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  • Name: Yana Solomko ( Yana Solomko )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Chutovo, Ukraine
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married

    Yana Solomko: biography

    Touching, sensitive, impressionable — probably for this Yana Solomko love Ukrainian audience. Future singer was born on 7 July 1989 in the small town of Chutovo Poltava region. Family mom – is a mom entrepreneur and younger brother David. They have been living in Kharkov, and Yana in Kiev.

    Started singing since childhood. At 8 years old Yana Solomko has already performed in children’s musical contests and festivals. Among them were such prestigious events as the festival «Chervona Ruta» and the television contest «Wanna be a star». When she turned 13, she entered the special school of singing «Chervona Ruta» and moved to the Ukrainian capital. I studied there for two years and then returned to Poltava to go to music school. Ian did the first time at the Department of folk vocals, but studied at the school for only two years. After the end of the second year she transferred to the Kiev higher music College.

    Yana Solomko grew up not spoiled child, because the family was poor. The daughter tried to help mother all over, here and in his student years she worked first in the tea club, then a singing teacher at a private school and a soloist in the restaurant «Kazbek».


    In 2006, Yana Solomko came in the TV program «Chance», where she drew the attention of the show’s producer Igor Kondratyuk. After participating in the program, he invited the talented singer of American «Chance» project. Attending a show of this magnitude would radically change the life of Yana, she was among the five participants of an international team of Glam. However, the team did not last long and fell apart and not telling the public about yourself.

    Ian continued to work and be creative. In 2010, she together with his friends creates a group of «Iron pills». But this project was not successful.

    Popularity and success came to Yana Solomko in 2011, when the Ukrainian spectators saw the first season of «the Bachelor.» Modest, restrained, beautiful Yana won the hearts of viewers, she had tens of thousands of fans. In the frame Ian used to sing, amazing depth and purity of his voice. The girl was drastically different from other participants: was it the natural that appeals to society. She reached the finals, she predicted victory, but the bachelor chose another girl.

    After completion of the project Yana Solomko accepted an offer from singer and producer Natalia Mogilev and became a member of the women’s collective REAL O. With the participation of Yana girls recorded a popular song «Trees,» «Without him», «the Moon». In 2012, a group of REAL’O was named «Band of the year» at the annual ceremony «Woman of the year».

    In 2014, the straw has officially left REAL o Its decision it explained the desire to move on and grow. After leaving the famous band, the singer embarked on a solo career. Her last work was the song «Anthem of a happy woman», «Boga ya» and others.

    Personal life

    Yana Solomko no secret that grieved the loss of «the Bachelor.» She could not understand the choice Maxim Chmerkovsky and does not know today whether it was his own decision or scenario piece. Ian says that they managed to keep with a bachelor friendships, but a project they are not touched on in conversations.

    16 may 2014 Solomko married. Her lover was a foreigner Oleg. The singer says that they met abroad. The wedding was celebrated on exotic Islands. As Ian admits, after a couple of months after the meeting with Oleg she realized that she wants to live life with that person, to be the mother of his children and loving wife.

    A year after the wedding, in the family of Jana and Oleg was a miracle — came to light their first born. The girl was born in America, in Miami.

    Yana Solomko many Hobbies. Free time she spends in the gym or in the pool – loves to swim, and even the singer is fond of literature, psychology and the esoteric. And in Yana there is something mystically attractive, though she’s not like other modern singers.


    • «I follow you»
    • «I would..»
    • «The hymn of a happy woman»
    • «We will not break»
    • «Without him»
    • «Chance»
    • «You are mine»
    • «Without him»
    • «Willow plank»
    • «You are mine»


    Yana Solomko

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