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  • Name: Yelizaveta Lotova ( Elizaveta Lotova )
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1985
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elizabeth lotova : biography

    The audience remembered the red-haired actress Elizabeth lotova after the release of the military series «Scout» and youth drama «Plato».

    Lisa – Muscovite. She was born in January 1985. In her family no one is associated with the world of theatre or cinema. And the girl has not dreamed of becoming an actress. In jest or in earnest, in an interview, she said that in his youth wanted to become a plastic surgeon.

    Artistry girls parents noticed very early. At 5 years old Elizabeth began to learn to play the piano. Later she perfectly recited poems and did not hesitate to be the center of attention. When lot’s older, it became clear to him that a born actress. Lisa sang beautifully and played the piano, often appeared on the school stage. To all listed, she had an outstanding appearance and perfect figure.

    None of the friends and relatives were not surprised when, after graduation, Elizabeth lotova went to enter the theater Institute. In 2003, Muscovite from the first attempt arrived in School-Studio of MKHAT. On the course the wonderful teachers and artists-Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikina she studied until 2007.


    After graduation, aspiring actress came to the Moscow drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, where he was enrolled in the youth troupe «SMART».

    Elizabeth lotova made his stage debut in the play «Madame Bovary,» where he played up. Then there was «Nights of Cabiria» and «Tambourine of the upper world». In the latest production by the novel of Victor Pelevin actress has played just two heroines – Tyme and Faith. Lisa’s skill grew. She began to trust the diverse and serious role.

    Theatergoers remember Elizabeth lotova for her brilliant performance in «Office», «Turandot», «Much ADO about nothing» and «the Kreutzer Sonata». The actress was distinguished by consummate art of transformation and deep insight into the character of his heroines. Her Yvonne in «Ladies tailor» and » Kappa «Scarlet flower» finally convinced theatergoers and critics in the fact that they face a talented and Mature actress who is equally organic in all genres.


    A cinematic biography of Elizabeth lot’s began when she was a student of the 4th course of the school-Studio MXAT. Lisa made her debut in the small role of Katie in the Comedy series «Who’s the boss». The series was released in 2006.

    Later lot’s were involved in rating the projects, «Law & order: operative investigations unit» and the 4th season of «the Turkish March».

    But the real breakthrough came only in 2008, when Elizabeth lotova starred once in 3 big projects: «Where do babies come from», «I’ll be back» and «Plato». But the most famous artist brought youth dramatic film «Platon», where she starred in the title role with Paul Will. From this point the famous Moscow actress with soulful eyes become widely known and popular. Directors shoot her often, and offer roles in different genres. Lot’s looks in a dramatic way, and in a Comedy.

    Series «Reflections», «Semin», «Russian chocolate» and «SBM» are only a small part of the last tape, which fans saw their favorite artist. But today one of the most serious and memorable roles Lisa is lot’s war drama «Scout». This 12-part project by Felix Gerchikov was released in 2013 and brought the artist deserved fame.

    In the same year Elizabeth started acting in the popular youth series «Loves me-loves me not». The project scored high viewer ratings, and the following year was made a 2nd season.

    Recently, Yelizaveta lotova pleased the audience with a great new project, starring in the title role. Premiere «Lie» by Andrei Vereshchagin was held in April 2016. In this fascinating detective tape Lisa played along with her best friend Anastasia Panina. It is noteworthy that the actress and the screen played best friends.

    Personal life

    The actress does not like questions about his personal, including their invasion of its enclosed area. She talks about the roles played and future plans, but does not answer the bold questions.

    It is known that personal life Elizabeth lot’s is her little family consisting of herself and little daughter Vasilisa. About the girl’s father, Lisa says.

    The artist is a lot of Hobbies. She writes music, likes to go wakeboarding and sometimes knits. And together with Vasilisa she loves to walk their dog Tyson. Approval of Lisa, he knows how to say the word «mom» and sings.

    My Muse, Elizabeth lotova calls daughter. Says Vasilisa it not only inspires, but does not relax.


    • «Who’s the boss»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Where are the children»
    • «I will return»
    • «Plato»
    • «Flare»
    • «Russian chocolate»
    • «Scout»
    • «Likes, dislikes»
    • «A white lie»


    Elizabeth Lotova

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