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  • Name: Yana Churikova ( Yana Churikova )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV Presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married to Denis Lazarev

    Yana Churikova: biography

    Yana Alekseevna Churikova, famous Russian TV presenter and journalist, was born November 6, 1978 in Moscow. Early years Jana took place in Hungary, where he passed the military service of her father. Mama Elena Churikova is an economist by education. In 1985, the parents gave the girl to primary school in the town of Tököl, Hungary centre. These places are connected best childhood memories Yana together with her friends she was looking for shells and cartridges, explored the trenches of world war II, the airfield radar. At the beginning of the two thousandth, already a well-known TV presenter, Ian made a pilgrimage to the places of her childhood, but found the remains of the garrison, fell into disrepair.

    In childhood, Ian was attracted to many professions, but, in her own words, for the most part it was due to their external attributes. Among children’s hobby was paleontology, Zoology, music, and more, until the profession of a dentist. And one of the brightest impressions in my life was a visit to the Opera house, where the girl was struck by not only the music and scenery, but also solemn, luxurious outfits of the audience. Later she decided that I could learn more about the professions, if she will become a journalist.

    Yana Churikova, the family returned to Moscow in the late eighties, when the Soviet troops left Hungary. At first the girl has no friends, and the capital has left a painful impression — a dark, scary city, the streets which go to evil people, as he comments on his impressions of this time Churikova. The girl’s life was transformed when she began training in the youth newspaper «the Verb», which was an alternative to the «Pioneer truth». In this paper, we have had children with a penchant for writing, where they were taught the basics of journalism. There Yana has made new friends and the business of life. In 1994, the girl takes the second place in the literary Olympics in Moscow. Also during the work in the «Verb» by Jan some time singing in a rock band «Tales for adults» which, having played a few shows, breaks.

    In 1995, Yana Churikova entered the faculty of radio and television, Moscow State University. Her thesis project was entitled «Influence of music television on the mass consciousness on the example of MTV». After graduation he enrolled in graduate school where her scholarly interest is the process of socialization of the youth audience under the influence of television.

    Yana Churikova: TV

    During a campaign debate, 1996, on the program of Vladimir Pozner «We» were invited young journalists, among whom was Yana Churikova. Short Yana’s presentation attracted the attention of the Kira Proshutinskaya, an experienced journalist and producer of ATV television, which invited Yana Churikova on practice. One of the first projects of a young journalist, was the program «Vremechko» under the direction of Leo Novozhenova. Some time to Jan not passed on the air, as it were, in the opinion of the managers, too little voice. But three months later, Yana Churikova has just released the debut report.

    After a year a young journalist gets a job in a television company MTV editor first, and then the leading. According to Jana, she even had credit for a couple of years in the questionnaire to get an invitation to this work. Later, when this fact was revealed, the girl has already established itself as a conscientious worker. In the early stages of work Yana Churikova has gained experience in almost all fields of TV, which gave her the opportunity become a good leader of his own team. In an interview on radio station «Echo of Moscow» Yana Churikova says that it is clear what we need to get people how to build their team so that each participant feel as comfortable as possible.

    Among the projects that have brought the popularity of Yana Churikova, a special program of «12 angry viewers«, which she led from July 1999 to January 2002. The concept of the program was that participants watched the clip and tried to objectively evaluate. Since the evaluation has often been negative, the protection clip has been invited «star». Following the results of the voting for the worst clip. The professionalism of Yana Churikova as the host of the show was noticed and she was invited to work on the First channel. At first Yana led youth television program «the Lens», then worked for some time in the program «Good morning».

    The most successful project is playing a leading role in a musical show «star Factory», which Yana Churikova led for eight seasons. His work on «star Factory» is not quite easy. In an interview, Yana Churikova is recognized that this project takes literally all the time, and sometimes she even has to sleep on the job. But all these difficult circumstances only emphasize the popularity of the show among the audience, and, consequently, all the difficulties of production will not be in vain.

    Yana Churikova is one of the most popular leaders in Russia. Among its projects the»Golden gramophone», which Ian led together with popular TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, «the History song» and especially remembered by the audience extreme show «Cruel games»in which participants pass difficult tests on the obstacle course for victory.

    Since 2007 the leading works in the Studio of «Red square», which exists on the basis of the TV company «View». Twice is the fundamental music of the hit parade of the best songs of the year «Red star». Also Yana Churikova together with producer Yuri Aksyuta was the commentator of the song contest «Eurovision-2015«.

    Since October 2013, Yana Churikova is the General Director of the channel «MTV Russia».

    Yana Churikova: personal life

    Yana’s first husband — Director and TV host Ivan Tsybin, with whom the presenter at the time introduced mom. I didn’t like the Ivan’s professionalism and his personal qualities. The couple had been married for four years, after which Ian became the initiator of the divorce, as she began a romance with businessman and Director of PR Agency Denis Lazarev.

    In may 2009, the couple had a daughter Taisiya. In an interview with Yana Churikova reveals the secret to successful motherhood: only need to shift one’s own ego into the background and not to interfere with the child to find their own path in life.

    Yana Churikova: TV shows

    • Great movie
    • 12 angry viewers
    • Lens
    • Good morning
    • Star factory
    • Golden gramophone
    • Story songs
    • Violent games
    • Red star
    • Universal artist
    • Eurovision

    Yana Churikova: photo

    Yana Churikova

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