. So the future writer had to start working from an early age.

    In 1986 the family moved to Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Dzerzhinsk, where parents were given an apartment. Have Prilepin started to work at the chemical plant «Korund». In 16 years the guy got a job in the bakery shop, where he began to earn additionally the loader. After a year his father died, after his death, the guy had hard times. After school he changed his place of residence in Nizhniy Novgorod, and then in 1994 joined the army, but later was the reserve.

    Then he entered the police school. After graduation, the future writer began to serve in the Riot police. In parallel with this work the young man studied at the philological faculty of Moscow state University. N. And. Lobachevsky. However, to continue then learning he was not destined in 1996 Prilepin sent to Chechnya. Three years later the male took part in the fighting in another Caucasus region — Dagestan.

    In 1998, Pilipino lacked the salaries of the Policemen and he worked security in Nightclubs. Eugene worked and a security guard, a laborer. In 1999, Prilepin finally graduated from Nizhny Novgorod state University and retired from the Riot police.

    Zakhar Prilepin: books and creativity

    In 2000 in Nizhny Novgorod Prilepin started to work in the local newspaper «Business», and then quickly became a popular journalist. A year after hiring Zach became chief editor of the newspaper.

    The first opus Prilepin as a writer began to emerge in 2003, then it was poetry. Then he wrote his first novel

  • «Pathology» in which a red thread is the theme of the Chechen war. First novel in bits and pieces printed in magazines and in book form it was published in 2005. Since 2006 in various publishing houses was published works «Sanka», «Sin», «Boots full of hot vodka», «I came from Russia», «Terra Tartarara. It concerns me personally», «the Birthday of the heart. Talks with Russian literature.»

    The year 2009 was marked by Prilepin receiving the silver medal of the Bunin award. He was awarded it for his book «TerraTartarara: It concerns me personally.» Then Zach was appointed Secretary of the Russian Union of writers. In 2009, Zakhar Prilepin began his career as a broadcaster, working in the «PostTV». In 2011 the author received the award «Supernatant» for the novel

  • «Sin.» This work received the title of «National bestseller». Zakhar Prilepin, a well – known columnist, author of columns in magazines «Bear», «Light», «Story». Journalism’s can be found in the magazine «Glamour» and «Sex in the city».

    Male loves Russian rock and sometimes he writes music. In 2011, he debuted with the album «seasons», recorded with his own band

  • «Elefunk». Also in 2011, the famous men’s magazine GQ called prilepina writer of the year. At the same time, the author was awarded the prize «Bronze snail» for your novel
  • «The black monkey». In 2012, Zach wrote the manual on modern literature «Knightcat» and the story in the book «the Eight». In 2014, the novel
  • «Abode» Zakhar Prilepin brought prestigious national award «Big book».

    Zakhar Prilepin: politics

    Prilepin was educated in the School of public policy, which was founded by Fund «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In 2007 the writer became a co-founder of the movement

  • «The people» ideology which became a «democratic nationalism.» In 2010, Zakhar Prilepin signed a petition Russian opposition. In an interview with Zakhar Prilepin said that he considers Putin system,»the entire system needs to change in order to open political space«. The activist had met with Vladimir Putin personally, conversing with him on various topics, including political.

    Zakhar Prilepin: personal life

    With his future wife

  • Mary Prilepin met in NSU at the faculty of Philology. The young people were married in the third year, and two years later were expecting their first child. Now the family Prilepine four children – Hattie, Cyrus, Ignat and Liliya (born in 2011). Zakhar – Orthodox Christian, he always goes to Church, baptized their children. Prilepina live in Nizhny Novgorod, the house on the Bank of Kerzhenets river.

    Also I Prilepin has a sister Lena, who lives in Dzerzhinsk with her mother. Before Helen was married to the brother of Vladislav Surkov, Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia, but the couple broke up.

    Zakhar Prilepin: a bibliography

    • Pathology
    • Sanka
    • Sin
    • Black monkey
    • Abode
    • Boots, full hot vodka
    • I came from Russia
    • Terra Tartarara. It comes to me personally
    • The flying boatmen
    • Leonid Leonov: the game it was huge
    • Knigocheem

    Zakhar Prilepin: photo

    Zakhar Prilepin with his wife

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