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  • Name: Yves Montand ( Ivo Livi )
  • Date of birth: 13 October 1921.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Date of death: 9 November 1991
  • Birth place: Monsummano Terme, Italy
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: French singer-songwriter and actor
  • Marital status: was a widower

    Yves Montand: biography

    Ivo Livi was born in October 1921 in Monsummano Terme, in the Italian Tuscany. At that time in devout Catholic and Italian by birth Giuseppina and Jew Giovanni Left already growing up two children.

    Yves Montand
    Ivo Livi | Liveinternet.ru

    When came to power the Nazis, the Left moved to France, although at first was going to emigrate to America. Waiting for visas, they settled in Marseille. And remained there to live.

    The childhood of the future actor and singer cloudless difficult to call. His older brother and sister dropped out of school to help the family. At age 11, Ivo followed their example. During the day he worked at the plant, pending a small amount of money ran to the cinema. It was an outlet in his life, without which he had no idea of its existence. Left reviewed all the Hollywood pictures that were brought to the city.

    Yves Montand
    Yves Montand | Liveinternet.ru

    But the guy had another passion – singing. Ivo had a wonderful voice and good looks. When he grew up, I started to help my older sister in her hairdressing salon. At the same time, the young singer first came on the scene. He came up with his stage name, Yves Montand, remembering how once his mother, mixing French and Italian words, called him home: «Ivo, monta!». (Translation – «Ivo, come up!»).

    Under this pseudonym, and began his artistic career and demeanor.


    First, parents are skeptical of the speech of the son. But when he started bringing home a lot of money – about 50 francs for the week – they realized that their boy is really talented and his singing is pleasant to people.

    It is noteworthy that at that time formed a certain stage persona of the singer, which can be described as «singing workers». Except that the characters in his songs was a seasonal worker, the striker, soldier and boxer, Montand, and he worked as a blacksmith.

    Yves Montand
    Future star chanson | tһe100.Gee

    During this period, final 1940s singer met the musicians with whom will be associated all his further creative biography. This pianist Bob Castella and guitarist Henri crolla. Soon Yves Montand met with poets, songwriters Francis Lemark, and Jacques Prevert. After some time, their joint creativity will blossom.

    In 1944 Yves Montand was called up for alternative service – the so-called «youth building». In the same year he met the legendary Edith Piaf. She was a rising star of the French scene. The couple met in «Moulin Rouge», where both played in the same concert.

    Ia Montand and Edith Piaf
    Ia Montand and Edith Piaf | Liveinternet.ru

    Between the 23-year-old Yves and 29-year-old Piaf affair broke out, which lasted 6 years. But it was not only love, but creative Union. She helped her beloved to find his style, wrote new songs, which became hits and, by and large, brought him on the scene. Over the years of their relationship, the singer formed his repertoire and became a professional. They often performed a duet. After the break, Yves Montand went to «free floating» is already a different person – a recognizable and Mature.

    His singing career from time to time alternates with work in the movies. But, it seems, the artist himself is equally in love with both classes: shooting interspersed with concert activity.

    The appearance in the film is a childhood dream and demeanor. And helped her to be too Edith Piaf. The singer made her debut in the film «Star without sky». Immediately after the first film was followed by a second – «Gates of night». In the third, «Idol», he appeared in a year.

    But if the first role for aspiring artist critics called immature, then the next it is difficult to criticize. Yves Montand is quickly gaining skill and offer to the audience new facets of talent.

    In the early 1950s singer much favored. He makes a great solo projects. At his concerts gather full houses. At the same time out of the picture «Lost Souvenirs», «Red tavern» and «Paris always sings!». All films are warmly accepted by critics and audiences.

    In 1953 Yves Montand pleased its fans with a new band called «wages of fear», which said in Cannes. Now Italian call took place a dramatic actor.

    In 1953 the singer triumphantly performs on stage of the theatre «étoile». For six months, he was able to give 200 concerts, each of which ended with a standing ovation.

    In the film «Make love» with Marilyn Monroe vorisliebkind.livejournal.com

    In the mid-1950s, Yves Montand tours a lot. He visited the USSR, where he was warmly received as a singer and actor. Then the artist went on tour to Eastern Europe and America, where he was also waiting for a stunning success. In the United States Verba called a sex symbol that pushed Hollywood Director George cukor to give him a role in the film «Make love» with Marilyn Monroe.

    Yves Montand
    In the movie «the Devil’s tail» | kino-teatr.ru

    In the late 1960s, acting takes precedence over performing activities. A Frenchman of Italian origin in the movies «War is over», «the Big prize», «live to live» and others.

    Every year in early 1990s, Yves Montand appears in the new film. Now its invite only eminent Directors. «Woman’s world», «the Red circle», «Cesar and Rosalie», «Savage», «the Light woman» and many other movies with star become events in the world of cinema.

    Personal life

    The handsome singer, as later admitted his brother was a real Italian macho. Personal life Yves Montand – a lot of novels with women. After the young lover put out the door Edith Piaf, Montand did not die from loneliness.

    Yves Montand and Simone Signoret
    Yves Montand and Simone Signoret | Liveinternet.ru

    In the summer of 1949 he met Simone Signoret, the famous French actress and beauty. At that time, Simon was married, but she was unable to resist the charm of a star. Woman left her husband and at the end of 1951 she married the singer.

    Their wedding took place on the French Riviera in the famous hotel «Golden pigeon». This beautiful pair did not descend from the covers of fashion magazines and was constantly in the press.

    Yves Montand and Marilyn Monroe
    An affair with Monroe | Jewish.ru

    But Yves Montand and Signoret Soums, unfortunately, was not a model of fidelity. In 1960, when the actor in Hollywood with Marilyn Monroe, he had an affair with a Hollywood diva. It is noteworthy that this whirlwind romance unfolded in front of his wife, who was also present at the shoot.

    It seems that at some point the Italian was willing to stay with star in the US, but considering their chances of a career in Hollywood, returned to France with his wife.

    Yves Montand and Simone Signoret
    Yves Montand and Simone Signoret | Liveinternet.ru

    Simone died in 1985. A year later, the actor and singer had a fling with his Secretary Carol Amiel. The woman gave birth to their only son Valentin. But it seems he is not happy with its appearance. At first he stubbornly refused the child, saying that it was not his son. But following the negative reaction of the public and the press forced the star to change his mind: I’ve become a «loving father.»

    Yves Montand with his son
    Son Yves Montand — Valentine’s mother Carol Amiel | socteil.blogspot.com

    A late fall 1997, 6 years after the death of a star, the actress Anne-Gilberte of Dresser said that her daughter Aurora – child of Montana. The court had ordered the exhumation and DNA analysis. As it turned out, Aurora was the daughter of the singer.


    Yves Montand died November 9, 1991. During the filming of his latest picture «IP5: the Island of pachyderms» several times he came in an icy lake. Further inflammation of the lungs brought the artist to the grave.

    It is noteworthy that the film is about an old man who died of a heart attack. The role of the old went to Montana. He repeated the fate of his character: he died from a heart attack caused by pneumonia.

    The grave of Yves Montand and Simone Signoret
    The tomb of Montana and Signoret | Liveinternet.ru

    The artist was buried beside his wife Simone on the famous cemetery Père Lachaise, where long rested his first love, Edith Piaf.


    • «Star without sky»
    • «Lost Souvenirs»
    • «Red tavern»
    • «Paris always sings!»
    • «Wages of fear»
    • «Cesar and Rosalie»
    • «Savage»
    • «Superplot»
    • «Light women»
    • «IP5: the Island of pachyderms»


    Yves Montand

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