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  • Name: Yaroslav Dronov ( Jaroslav Dronov )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Novomoskovsk
  • Activity: Singer, the soloist of group «Chas PIK», a participant in season 3 of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married

    Yaroslav Dronov: biography

    Singer, the soloist of group «Chas PIK», the participant of show «the Voice» season 3 Yaroslav Dronov was born 22 November 1991. Since the birth of Yaroslav Dronov was ordered to study music. The fact is that he was born into a musical family: his great-grandmother was the soloist in the Orenburg choir, father played on acoustic and electric guitar, and my mother always sang well. His family lived in the Tula region, town of Novomoskovsk, and now the musician is in no hurry to move out of the province. «Although I work and study in Moscow still consider it my home Novomoskovsk, where I still love to come, «admitted the singer.

    Yaroslav Dronov always wanted to be a singer. Since four years he performed in a children’s group «allsorts», where used to the stage and quickly gained popularity among his peers. After graduating from music school, he began to study for the head of the folk choir, and in 2011 tried to go to the famous Russian Academy of music Gnesin. The first attempt to do this failed, but a year later, the boy from Ukraine became a full-fledged student of the FRAMES. Now he is studying at the faculty of pop-jazz singing. «This year has not passed for me in vain, — says the musician. – I sang in the restaurant, which allowed us to rent an apartment«.

    For 8 years now, Yaroslav drones is the lead singer of the cover band «Rush Hour». Together with the musicians project successfully performed at corporate events and gives concerts in cities of Russia.

    Yaroslav drones in the project «factor a»

    Musical biography of Yaroslav Dronov has been enhanced with the participation in the project Red Sky. And in 2013, Yaroslav took part in the third season of the project «factor a».

    From the very first releases are among the participants of the show, rumors spread that Alla Pugacheva ranked Dronova in a list of their favorites. None of his performance have not passed by praise and criticism wise Diva. Bright and charismatic character of singer fell in love with Alla Borisovna.

    In the project «factor a», the drones were under the leadership of Roman Emelianov. In the end, Jaroslav not just made it to the final part of the competition, but took third place. Moreover, the nominal Star Alla Pugacheva’s» got to him. This was a great launching pad for the development of the career of the young singer.

    Personal life of Yaroslav Dronov

    Yaroslav Dronov married to a girl named Marina. Despite his young age, he had become the father of a wonderful daughter Barbara. «We met when I was 15 years old, — says Yaroslav. – And when I was 17, we were already living together«.

    Wife Dronova Marina, too, of the creative intelligentsia – she teaches at the Department of «Folk singing» in the music school. In 2014 the couple had a daughter Barbara. «Now I’m finally happy!» the musician said, becoming a daddy.

    Despite the fact that it is surrounded by a crowd of fans, Yaroslav drones always avoided «parties» and night festivities, and after the speeches, hurried home. «Frankly, in my life there is a place the whole four women! Who is it? Mother, grandmother, wife Marina and daughter Barbara! And they are always waiting for me, «shared the singer in an interview.

    Yaroslav drones in the show «the Voice»

    In September 2014 we launched a new, season 3 of the show «the Voice», which passed and Jaroslav drones. During the so-called «blind» listening to the artist turned two of the jury — Dima Bilan and Pelagia. Support group Yaroslav played his cover band «Rush Hour». But the parents and the wife never suspected a thing: «If they knew that I will participate in the audition, I’d be more worried and nervous more than I do«.

    Having the opportunity to choose, the musician decided to enter a team in the Pelagia and said that before the performance he needs to focus and be alone: «I can concentrate only when I am absolutely alone. Many creative people need solitude, and I am no exception. A couple of minutes alone and I’m ready to go on stage!«.

    At the stage of «fights» Jaroslav drones came on the scene against Zarif Norov with the song «Seven Nation Army» of the band «The White Stripes». The participants gave one hundred percent. Their «explosive» performance left no one indifferent: the audience quickly started up and applauded for a long time. Alexander B. singled Yaroslav and said the performance was «disgusting».

    Pelagia decided to leave Yaroslav. «He was better,» she said. Zarif had to leave the project. «Of course, I was very happy to learn that remain. At that moment, my emotions could be compared to the emotions after the victory in the war. It was a real struggle», — shared his impressions of the singer.

    During the quarterfinals Yaroslav drones came on the scene against the Krall and Anastasia glavatskih. This was the case when Pelagia decided to take a chance and not lost. In this live presentation by Yaroslav, it was all new. Drones made folk song «When I was young». Withritali and judges were captivated by the unusual vocals, flow and improvisation of the team member Pelagia.

    Yaroslav Dronov was quite different, in the end, the mentors agreed that «such a thing from him no one expected.» As a result of viewing the three performances of their wards Pelagia allocated votes as follows: Yaroslav Dronov has received from the mentor to 50% Ilya Kireev — 20%, and Anastasia glavatskih — 30%. Viewers supported the view Pelagia, sending the semi-finals of «the Voice» Yaroslav Dronov.

    Just step away from the final in the team Pelagia left two members — Yaroslav drones and Alice Ignatieff. They had to play the start in the decisive round. And again, Pelagia decided to submit Yaroslav in his new way. Drones sang a song Valeriy Kipelov «I’m here».

    Along with Alice and Jaroslav in the day appeared on the stage Garik Sukachev. As a support team Pelageya Garik asked the boys to perform together the song «Olga». This newly formed trio was the highlight of the evening.

    When counting the audience votes and percent of mentors found that Yaroslav drones were much ahead of 125.6%, compared to 74.4% of Ignatievo. The right to defend the honor of the team Pelagia in the final went to Yaroslav.

    Yaroslav drones in the show «the Voice» won the recognition of the fans before concerts, he was greeted with flowers, music forums and social networks are full of declarations of love, he is invited to other prestigious projects. What’s he a musician himself?

    He started his way in music from folk, believe in fruitful collaboration with Pelageya and in the future wants to work with max Fadeev, whom he considers an outstanding composer and arranger, and also a great producer.

    Yaroslav Dronov only 23 and his musical singing career is rapidly gaining momentum. I want to believe that the show «the Voice» will be another step up for a talented guy who wants only one thing: to please his family and his fans. I want to believe that all of his work.

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    Yaroslav Dronov

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