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  • Name: Yana Esipovich ( Yana Esipovich )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status:

    Yana Esipovich: biography

    The movie and theatre actress Yana Esipovich was born on 3 September 1979, in Tallinn. Since childhood, she devoured the books, loved the works of G. Kipling, and then D. Salinger.

    Jan grew up an artistic girl, her ability to transform, to accurately convey the emotions of people was already evident in adolescence. Not everyone can a teenager get on the stage of Russian drama theatre in Estonia, and Jana was involved in his performances, when not yet graduated from high school. Memorable appearance and a fine game was liked by the audience and was inspired by Yana Esipovich to further creative development.

    After school she went to Moscow to enroll in RATI (formerly GITIS). He entered and successfully finished it.


    After graduation Yana Esipovich worked in the CBD. Here she played the girl in the play «Not about to speak». Then the aspiring actress had a brief experience with the Centre St. Meyerhold.

    But there was Esipovich as a theater actress in the Theater of Oleg Tabakov, where he works today. For her role in the play «When I died» she got the award of Oleg Tabakov.


    Her film debut was in 1998, when Jan starred in the short film «angel with trumpet». After 5 years she again went to the scene in the short film. The first serious shooting in my life Esipovich date back to 2004. She appeared in the role of a girl with a scythe in the film «Mars». Like, a small role, but huge expressive eyes of the heroine was remembered by Directors.

    In 2006, the Russian audience saw the film «the Fart» in which the actress played the main character Age. In the same year with her participation was released. Every new role is bright, versatile and memorable way. So it was in the image of Semechki in the project «the first circle», in the film «the Island».

    The «Island» Yana Esipovich appeared in the frame just a few minutes, but what impression has made on the audience. Stupid girl which was left by the boyfriend, comes to the elder for a blessing for abortion. She understands that he is committing a grave sin, but realizes that would not be able to raise a child. Elder played Peter Mamonov, and the film was a great success.

    After the shoot, Yana Esipovich appeared in 11 films and each time her performance was convincing, although the characters were different. In the film «the dry land» the story of V. Bunin the actress played the woman Natalia. Her character – an uneducated woman who worked as a maid in an impoverished noble family. Share Natalia dropped a lot of tests, but it is not broken, not angry. For the film «the dry land» Yana Esipovich won the prize for best actress at the film festival of Russian cinema in Gatchina.

    In the same year, the actress starred in «the Hindu» and «Fifth group of blood». Then there was shooting the film «Celestial wives of the meadow Mari». In the «Fifth group of blood» Ian starred with her daughter Anna Kovalchuk, Golden. It was a movie, the girl’s mother. In an interview with the Director of the film said that josipović is easy to work. If the site has any difficulties, she switched over the scene. As a result, the plot became more dramatic than written in the script. Once when Zlata could not cry, Yana Esipovich did it for her. Girls in the frame was not, but the audience got the impression that she was crying.

    Personal life

    Yana Esipovich does not give interviews, does not speak about his personal life. Strange, but none of the journalists know if she’s into someone or not married.

    At the same colleagues and friends say that Jan open, sociable and friendly with people. In his spare time, the actress designs her own dolls, which she has a whole collection.


    • «Guilty without guilt»
    • «Fart»
    • «Celestial wives of the meadow Mari»
    • «Brest fortress»
    • «The island»
    • «The best time of the year»
    • «Drawing»
    • «Lily to Lily»
    • «Mars»
    • «Sukhodol»


    Yana Esipovich

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