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  • Name: Yevhen Tkachuk ( Evgenii Tkachuk )
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Ashgabat
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actor, film Director and screenwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Yevgeny Tkachuk biography

    A favorite of the audience «

  • Mishka Yaponchik», and in the world of the young and talented artist Evgeny Tkachuk was born July 23, 1984 in Ashgabat, the son of actor Valery Tkachuk. Childhood Eugene went behind the scenes. In seven years he went on stage and played a cameo role. When the boy was ten years old, the family moved to Syzran, Samara region. Father began working in the drama theatre Alexei Tolstoy, and his son organized a children’s musical theatre. In high school Yevgeny Tkachuk took over the leadership of the drama circle at school. The working schedule Eugene was Packed to overflowing with rehearsals and performances. It often happened that for lessons there. But the drama of Eugene already started earning their first money.

    In 2002 Yevgeny Tkachuk graduated from Russian Academy of theatre arts (GITIS) in acting Department of directing Department. Studied in the course of Oleg Kudryashov. Be different and show off your directorial ability Jack could already in the first year. In the courtyard of the Institute, he showed an excerpt from the play, which was involved in the entire course. The student was transferred to a group of future filmmakers, but soon after bullying he was transferred back. But the Director’s ambitions Tkachuk left.

    After training, Tkachuk worked in the Moscow theater for young audiences, collaborated with the workshop of Oleg Kudryashov, theatre «Practice» and «Shalom», but his main work is on the stage of the State Theatre of Nations.

    Yevgeny Tkachuk: theatre

    Even while studying in the fourth year of the University Yevgeny Tkachuk was invited to play Hippolyta in the play «Fedra. Golden spike» of Andrey Zholdak. This job brought Eugene the prize of the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets» in the nomination «Best debut».

    The issue of course of Oleg Kudryashov 2006, in which one of the most brilliant actors was Yevgeny Tkachuk, memorable theatrical Moscow several diploma performances included in the repertoire of professional theatres. One of them – «Snegiri» on the play by Nina Sadur «Suicide» — it was at the theater of Nations.

    But «calling card» Eugene Tkachuk at that stage was the play «Swedish match» based on stories by Chekhov. He goes to the Theatre of Nations in its sixth year, with invariable success.

    One of the graduation performance «the Nose» found its home on the small stage of the Moscow youth theater. Here Tkachuk, instantly turning from the servants of Ivan to quarterly, quarterly to Nose, Nose to officials, demonstrates all facets of his comic gift.

    One of the last theatrical works of Eugene – the role of cadet Nicholas in the project of Victor Pelevin’s «the Crystal world». The performance is in the Theatrical center on Strastnoy Boulevard and is a great success.

    Evgeniy Tkachuk movies

    Serious debut work of Eugene Tkachuk in cinema was the role of a soldier of the military drama of Alexander Sokurov, «Alexander.» The actor then played Dmitry Pavlov in the drama «Hello, kinder!», Kohl in the social drama «White canvas», and in 2009 she performed the main role in the military drama Director Valentine Donskova «Detachments».

    Acting in a movie, Jack did not forget about his main passion – directing. In 2010 for the TV show «Detachments» Eugene Tkachuk, together with his colleagues took a three-minute video «the Prayer». This short film has collected a total of twelve awards at various festivals. Two years later, Tkachuk not only played brilliantly in the series.»

  • The devils» directed by Vladimir Hotinenko, but also acted as a script writer and film producer. In 2011, the creative biography of Eugene Tkachuk enriched truly a «Golden page: the actor who played the legendary gangster in the TV series «
  • The life and adventures of Teddy jap», woke up famous. On the accent, she worked a native of Odessa, a former teacher Shchukin school that prepared artists for the filming of the series «Liquidation». In casting the role of a jap» was attended by more than 100 actors. Yevgeny Tkachuk originally auditioned for the way of Majorica. But in the end of Majorica played a classmate of Eugene Alexey Filimonov, and Tkachuk had become legendary Odessa king of thieves and robbers. And the transformation it was more than successful.

    This work was followed by other, and in a completely different role. So, in 2013, Evgeniy Tkachuk starred in Arthouse picture «

  • Winter journey in the role of the marginal bone. In a format the movie can earn a lot of money and popularity, but the actor himself such work loves. Critics praised the film at the film festival «Window to Europe» Eugene was awarded a Special jury prize «For best actor».

    Yevgeny Tkachuk: personal life

    After starring in the series about Mishka Yaponchik Wife Tkachuk had to change the mobile phone number. The popularity was incredible proportions, fans literally besieged artist, projecting on him the image of a charming Odessa bandit.

    But the personal life of Eugene Tkachuk, nevertheless, not full novels and scandals. Moreover, it is completely closed from the press. The artist never says a word on the subject. It is not even known if he is married. Some sources associate Eugene Tkachuk with a former classmate and actress, a graduate of the GITIS

  • By Elena Labutina, but confirmation of this is not.

    Yevgeny Tkachuk: filmography

    • Alexander
    • Moscow Saga
    • White canvas
    • Hi, Kinder!
    • Detachments. Solo in a minefield
    • Stranger
    • The life and adventures of Teddy jap
    • Winter path
    • The devils
    • Quiet Flows The Don

    Yevgeny Tkachuk: photo

    Yevgeny Tkachuk in the role of Teddy jap

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