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  • Name: Yaroslav Boiko ( Boiko Yaroslav )
  • Date of birth: 14 may 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Ramune Hodogaya

    Yaroslav Boyko: biography

    Jaroslav Boyko — from Kiev. He was born may 14, 1970, in far from the art family. Mother raised the boy alone. Her grandmother helped Yaroslav – the major of engineering troops, and his uncle, a captain of the Navy. As in the Boyko family only had one boy, all hoping to see in the future a military man. But with the bearing and discipline Yaroslav went wrong with my childhood. To learn he didn’t like, so the evaluation has brought below average. Of all the things favorably allocated, except that physical education and mathematics. Often fought. Most of the time, Yaroslav Boyko drove the ball in the yard. So he «held» until the eighth grade, and with a sense of great relief left the school, going to a military school.

    The news that Slava was flunking Suvorov and not received, left the family in gloom. But not of a «hero». He took the documents to the admission Kyiv and metallurgical College, where he was received with open arms. And if the guy graduated from College, I would have become a technician-technologist of powder metallurgy. When Yaroslav finally realized this during practice on the third course, I immediately left the walls of the institution.

    Yaroslav still got into the ranks of the army – guy was called to serve in the army. When the service ended, we had to decide what to do next. But the Glory has not decided what he wants the most. Here occurred the meeting that may be called life-changing. Jaroslav suddenly met a school friend who was going to go to drama school. The girl was pretty scared and afraid, and Slava decided to support it. And at the same time to try to join. Did, unlike friend.

    Not to say that training was given to Yaroslav Boyko easily, and he was the best student. Most of the claims of the teachers fell for the bad pronunciation. The fact that the family Boyko was Russian. The school where the boy studied, too. While training in theatre was in Ukrainian. Smartly decided to not change the pronunciation, and the University. After the first year he went to Moscow and became a student of the School-Studio MXAT. Jaroslav got on the course to Alla Pokrovskaya. And then it turned out that he had problems again, the same with pronunciation. South Ukrainian accent – that’s what was required to fix teachers. We had to do something, because to go back to Kiev Yaroslav wasn’t going to. And the guy persistently engaged in scenic speech. Suddenly, he liked to learn, and in 1994, Yaroslav Boyko even won an award as one of the best students. However, the behavior of his limp. Oleg Tabakov, at that time rector of the Studio School, signing another order of dismissal smartly wondered how you can simultaneously be an idler and to receive awards for their excellent performance.

    Yaroslav Boyko movies

    Graduated from University Yaroslav Boyko in 1995, and was employed in «Snuff». At the time when a young artist came from the School-Studio of the Moscow art Theater, from the play, which was raised in the «Snuff box», went artist. Urgently looking for a replacement. Turned Up Jaroslav. But when this was reported by Tabakov, the first shouted, «No!», and then, thinking, demanded briskly. Then, the future artist had heard an ultimatum: stay in the theater just before the first trick.

    For twenty years, Yaroslav Boyko works in «Snuff».

    Popularity came to the artist from Ukraine after its appearance on the screen. Mostly it was a popular serial of the tape. The first notable was the series

  • The «fast». I must say that by and large the cinematic biography of Yaroslav Boyko started with it. «Ambulance» was shot in nine months and in Kazan. The challenge for the young artist proved to be difficult. Schedule Yaroslav at the time was this: a dozen speeches a month in the theater Tabakov. Skip does not. So, we had to do twenty journeys from Moscow to Kazan by train. But Yaroslav Boyko did it. «Fast» made the young actor famous. He is so reliably played from a doctor that many suspected he had a medical past. And very few people knew that he at the sight of needles and blood almost lost consciousness. He had a long fight with them to play in the film.

    The next popular band where there was Yaroslav Boyko, was the TV series «Your honor.» The actor has played in it one of the main roles. This time had to represent the Prosecutor unleashes the criminal puzzle. On the same site with Boyko filmed the actors with whom Yaroslav had worked in «Cadets» — Andrey Merzlikin, Pavel Maikov, Anna Tsukanov and others.

    Kiev artist has a favorite role. One of them in the picture

  • «The team». Yaroslav Boyko argues that the play was so interesting that even on weekends he went to the stadium and play ball. The film tells about a provincial football team, which came is a professional coach, turning yesterday’s wimps in the real team of winners. And Yaroslav Boyko was lucky enough to work with the famous film Director Sergei Solovyov. He invited the young actor to play the role of Vronsky in the film adaptation of the novel «Anna Karenina». The winter ball scene, where the hero of Yaroslav Boyko waltzes with Karenina, filmed in thirty-degree heat. Actors fainted. And yet Jaroslav happy that I was able to work with the Russian master of directing. He believes that the experience from the category of priceless.

    Yaroslav Boyko: personal life

    Personal life of Yaroslav Boyko fully developed. Now he has a wonderful family where the older son and daughter. Maxim was born on the first day of filming of «Kamenskaya», where he played dad. And the day of the birth of daughter Emilie coincided with the birthday of Oleg Tabakov. Oleg Pavlovich and became the godfather of the girl.

    The wife of Yaroslav – the Baltic choreographer and dancer Ramona Hodogaya. In family life was a very difficult period that threatens to tear. In 2002 Yaroslav Boyko was born the illegitimate son of Yang. His mother, a famous actress Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya. The romance between Yaroslav and Eugenia occurred during the filming of the film «Suspicion». Fortunately, the family managed to survive this difficult stage.

    Yaroslav Boyko: filmography

    • Two steps from heaven
    • Clean Monday
    • Kamenskaya. Death for death
    • In August, forty-fourth
    • Emergency
    • Cadets
    • Count Krestovsky
    • Anna Karenina
    • Mine
    • The military Prosecutor’s office

    Yaroslav Boyko: photo

    Yaroslav Boyko mom

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