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  • Name: Yaroslav Degtyarev ( Yaroslav Degtyarev-Bumagina )
  • Date of birth: August 14, 2008
  • Age: 8 years
  • Place of birth: Gukovo, Rostov oblast
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Yaroslav Degtyarev: biography

    Yaroslav Degtyarev – a small party of the 3rd season of the vocal show «the Voice. Children», which won the audience and jury quite childish execution of complex compositions.

    Jas, as she is called by family and friends, was born and lives in the Rostov region, in the small mining town of Gukovo. When she was only 5 years old, she and her parents got into a car accident. The child had to learn to walk again – first with crutches, then independently. Her mother, Ales Bumagina, terribly worried that my daughter will develop complexes due to injuries and scars, but Yaroslav has already 5 years of age showed himself a real fighter and resilient optimist. Not only is she purposefully cope with the problems, but also encouraged the mother.

    To relieve psychological burden, daughter, Ales recorded Jan in the children’s vocal Studio «Inspiration», where a girl of 6 years became a leading soloist. Unusual for such a tender age, the tone of voice Degtyareva instantly distinguishes her from other children.

    As a singer Yasya Degtyarev dabbled in several music competitions in the city and in Rostov-on-don. When it was announced the casting of the 3rd season of the children’s version of the TV show «the Voice» and my mom decided to overcome fear and anxiety and apply.


    At the preliminary audition, the organizers have approved the selection of Yaroslava Degtyarova song «Cuckoo» from the repertoire of Viktor Tsoi. The song the girl had heard before the performance in the movie «Battle for Sevastopol» and she insisted to carry it. Unlike most other participants who were preparing their rooms for many weeks, Yasya sang with minimal training.

    The more complicated the task, 7-year-old singer that her in the blind auditions had to speak first. At first, she was excited for the debut of the song played in the wrong range, but then took himself in hand and by the second verse she sang so that made a splash, and Pelagia, what is included in the judicial three, even announced publicly that she had goosebumps from hearing voices, Yaroslava. And when the jury saw a small girl standing on the stage, their surprise knew no bounds. Another member of the jury, Dima Bilan, even went on stage to make sure that the youngest participant is almost two times lower.

    As Yaroslav returned two members of the jury of the three, she was able to choose her own mentor. With the childlike girl said that although Pelagia is very beautiful, but she chooses Dima Bilan as «still a child my mother put it to her songs, besides the best friend of the girls are very like him.

    Thus, Yaroslav Degtyarev became not only the first singer that came on stage «Voice. Children», but the first member of the team Bilan.

    After performing just one song «the Cuckoo» in a small Yasi already there were crowds of fans who hope that it will retain the sincerity and spontaneity of the singing, which won the hearts of audience of millions.

    Personal life

    Despite adult reasoning and severe trials that fell to the fate of this girl, Yaroslav is still open and cheerful child. With childlike naivety, she dreams of the fridge, which would make lemonade, and pony, which she drove to the beauty salon for horses.

    To ride a horse she, too, dreamed long ago, and through participation in the project «the Voice» was able to realize that desire. After a workout at the horse arena, Yasha realized that the equestrian sport is no less difficult than professional vocals. Now she wants to become a famous singer, and to buy a real horse.

    Although quickly grow girl is still not committed. She believes the child to be better, because children are not forced to do anything except lessons.


    Yaroslav Degtyarev

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