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  • Name: Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev ( Yevgeny Leonov )
  • Date of birth: 24 January 1952
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Activities: actor, film Director, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev: biography

    Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev — actor and film Director, for his services he received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Movie fans know his famous painting «waves of the Black sea», «Sibiriada» and «the meeting Place cannot be changed».

    Eugene was born in Vilnius, but the hometown was St. Petersburg, where the young man traveled to the Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. There he studied with honoured pedagogues Vasily Merkuriev and Irina Meyerhold. Also in Leningrad, Yevgeny got first job at the film Studio «Lenfilm».

    By the way, the real name of the artist Leonov, without the second part. After shooting a few pictures, he joined his mother’s maiden name to distinguish it from another famous actor of those years — Yevgeny Leonov, star of the Comedy «Striped flight» and «Gentlemen of fortune».

    Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev in addition to acting is also involved in dubbing of foreign films. In addition, she is active in community activities and since 1999 head of the screen actors Guild of the Northern capital as President.


    The popularity of Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev brought the first work is a children’s film «Turn on the Northern lights». He then starred in the social drama «Docker» and war movie «Front without flanks».

    The huge success of the adventure series «waves of the Black sea», in which the actor first appeared under the pseudonym Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev. Other paintings at the initial stage of his career are highlighted historical and biographical drama «Born revolution», a film about the civil war, «Hatred», a film-poem «Sibiriada» and the family melodrama «Adult son», which became one of the first experiences of Director Alexander Pankratov-Black.

    It happens in the lives of the artists, such a strange situation: I play a lot of the main roles, and the business card becomes a small episode. That’s what happened with Eugene Leonov, Gladysheva for which character washi Vekshina, who was killed by bandits on the bench, has become very important. And the very crime film «the meeting Place cannot be changed» Eugene B. highlights in his filmography.

    Director Stanislav Govorukhin was first invited Evgeny to the main role of Volodya Sharapov, but his candidacy was not approved the Council, which insisted on the participation of Vladimir Konkin. But the Director did not want just to let Leonov-Gladyshev and gave him a small episode, which is using the ideas of Vladimir Vysotsky became very effective.

    In subsequent years, the actor starred more and more. It is worth noting the political picture «the Fall of the Condor», a lyrical Comedy «simul», a film about friendship «Young people», a melodrama, «the Lights» detective «Diamonds of the Shah» and Comedy «don’t want to marry.» Also Leonov-Gladyshev starred in many war films, which stand out clearly «On the pass does not shoot!» and «to Award (posthumously)».

    In the 21st century increased again the interest in the actor after he participated in all seasons of the crime series «deadly force». Leonov also appeared in a Patriotic drama «the Chieftain», the Comedy «peculiarities of national bus», the spy movie «the Legend of ol» and the melodrama «Family home».

    The Director’s work

    The first time Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev tried his hand at directing in 1992. He made the social drama «a measure», which reflected on the human condition, is sentenced to death. This film won the prize for best directorial debut at the film adaptation of «Literature and cinema».

    He later created the drama «House of Hope», which took Anna Samohina and Dmitry Nagiyev. But after meeting with the famous designer of small guns Mikhail Kalashnikov was released about him in the biographical film «I have the Honor».

    His creative activities include four episodes from the 12th season crime detective «Streets of the broken lanterns».

    Personal life

    First wife of Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev was his colleague — actress Lyudmila Firsova, who starred with him in several films. Its most visible role in the military drama «Forget the word «death.» Evgeniy and Lyudmila have lived together for a quarter of a century. They had a son, with whom the actor keeps close communication after a divorce with his wife.

    Late Eugene B. met another woman, Tatyana. He went to a business meeting in the office of a businessman and met his new love, which worked in this company as chief accountant. Since then, Eugene and Tatiana do not leave. Second wife Leonov-Gladyshev literally loves and believes he was very lucky to meet in life man.

    Children together with Tatiana Yes, Yes, but often visits her daughter from her first marriage, which, like the stepfather, is also engaged in creative activities. The girl is a professional ballerina.


    • 1975 — waves of the Black sea
    • 1978 — Sibiriada
    • 1979 — Grown son
    • 1979 — the meeting Place cannot be changed
    • 1983 — On the pass does not shoot!
    • 1986 — Award (posthumously)
    • 1993 — don’t want to get married!
    • 2000-2005 — Lethal force
    • 2006 — Ataman
    • 2010 — Family house
    • 2015 — Leningrad 46


    Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev

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