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  • Name: Evgeny Morgunov ( Evgeniy Morgunov )
  • Date of birth: 27 April 1927
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: July 25, 1999
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Yevgeny Morgunov: biography

    Eugene Morgunova know in the face of every fan of the Soviet comedies, although a few of today’s youth interested in the name of the Former inseparable from gaydaevskih Trinity. Unfortunately, because of the ridiculous quarrel with the Director Evgeny jeopardized his career and so do not become known to other images, but the perp in the famous Comedy about the adventures of Shurik. Morgunov was a straightforward man, a lover of jokes and pranks. In particular, actor periodically used his talent for impersonating the officer, in consequence of which were free to the event, dined in the restaurants, etc.

    Yevgeny Morgunov was born in Moscow. The childhood of young Morgunova was calm. The boy was playing in the Amateur, fond of domestic football and a lot of time spent with friends. Adolescence came at the beginning of the great Patriotic war, which almost immediately sent him father. Soon Alexander Morgunov died. To help the mother, the teenager from 14 years working in a munitions factory, where he was engaged in heavy labour. Artist 12 hours in a row opticial of blanks for shells. For this selfless work, the young man soon got a diploma, however, until the end of his days Evgeny didn’t think I did anything special.

    At the same time, young Morgunov became interested in film. The guy spent all the free money morning movies, often sacrificing school. He soon came up with the idea of becoming an actor. In addition to participating in the initiative, he managed to appear in the crowd at the «Mosfilm», and then I wanted to turn to acting his life. In the process of implementation of this idea there was an unexpected obstacle, as the plant Manager resisted the desire of his employee and did not agree to let her go. Then a brave young man went radical and, no less, wrote with a request to Stalin himself. Two weeks later, the Director of the plant «Frazier» came the answer, in which he was ordered to send Morgunova in the Chamber theatre, where he became a pupil of the brilliant Director Alexander Tairov.

    About a year Morgunov worked in the theater, playing in the secondary and small roles. Gradually he realized that the lack of drama training him now not to even fill experience, and so he applied to VGIK, where he entered without much difficulty. The young man studied under the guidance of the famous Director Sergei Gerasimov.

    In high school, our relationships and met many talented boys who later became famous Soviet actors, in particular, with Sergey Bondarchuk and Nonna Mordyukova.

    Yevgeny Morgunov movies

    Young Evgeny Alexandrovich was distinguished by a striking, attractive appearance, was very photogenic. Sergei Gerasimov began to pick up among the students of the actors in his film «the Young guard», where invited and student Morgunova. Late famed actor recalled that in the minds of the audience, the traitor stakhovich so firmly associated by Morgunov, that one day after the premiere of the actor even tried to detain the street children, accusing the young man of a war crime.

    There were rumors that the role of Evgeny Stakhovich, the young man was to receive the Stalin prize, but in the end it was decided not to perpetuate the image of the traitor. Several years later revealed additional facts from the history of the organization «Young guard», as the film was decided to be brought into line with reality, many episodes with Morgunov was cut, and a traitor renamed.

    Oddly enough, the filmmakers have not noticed a charismatic young man. Morgunov did not lose heart and went to work in the Theatre-Studio of film actor, where he served until 1953. It is noteworthy that the artist from the work place several times tried to dismiss, alleging lack of acting talent. Perhaps it was in a serious character artist who loved to joke, despite the status, and also distinguished by the directness and sharpness in the words.

    From 1951 to 1953, Morgunov combined work in the Theater-Studio movie actor of the academic Maly theater, he starred in small roles at the Studio «Mosfilm», but neither on stage nor in front of the cameras young actor did not trust serious images. In this mode, it took more than 10 years before a chance meeting at the Studio turned the life Morgunova.

    At the time, Leonid Gaidai was not the light bar in the Director’s career. Only if the new film failed at the box office, and frustrated Director went to the village. There he decided to film a small humorous poem of Stepan Oliynyk in the form of short films. For a trio of friends-alcoholics Gaidai quickly found actors Vitsin and Nikulin, but the third place was vacant. The Director has tried many actors, and none of them the Director was not impressed. The situation was saved by Ivan pyrev, Director of «Mosfilm», in a telephone call assured the Embassy that he had found a suitable candidate. By the time the handsome Morgunov had a few go bald and get fat, which, in combination with body structure and character made him a perfect candidate for the role of Experienced.

    Short film «Dog Mongrel and unusual cross» instantly glorified the Trinity. The picture was so successful that it was nominated for «Palme d’or» at the Cannes film festival in 1961. The cinema was sold out, people immediately fell in love with the comic anti-heroes. The second short film «Bootleggers», released in the same year, reinforced the glory of the Trinity.

    Actors in life became friends with each other, which could not impact positively on their teamwork. Once there was in General an unprecedented case: Eldar Ryazanov, Gaidai asked to «borrow» him the actors and the characters, but because in 1964 Coward, Bobby and Experienced appeared in the Comedy «Give the book of complaints» in small roles.

    Then there were 2 successful film with the Trinity, before the team had conflicts. At the end of the decade, the actors quarreled among themselves and since then practically did not communicate. However, the way the pack continued to inspire the workers of cinematic art, in particular, the legendary trio appeared in the cartoon «Bremen town musicians».

    At the same time, Morgunov had a fight with Leonid Gaidai, which ultimately put an end to the career of an actor in a big movie. It is unknown, contributed by Leonid Ionovich creative failures of the artist, or simply colleagues didn’t want to argue with the hotheaded Director, however, since the seventies, Eugene A. almost ceased to appear in noticeable roles.

    In 1980, the actor once again had the opportunity to appear before the public in well-traveled. Director Yuri Kushnerev the film is a crossover, where mixed multiple cinematic realities, Coward and Experienced, who work with «smooth operator» Bender and his permanent assistant by Vorobjaninova. But all attempts to bring back the glory Morgunova proved to be in vain.

    In the period from 1980 to 1990, the actor has shot less than a dozen movies. After perestroika things have not improved, the crisis in the country has hit the film industry. For Yevgeny Alexandrovich to the new reality of the place and was not found.

    Yevgeny Morgunov: personal life

    Evgeny Alexandrovich was married twice. His first wife was a ballerina Varvara Ryabtseva, who was older than her husband by 13 years. Their family life did not work.

    The second wife of the artist was a girl named Natalia. The couple were married in 1965, in marriage they had two sons, Anton and Nicholas. The younger Nicholas was killed in a traffic accident a year before his father’s death.

    Yevgeny Morgunov: death

    After his career, the actor is worried about his lack of demand. Despite diabetes, Yevgeny Morgunov abused alcohol. The artist has had two heart attacks and a stroke. Relatives said that the death of the younger son is very shaken the already weak health Morgunova.

    Eugene A. died 25 June 1999 in the Moscow hospital after a second stroke. Father and son Morgunova buried at Kuntsevo cemetery.

    Yevgeny Morgunov: filmography

    • At 6 PM after the war
    • It was in the Donbass
    • Secret mission
    • Brave people
    • Give the book of complaints
    • Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures
    • Three fat men
    • Sea stories
    • Grandmother in TWAIN said…
    • Brave guys

    Yevgeny Morgunov: photo

    Yevgeny Morgunov

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