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  • Name: Yegor Druzhinin ( Egor Druzhinin )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, actor, Director
  • Marital status: married to Veronika Itskovich

    Egor Druzhinin: biography

    Yegor Druzhinin — talented man, alone reached unprecedented heights in his profession, despite the well-known relative who could easily arrange his life. Future star choreography was born 12 March 1972 in the cultural capital of Russia-St. Petersburg. Father Vladislav Yuryevich was a popular choreographer, has put a lot of performances at the theater Komissarzhevskaya. He also ran a private Studio, the focus of which was a pantomime. It was like that with such a stellar father of the fate of Yegor called, and he had to continue the family business. But the boy differed from childhood rebellious and assertive character, and refused to dance, much to the puzzled head of the family.

    Instead, young Druzhinin dreamed of becoming a movie actor and all the forces sought to get on screens of cinemas. His aspirations were rewarded, and at eleven years old boy first appeared in the movie. Of course, my parents were pleased with the success of his son, but Vladislav Surkov continued to regret that Egor ruining his talent for dancing.

    After a successful debut in the movie no surprise that Druzhinin filed documents in the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography and was enrolled in the acting Department. At the same time, tired of the constant accusations of the father, a guy in spite of everything begins his studies at the ballet school. Eighteen years is pretty late for a dancer, which begin to train from a young age.

    The father is extremely skeptical about a new hobby son, at the time, he was able to get Yegor to classical dance, but in ballet that was a complete ignoramus. The future artist came to study thoroughly: he practiced every spare minute, outside the class visited the Studio of his father, memorizing the movement of jazz modernism. Mother trying to help her son, showed him tap to the PA in the subway. Egor showed himself a very capable student who easily caught up with the program and soon learned along with the kids my age that began to dance in childhood. Vladislav Yuryevich incredibly proud of the success of his son, his dream finally came true: the son family has mastered the profession of a choreographer.

    In 1994, Yegor Druzhinin has received a diploma of higher education in the specialty «Actor of drama and cinema». Realizing that dance is an international art that requires constant improvement and development of new techniques, the guy decided to go Home to the legendary Broadway, which combines the art of music, dance and acting. New York welcomed the young choreographer, but six years later, Egor is back in Saint Petersburg.

    Egor Druzhinin: movies

    It is not strange, in the movie, Yegor Druzhinin came thanks to his father, who wanted to make him a dancer. In 1981, a family friend mark sandrich came up with the idea to make a musical Comedy which was largely his autobiography. Once Vladislav Yuryevich whether in jest, whether tired of the eternal search for a friend, advised the Director to try for the role of Yegor. The boy came to audition, read a few lines and went to a children’s camp for the summer together with his friend Dmitry Barkov.

    Play Egor caught a Director and he went to the camp to offer young star to read the script of his movie. The boy was not taken aback and made a counter offer: to replica Vasya Petrov read his friend Dmitry. The Duo Egor and Dmitry Alenicheva so impressed that he did not hesitate, took both guys in that role.

    Because of the strict discipline at school Greg was not able to participate in voice acting your character, Petya Vasechkin got a voice is from another boy. That child’s name I do not remember any employees of the Studio, nor the crew, but there is a widespread belief that the hero Yegor speaks in the voice of one of the future concert «Ivanushki International» Igor Sorin.

    The film «

  • The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and improbable » was released in 1983 and almost immediately earned the love of the public. The children loved the painting is incredibly realistic and close to them in spirit of the main characters, and the parents just enjoyed a light, pleasant atmosphere of the tape. The success of the film allowed to film the sequel, «Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and improbable» that appeared in cinemas in a year. It was also quite warmly received by the audience. After two incredibly successful films Egor Druzhinin became the all-Union celebrity, having won the love of hundreds of thousands of children. He was out on the streets, asked for autographs and had sent many letters. Fame is not made of guy glory hogs, they put themselves above others. On the contrary, the young artist was trying to prove to his fans that he is pretty normal.

    For many years Egor moved away from the cinema, preferring the theatre and dancing. In 2004, he played the gang leader in the movie «Ali Baba and the forty thieves» and appeared in a small role in the famous Comedy series «Balzac age, or All men are bast…».

    Egor Druzhinin: choreography

    After graduation from the Institute of Yegor Druzhinin was waiting at the theatre. Graduate took the troupe of the Leningrad youth theatre, which, however, could not satisfy the queries of the actor: basically trusted him a minor role. And then Druzhinin made a very important decision, completely changed his fate: he went to the United States, where he intended to dance and choreography. First he was trained in one of the local studios where he noticed the head of the dance quintet Comedy club «Boater» and was invited to join. Artist several years was a member of «Boater», and then returned to Russia.

    At home, Egor was engaged in free creativity that is not limited by the scope of the theater. He took under his leadership of a talented dance troupe from the restaurant «Valhall» and engaged in the development of their performances, which have become the hallmark of the institution. The choreographer also worked with well-known figures of the Russian show business, filling their performances memorable dances, which together with the performance artist was a spectacular show.

    In 2002 Druzhinin has performed in the dance troupe in the Russian adaptation of the popular musical «Chicago.» The choreographer later also paid a lot of attention of the musical genre he had a hand in the creation of dances in «the Twelve chairs», «Cats», «Producers» and others.

    In 2004, he became the choreographer of the rooms in the musical show «Star Factory». His work so impressed the management of the project that they offered Greg to continue the cooperation for another two seasons.

    Egor Druzhinin: personal life

    1994 was a turning point not only in the career of Egor Druzhinin, but also in his personal life. After a few years of a romantic relationship he offered his hand and heart of a beautiful actress

  • Veronika Itskovich, which met with the choreographer at the Institute. Registering the marriage, Whitney went alone to conquer the United States, leaving his beloved wife at home. When the guy managed to establish a career and life in a distant country, he moved to her Veronica. In new York they lived four years, after which the actress found out about her pregnancy. Egor was firmly convinced that the child must be born in Russia, in which already he began to be bored by that time. Together with his family he returned to Saint Petersburg, where in one of the maternity hospitals came to light the girl, Alexandra. Soon the couple had two children Tikhon and Platon.

    Egor Druzhinin: filmography

    • The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and extraordinary
    • Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and extraordinary
    • Ali Baba and the forty thieves
    • Balzac age, or All men are bast…

    Egor Druzhinin: photo

    Yegor Druzhinin

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