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  • Name: Elena Koreneva ( Elena Koreneva )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1953.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, writer, film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Yelena Koreneva: biography

    Yelena Koreneva — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, which also could be realized as a Director, writer and even writer. Fans of Russian cinema know Korenevo for such films as «the very Munchausen», «the Courtship of the hussar», «the Pokrovskie gate» and «blood Sisters».

    She was born in Moscow in a creative family of famous people. Elena’s father, Alexey Korenev, was the Director who made the Soviet box office hits «You is Taimyr», «Big change» and «family circumstances». Mother Natalia Konstantinova started out as an actress and later worked as an assistant Director and worked including over the Comedy «Irony of fate or With light steam!» and «the Pokrovskie gate».

    Young Yelena Koreneva with Natalia Andreevna
    Young Yelena Koreneva with Natalia Andreyevna | the Blog of Stanislav Sadalsky

    Chose a creative path and all three daughters Root. The eldest, Maria, became a painter, and younger Alexander – pianist. But Elena since the childhood dreamt of a scene, however, as a ballerina. But, despite all the efforts, the girl in the ballet school didn’t, and she started to study at comprehensive school with profound studying of English language.

    After school Koreneva becomes a student of the Higher theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, and then the troupe of theatre of Galina Volchek, the «Sovremennik». Later, the actress played the scene of the Moscow drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya, theater named after Konstantin Stanislavsky and even in the Australian theater of Petra.

    Yelena Koreneva in his youth
    Yelena Koreneva at the youth | Kinodir

    In 1982, Elena immigrated to the US. There she held several University courses on various programs, learned French and improved the English. Had star of the Soviet cinema to work as a waitress in several restaurants, and this was done not because of financial difficulties, and struggle with depression, which Koreneva and decided to leave the country.

    In Russia she returned in 1993, has become a lot to act in films, play productions, and write books. Also Elena graduated from the Higher directing courses and directed several short films on his own scripts, including «Chopin’s Nocturne» and «Lucy and David».


    In the movie, Yelena Koreneva debuted at age 16 in a Comedy of his father, «You is Taimyr». Already a student, she starred in the melodrama «sentimental novel», the musical «romance of the lovers» and the film adaptation of the novel by Ivan Turgenev «Asya». After these works the actress was not only recognized, but also beloved by Soviet audiences.

    Elena Korenev in movie
    Yelena Koreneva in the film «That Munchhausen» | Movie-Theater

    I have to Root came through the TV series «Sibiriada», the musical Comedy «Courting hussars» and philosophical and humorous film «That Munchhausen».

    Not less striking works are the drama «the Perfect man» with Lyudmila Gurchenko and Yuri Yakovlev, the social Comedy «Pokrovsk gate» with Oleg Menshikov and Leonid Armor, detective «Inspector Losev». In exile, Elena also appeared in films, for example, in the drama «Maria’s lovers» with Nastassja Kinski and the criminal Comedy «Homer and Eddie» with Whoopi Goldberg.

    Elena Korenev in movie
    Yelena Koreneva in the film «Leningrad 46» | Movie-Theater

    After returning home Koreneva again became a very popular actress. Many are invited to the twenty-first century in various TV shows. Clearly stand family action-drama «blood Sisters» and the Thriller «Dead. Alive. Dangerous.» Of the most notable recent role is called Nina Transfiguration in the crime film «Leningrad 46» and Tamara Vasilievna in the domestic history of a «Weak woman.»

    Personal life

    On the set of the musical melodrama «romance of the lovers» Yelena Koreneva met with Director Andrei Konchalovsky. Between them broke out feeling, and began an office romance which lasted about three years.

    And in early 1982, the actress came to visit with his friends Alexander Abdulov and Leonid Yarmolnik to the familiar foreigner and there met her future husband. Her lover became an American citizen Kevin moss, teacher of Russian language and specialist in Slavic studies and Slavic folklore. After a couple of months Kevin had proposed to her, and in September the couple went to America.

    Elena Koreneva and her husband Kevin moss
    Elena Koreneva and her husband Kevin moss

    In a foreign country Elena felt normal, she began to undergo depression, which at home began due to pressure from the secret services and some internal rejection of theatrical activity. But marriage with Kevin was not reliable and long-lasting. Due to certain circumstances that some media to explain the possible bisexuality of her husband’s Root, they broke up. The actress even spent several years in new York, and then returned to Moscow.

    At home, fate brought Elena with ‘ childhood friend, actor Andrew Laskovym. At that time he was married to Elena Skorohodova, but when the marriage is cracking Koreneva and Tashkov began to live in a civil Union. The actors were together for about five years but subsequently, while maintaining friendly relations, had left and began to live separate lives.

    Elena Koreneva and Andrei Tashkov
    Elena Koreneva and Andrei Tashkov | I’m a woman

    Yelena Koreneva is the author of three autobiographical books, which, with its humor and unusual perspective on many things and tells about the past years. It is also worth noting that the actress is an active campaigner for human rights, participates in the opposition and anti-war rallies. She advocated for the release of lawyer Svetlana Bakhmina, the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, the businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, member of the musical group «Pussy Riot», supported Alexei Navalny, when he ran for mayor of Moscow.


    • 1974 Romance for lovers
    • 1976 — the sentimental novel
    • In 1979 Courtship Gusar
    • 1979 — Munchhausen
    • 1980 — an Ideal husband
    • 1982 — Pokrovskie Vorota
    • 1989 — Comedy about Lysistrata
    • 2003 — Russian Amazons-2
    • 2006 — blood Sisters
    • 2006 — Dead. Alive. Threat


    • 2001 — Idiot
    • 2004 — Not-Lenka
    • 2009 — Creatures of creativity


    Yelena Koreneva

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