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  • Name: Yanina Studilina ( Yanina Studilina )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Yanina Studilina: biography

    Yanina Sergeevna Studilina – Siberian. She was born in Omsk in 1985. The unusual name came up the granddaughter grandmother. The family Studiynyh no one associated with the world of theatre and cinema. Mother of Ioannina — doctor, father is doing business. Later at Ioannina has a little brother Gleb.

    Artistic talents began to show at Ioannina Studilina pretty early. Therefore, native girl brought in the Omsk music school with a theatrical bias, which Yanina graduated in 2000.

    The parents wanted the daughter received a «serious» profession. Obeying them Studilina, after school, becomes a student of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation. In his student years, Yanina has signed a contract with a modeling Agency. At the same time, she made her debut on television, appearing as the lead on Ru.TV.

    In 2009, the girl finished higher education and got a diploma of master of economic Sciences, which was very pleased Papa. But the girl irresistibly attracted to the theater and cinema, she dreamed about dry numbers and business projects, and roles. So Studilina received a second degree, choosing the Theatre Institute named Shchukin. Here she studied on the course, where teachers were Poglazov and Markin. In 2011, after graduating from high school, Janina went to new York and had an internship at the legendary theatre Institute Lee Strasberg.


    The debut of Ioannina Studilina on the silver screen took place when she was still in high school. Aspiring actress starred in many episodes. Among the first paintings – «Happy together», «provincial», «School No. 1» and many others. But recognizable actress Siberian is after the emergence of «Ranetki», which plays Pauline Zelenova.

    For «Ranetki» was the film «City of Temptation», in which Yanina got the part, had a further profound influence on her future career. As in «Ranetki» the girl portrayed the scheming and considered a Heartbreaker, cold and calculating. And so accustomed to the way that later in the interview many journalists had to explain that the on-screen role has nothing to do with this, Yanina, kind and helpful.

    2012 brought Studilina the role of Ania in the cinematographic «the White guard». The tape was assembled a truly stellar cast. In this project for the talented actress drew the attention of Fyodor Bondarchuk and Ioannina was offered the role of Mary in his movie «Stalingrad», released in 2013.

    In this tape Studilina worked on set with German actor Thomas Krechman, who enthusiastically noted the similarity of the actress Charlize Theron. After this star role on the actress draw the attention of more famous Directors who saw her in «Stalingrad» in a whole new light. With the premiere of the picture, the artist has traveled the world and has found its own niche in the Russian cinema.

    As expected, after the «Stalingrad» Janina Studilina woke up famous. In 2014, she appeared in two outstanding television series. One of them, the melodrama «another life» directed by andrés, Puustusmaa tells the story of a girl Zoe, who grew up in a respectable provincial family with strict morals. Once in the capital, Zoe achieves much, but one day a successful life is collapsing like a sand castle.

    In the second series of tapes called «Turkish transit» Yanina Studilina played at once two roles – Natasha Timofeeva and Rita Zvonareva. Heroine of the picture is incredibly similar, but their fates are radically different. One daughter of a millionaire, the second is provincial, which pushed poverty to a life of crime. One day heroines find themselves in Turkey, where due to circumstances changing destinies.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Ioannina Studilina becomes the focus of attention after the projects that brought her popularity. She attributed novels with many colleagues, with whom she starred. But the evidence was only one – the younger son of producer Alexander Rodnyansky, Sasha. However, this beautiful couple appeared on «Kinotavr» in 2009. Since Studilina and Rodnyansky no longer be separated. It is known that they are married but lead a rather private life. They didn’t invite photographers for a wedding and the house, believing that it is their personal life, which has no room for a stranger.


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    Yanina Studilina

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