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  • Name: Yana Troyanova ( Yana Troyanova )
  • Date of birth: 12 February 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activities: theater and film Actress
  • Marital status: Married Vasily Sigarev

    Yana Troyanova: biography

    Yana Troyanova, Russian actress, was born in Ekaterinburg. Her mother worked as a Secretary at the University. She hid the pregnancy from the father of Jana, a restaurant singer Victor Smirnov, as he was married to another woman. For this reason, in the metric of the baby was delivered another patronymic, Alexandrovna, and changed the name. According to the actress, the «father» the mother wrote «Alexander» with a hint of Pushkin. After the birth of her daughter Yana’s mother almost immediately went to work, leaving the child in the care of her grandmother.

    My grandmother died of cancer when little Joanna was only five years old. The school Troyanova was bad, learn liked. After school she moved with her mother to Vladivostok, where a few years trying to figure out her calling. At twenty-three, she was enrolled in the philosophy faculty of the Ural state University and after graduation moved to Ekaterinburg theatre Institute, where she studied in the Studio of St. Anisimov. In parallel with her studies, Yana Troyanova played in the theater «Teatron» and «Kolyada-theatre».


    First year at the theatre, a fateful acquaintance with Yana on the already well-known playwright Vasily sigareva. Basil brought into the theatre to stage his play «Black milk». Between them struck up a close creative and personal relationship, and soon the couple left the theater to come to grips with cinema. In 2009 Sigarev Yana was invited for the lead role in his debut film — a psychological drama «Wolfy». In this picture partially revealed biography of Yana Troyanova, some scenes written from her stories.

    This heavy, sometimes shocking the audience his despair the film received tremendous success at the festival «Kinotavr» festival Douro Film Harvest (Portugal), as well as at the film festival in Zurich. For her performance as a young and unlucky mother in this film Troyanov received the award Kinotavr, as well as the prize named after Alexander Abdulov at the Eighth international festival of film debuts «Spirit of Fire-2010». In addition, the actress was nominated for the award «White elephant» and «Asia Pacific Screen Awards».

    Such a brilliant start film career continued with a role in the drama sigareva «to Live». This hard film has earned high praise from film critics at the festival «Texture» (Perm), goEast (Germany) and awarded the «White elephant» which is the mark of quality from the Guild of film critics of Russia. Yana Troyanova has been nominated for the award «Nika».

    The following work is also not neglected by critics, was the role of the Ural provincial Wiki social tragicomedy «Kokoko» directed by Avdotya Smirnova. The premiere took place in 2012 at the film festival «Kinotavr», and then Anna Mikhalkova and Yana Troyanova, who played the main characters, won the award in the category «best female role». Also for this film Troyanov received the award at the film festival in Honfleur, France.

    In 2013 Troyanova starred in the film adaptation of the book of Denis Osokin «Celestial wives of the meadow Mari». Film Director Alexei Fedorchenko consists of twenty-three short stories and introduces the viewer to the peculiarities of life and culture of the Mari with the 70-ies to the present. He also had great success at several film festivals.

    In 2014 Troyanova decided to try his hand in film direction. Her short film «Close» was presented at the competition «Short film» festival «Kinotavr». In 2015 the premiere of the film «Oz» which Troyanova played a major role. It is noteworthy that this painting received the Prize named after G. Gorin For the best screenplay and the prize «Elephant».

    Personal life

    Yana’s first marriage was before this marriage broke up very early. From him the artist in 1990, a son Nicholas. At the moment, the actress is in a civil marriage with the playwright and Director Vasily sigareva, being his Muse and helpmate. Thus, the private life of Yana Troyanova is closely intertwined with his work.


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    Yana Troyanova

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