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  • Name: Tarabanov Yegor ( Egor Tarabasov )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: businessman
  • Marital status: not married

    Yegor Tarabanov: biography

    Yegor Tarasov, the son of businessman Dmitry Tarasova, was born in Moscow in 1993.

    He received his education in the prestigious University of England at Cass Business School. Now Greg lives and works in London. He has British citizenship.

    Tarabanov – the heir to the family business. His father owns a transport company «TRANS-Meridian», a construction firm and several shops in Moscow.


    Yegor Tarabanov lives not only on the funds allocated by the father, but owns a business. He founded the London Agency of real estate Home House Estates.

    He also holds a 3.8 percent stake in Moscow «ivy Bank».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Yegor Tarabarova was under close attention of journalists in 2015, when he met Lindsay Lohan. Hollywood actress older businessman for almost 7 years. They met in October 2015 at a party, Christmas met with parents Lohan, and New year’s flew together in Costa Rica.

    The father of the actress has repeatedly said that Yegor has a positive effect on his daughter with him, she really happy. Soon after meeting, the pair began to live together in an apartment that was rented and paid for Yegor Tarabanov.

    In April 2016, Lindsay and Yegor announced that they are engaged. Fingers Lohan appeared an emerald ring. However, in the summer, the actress told followers on social networks about the infidelity of his chosen. She accused Yegor in connection with a Russian woman Daria Posevkina.

    26 Jun 2016 paparazzi shot of Yegor, moves out of the apartment. The stories actress, Tarabanov has a difficult character. A quarrel ended in a result of the assault.

    After the divorce from Hollywood star of Tarabarov was spotted with model and designer, Anne of Epifantseva. Young people appeared on photo sharing in social networks, and also went along to rest in Greece.

    Yegor Tarabarov and Anna epifantseva | KP


    Yegor Tarabanov with Lindsay Lohan

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