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  • Name: Ekaterina Varnava ( Ekaterina Varnava )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: Actress, choreographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Catherine Barnabas: biography

    Vivid and memorable image of Catherine Barnabas for the first time won the hearts of audience on the stage of Club Cheerful and Resourceful. Tall slender brunette with perfect plasticity and bold jokes — character, unusual in a Comedy show. Barnabas skillfully played all the cards, which she was endowed by nature, and the world of stand-up comedy got its new star.

    Ekaterina was born in Moscow. Almost immediately, her family moved to Germany, where his father was sent. The first seven years of the girls have been abroad, he grew up surrounded by his older brothers, Igor and Alexei. When in 1991, Barnabas returned to Moscow and went to school, suddenly became a pariah. The reason was the foreign outfits and colorful toys little schoolgirl: in the Soviet Union was the era of deficit and classmates decided that Katya showing off in front of them. Ekaterina with great difficulty he managed to join the team, today she recalls this period with mixed feelings. On the one hand, she had to hone his sense of humor, which ultimately came in handy for actress for a successful career, on the other hand, all this was given her very difficult.

    From an early age, the girl was engaged in ballroom dancing. Kate was just in love with this sport, and the confident strides testified that Barnabas waiting for the bright future of dance. However, their expectations did not come true: at first, the girl rapidly ahead in growth of all its partners, and then when the issue with the relevant partner seems to be decided, fourteen-year-old Kate at the training received a serious injury. From the fall there was a shift of the vertebrae, and the sport could be forgotten. The artist was very upset by this attack, and now, she admits, unable to look at competitions in ballroom dance, where now are only her friends.

    But the thirst for art and creative expression was too strong to abandon all ambition. After school Barnabas delivers the documents to the Moscow state University of culture. Alas, the girl failed to pass a competition and she decides to go to law school. But lawyer Catherine to work so didn’t have to.

    Yekaterina Varnava: KVN

    While studying at the Institute Katia takes an active part in the student KVN. The first team Barnabas began

  • «Secrets», and two years later she moves in the
  • «Team Of Small Nations».

    The first deletebot artist in the team of KVN was held in 2004, where she performed as a guest player Music competition quarter finals of the Premier League.

    The following year, Barnabas included in the permanent membership «of the national Team of Small Nations», which soon gets a chance to play in the Highest League of KVN. The team fails in the first game and falling apart. Apart also and «secrets».

    Catherine Barnabas: «Comedy Woman» and TV

    The completion of a career in the WHC opened before the young actress to new horizons. Its the kind of a character the producers liked, and soon Catherine was invited on an unusual role: Barnabas was to become the sex symbol of the new Comedy shows

  • «Comedy Woman». Despite the fact that the name of the project resonated with the well-known «Comedy Club», the producers of the show did not set out to make another clone of the popular project. Says the chief Director of the project Dmitry Yefimovich, for a project consistent with more pop-style than classical stand-up. In «Comedy Woman» actress made use of her dancing the past: Barnabas, among other things, is the choreographer of the TV show. Catherine considers his mission to prove that the weaker sex have a sense of humor equally with male comedians.

    In the fall of 2012, Catherine debuts as a TV presenter: she begins to lead a morning show «NTV in the morning». Then, two years later, our heroine replaces the blonde Olga Freimut posts leading Ukrainian humor TV show

  • «Who’s on top». Partner artist becomes Andriy Prytula. Barnabas first appeared on television, in feature films, playing a cameo role in the TV series «Univer». Then there was a popular Russian sitcom «Happy together» and «Deffchonki». About the same period, the actress starred in the romantic Comedy
  • «8 first dates». Of the latter film, which starred Catherine, we can note a cameo in the sitcom «I».

    Yekaterina Varnava: plastic surgery

    In 2010, Catherine has starred in a candid photoshoot for a glossy men’s magazine MAXIM. After Barnabas decided to consolidate made a splash and went under the surgeon’s knife. As can be seen by the difference between the old and new photos of Barnabas, before and after surgery, Catherine was followed by rhinoplasty, as well as increased lip volume.

    Opinions on the achieved effect was divided, although most agree that changes appearance went to the artist favor.

    Yekaterina Varnava: personal life

    As Kate herself says, her life was a long and painful relationship with a married man. Without mentioning his name, Catherine Barnabas admits that her personal life is at a certain point were like hell, and she was glad that he was able to break that final connection.

    In 2012, Catherine began an affair with a colleague on stand-APU Dmitry Khrustaleva. The pair met on the set of the TV show «Comedy Woman». The relationship lasted about two years, after which it became known that Barnabas and Khrustalev broke up.

    At the moment, according to media reports, Barnabas meets

  • Eugene Borodenko, dancer and actor, «Comedy Woman». Their relations can be traced to the romantic photos on social networks, which the couple literally showering their fans.

    Yekaterina Varnava: filmography

    • Univer
    • Happy together
    • 8 first dates
    • Deffchonki
    • Young grandfather
    • I

    Yekaterina Varnava: photo

    Katerina Barnabas

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