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  • Name: Yevgeny Primakov ( Yevgeniy Primakov )
  • Date of birth: October 29, 1929.
  • Age: 85 years
  • Date of death: June 26, 2015.
  • Place of birth: Kiev, USSR
  • Activity: politician and statesman, economist, former Minister, former Prime Minister of Russia
  • Marital status: was married to Irina Primakova

    Yevgeny Primakov: a biography

    Yevgeny Primakov – known Russian statesman and politician, scientist-orientalist, economist, has made immeasurable contributions to economic, political and scientific industry of the Russian Federation. From 1991 to 1996 he headed the foreign intelligence Service of Russia, from 1996 to 1998 he held the position of Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, in 1998-99 was the Chairman of the Russian Government. Over the next ten years from 2001 to 2011 he was President of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

    Born Yevgeny Primakov 29 October 1929 in Kiev, but after three months after birth along with his mother, Anna Yakovlevna, Kirshenblatt became a victim of Stalinist repression, in connection with which they had to leave his hometown to move to Tbilisi to stay with relatives. His father, the young Eugene had never seen anything about it and didn’t brought up a single mother who lived only for his son. It is known that the mother of the future Prime Minister of the Russian Federation was a professional obstetrician-gynecologist and his entire life was devoted to this profession.

    Childhood Primakov was held in the 14-meter communal flat without basic amenities, but the boy was always fed and clothed, despite the difficult wartime mother worked two jobs to provide her with everything necessary. Due to full employment of the mother the young Jack was left to himself all day walking on the street with the guys, but this did not prevent him in the future to achieve enormous heights on the political horizon of modern Russia and become a worthy citizen of his country.

    Finished 7 classes of secondary school, the future head of the Russian foreign Ministry decided to enroll in the naval preparatory school in Baku but after the two courses he was expelled from the ranks of the cadets for health reasons – and then Primakov was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. In this regard, the guy had to go back for a school Desk to receive a full secondary education. Thanks to the tireless efforts and care of the mother of Eugene was able to overcome a terrible disease. In 1948, the young man successfully graduated from the male school No. 14 in Tbilisi. In view of the fact that there was a good and diligent student in the school could «no pull» to enter the prestigious Moscow Institute of Oriental studies.

    After graduation, Yevgeny Primakov has continued his education and in 1956 graduated from the economic faculty of the graduate school of Moscow state University. In 1959 he defended his thesis and became a candidate of economic Sciences.

    Yevgeny Primakov: career

    Yevgeny Primakov’s career started in the Arabic version of the Main Directorate of broadcasting to foreign countries in which he went from an ordinary reporter to editor in chief. In journalism, the future Prime Minister worked until 1970, after which the biography of Primakov changed my direction towards science.

    Then Primakov took the post of Deputy Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations, and after 7 years he headed the Institute of Oriental studies, while being Professor at the Diplomatic Academy and academician-Secretary of the Department of Economics and Department of world economy and international relations.

    In 1989 on the horizon of a career Primakov appeared the first political star, and he quickly entered the global world politics. He was elected a member of the Politburo, and after a year he joined the Presidential Council, where he participated to solve many serious issues related to the development of dangerous events, situations, conflicts.

    After the 1991 coup, Yevgeny Primakov became Chairman of the Board of the foreign intelligence service first the USSR and then Russia, he held the position of first Deputy Chairman of the KGB of the USSR. In 1996 Primakov was appointed Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which brought him enormous success in the political arena. Then he was able to successfully negotiate with countries in the Middle East and to many unlinked loans in the amount of $ 3 billion, which was at the time very necessary for the country.

    In 1996 Primakov became Prime Minister under the current then President Boris Yeltsin. In this position, Primakov also clearly showed their professionalism, as its share has fallen a lot of receptions, meetings and negotiations with senior representatives of the European countries that are due to the illness of Yeltsin, he had carried out independently.

    In 2001, at the extraordinary Congress of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Primakov was elected as its President. Prior to 2011, Primakov remained unchanged by the Chairman of the RF CCI. In this field Primakov has channeled all of his vast experience and scientific potential. Thanks to the tremendous achievement he was considered a world authority of the state and public figure, contributes to the implementation of major programs of Federal importance.

    In 2008, former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation became part of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of education. Primakov is one of the leading Russian Orientalists, a major scientist in the field of international relations, foreign policy and economy of Russia.

    Yevgeny Primakov: personal life

    Personal life Yevgeny Primakov, like his career, has twists and turns and unpleasant events. He was married twice, has a daughter, two granddaughters and a grandson. His first wife was

  • Laura charadze, the adopted daughter of the General of the NKVD. Her Primakov married in 1951, while still a student, a graduate student. With his first wife of a famous politician lived for 36 happy years, but in 1987, Primakov became a widower. From the first marriage of Mr Primakov had a son Alexander, who died suddenly at a young age from a heart attack, and daughter Nan. From the son of Primakov was the only grandson Yevgeny, who works under the pseudonym Sandro (in honor of his father), a correspondent of the First channel, and the daughter gave policy two adorable granddaughters. 7 years after the death of his first wife a politician’s heart again opened to love, and he married a second time on your treating doctor
  • Irina Borisovna, which side-by-side was in a difficult career path for the rest of their days. But politics and science, Primakov has clearly proven itself in the literature. He is the author of numerous articles and books on political and economic subjects. In addition, Primakov was fond of poetry and itself wrote verses.

    The Death Of Yevgeny Primakov

    26 Jun 2015 a brilliant politician Yevgeny Primakov passed away at the age of 85 years. According to media reports, former Russian foreign Minister has died from cancer. The entire Russian elite longs for a major political figure, who all his life was devoted to the development of society and economy of the Russian Federation.

    According to friends and associates of the former Prime Minister of Russia Primakov death «died the era of conscience, integrity and statehood in the new Russia». The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased politician who created history of the Russian Federation.

    According to leading academic and public figures of Russia all the criteria and objectives of the scientific work of Yevgeny Primakov will continue to be guideposts for the development of various industries of our state.

    Yevgeny Primakov: photo

    Yevgeny Primakov

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