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  • Name: Yanina Bugrova ( Yanina Bugrova )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Yanina Bugrova: biography

    Yanina Bugrova – Russian actress and TV presenter, familiar to film fans for the films «Happy together», «Bitch» and «Red». She was born July 19, 1976 in the family of Vladimir Pavlovich and Larisa Rinaldone Bagrovyh. Since childhood the girl showed interest in the work, so I studied not only in secondary but also in the school of music, where he studied piano and took a course of academic and pop vocal. In the biography of Ioannina Bugrovoy there are a few honors diplomas starting from matriculation certificate obtained at school with profound studying of English language, and ending with two higher education institutions.

    Yanina Bugrova in childhood
    Photos of Ioannina in childhood | VK

    First, Janina entered the Moscow technological University, where he received specialty engineer-circuit design. She studied very good, but in parallel with the education started to work on one of the cable channels as the presenter of the entertainment program. Later she went on television, he led a variety of shows, including the transfer of «Health» and the weather. And after the first attempts to star in a movie Bugrova decides to get education and sits again at the Desk. She becomes the student of GITIS and in 2007, finishing workshop Eugene Steblova.


    The first film of Ioannina Bugrovoy was the painting «the Trap for the poltergeist», after which she starred in the sitcom «Students» «Tourists» and «Club». By the way, after the role of a foreigner Claire in the Comedy «the Tourists», she decided to enroll in drama school and went to study in GITIS. And popularity across the country Bugrova acquired because of the role of the Manager of the store Kate Abramovich with the very popular Comedy series «Happy together».

    Yanina Bugrova in the series
    In the role of Kate Abramovich in the movie «Happy together» | Cinemania

    In parallel with the story of Gena Bukin in the performance of Victor Loginov, in which the actress appeared for several years, Janina together with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk starred in the lyric-an eccentric Comedy «About Amanda» Oleg Stefan, in the crime drama «the Forester», with Sophia Ignatova the word «Bitch», but with Tanya in the Comedy «Friendship of peoples», Irina Medvedeva in the melodrama «the Husband of a happy woman».

    Yanina Bugrova in FLM
    In the role of Catherine Vorobyeva in the movie «Husband of a happy woman» | the Cinema

    It is worth noting that Bugrovoy often get images of fatal beauties with strong personality, often he plays negative characters. It is noteworthy that the heroine is the complete opposite of the character of the actress, who is very communicative, friendly and positive girl. Of the last works of the actress can highlight her duet with Veronica Agapova in the Comedy «Red,» the humorous sitcom «Traffic light» and the new project «Standards of beauty».

    Personal life

    So as a biography of Ioannina Bugrovoy was always very intense, serious relationship she had for a long time, not enough time: television, movies, photo shoot, sports. But at the end of April 2015 she is married to Michael Schwartz and personal life of Ioannina Bugrovoy becomes harmonious and complete. The couple have a young son Rodion. By the way, thanks to the «interesting situation», the actress became a party to the second season of the show «Pregnant» together with film Director Valeria Gai Valeriya participant controversial project «House-2» Daria Pynzar.

    Yanina Bugrova with her husband
    With her husband Michael Schwartz | Facebook

    Changes in the personal life of Ioannina Bugrovoy did not affect her character and activity in the sense that she still likes to spend time in travelling, to ride horses, to move over snow on a snowboard, scuba diving, skydiving, and so on. Janina is waiting a little Rodion is a little older, to teach him to go down the mountain on skis and snowboard.


    • 2006-2012 — Happy together
    • 2007 — the Eclipse
    • 2010 — Amanda O
    • 2011-2014 — Forester
    • 2012 — Bitch
    • 2013 — the Friendship of peoples
    • 2013 — the Husband of a happy woman
    • 2013 — Red
    • 2014 — Traffic lights
    • 2017 — Standards of beauty


    Yanina Bugrova

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