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  • Name: Yan Gordienko ( Gordienko Yan )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1998
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Kramatorsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 192
  • Activity: run
  • Marital status: not married

    Yan Gordienko: biography

    Renowned video blogger Yango (real name Yan Gordienko) was born in the Ukrainian Kramatorsk in October 1998. Creativity manifested itself in the boy so early. He entertained adults hilarious faces and I could easily come up with a funny phrase. So we can safely say that the creative biography of Jan Gordienko began as soon as he learned to Express their thoughts in verbal form.

    Yan Gordienko mom
    Mom | artchange.ru

    The boy grew up moving and loved (and still love) sports. The first of its kind, with whom Ian met to be swimming. To «water treatment» addicted boy during a summer vacation in the village of his beloved grandmother. There was a great river, whose grandson, under the care of his grandmother 4 years swam like a fish.

    In 7-year-old Yan Gordienko went to school. As the boy would have their own point of view, often different from the common, the circle of friends he was quite narrow.

    Yan Gordienko
    Yango in childhood | artchange.ru

    Academic success a priority for Yana was not, he was quite satisfied to remain good. Among the favorite subjects was English.

    In the school years, Gordienko fell in love with karate and go to the section with particular care. Tried to play music. But this somehow did not happen. Training in playing the drum ended with the loss of wand. Other Hobbies that interest future blogger YanGo disappeared quickly, include roller skating and bike tricks. Perhaps Yango felt that the high rate of injuries cannot be justified. But skate and jumpers all have mastered.

    Yan Gordienko
    Silver button from YouTube. | volshoyvopros.ru

    In General, the «sports page» biography of Jan Gordienko soon expanded in earnest. Thanks to the parents Gordienko tried himself as a skier, tennis player and hockey player. Probably for this mom and dad have awarded 12-year-old son an invaluable gift: her brother Tikhon. A life with him in Yango has become much more fun.

    Blog Jan Gordienko

    Due to the infamous military events in the hometown family Gordienko six months lived in Moscow. There Ian idleness addicted to a new exciting venture: he began to shoot the first short videos. They can be called comic sketches from the life of a teenager.

    Within 2 months the young man came up with his nick YanGo, started active communication with other bloggers and took the first full-fledged video.

    Channel Yango quickly became popular. Its focus is mainly Comedy sketches. Filmed Gordienko and letsplay of many popular computer games such as GTA, Counter Strike, Minecraft and Geometry Dash.

    To his new hobby Yan Gordienko treated with complete seriousness and high responsibility. Video Yango always meaningful and carry some meaning. Blogger, despite their young age, does not like reigns on many YouTube channels trend to be filled with pointless videos. Moreover, YanGo plans to introduce on my channel some sort of cognitive category, for which to shoot useful video.

    Channel Yango differs from many similar to those here is not to burden subscribers a huge variety and annoying ads. As claimed by Yan Gordienko, he’s not chasing money, and if advertising, then only those commodities that experienced.

    In the beginning of my blogger career guy filmed the first commercials for the phone. But now he bought a good camera. Shooting video of each Yango spends at least two days. At least 5 hours spent on installation. But first the blogger carefully thinks through the future scenario creation.

    Perhaps that is why the blogger. today is so popular. Audience of its subscribers has exceeded over a million and continues to grow.

    First, parents were skeptical of their son’s hobby, but when I saw that it is a responsibility with which he approaches his work, gave Yango new laptop.

    The popularity of the new channel of Ukrainian blogger YanGo said heads YouTube. Recently, Yan Gordienko received one of the coveted awards, which his colleagues dream: the silver button.

    As it became known, Yango together with family was chosen as a new place of residence Moscow. Here space for creativity, of course, will be more.

    Blogger from Kramatorsk willingly communicates with such famous colleagues as Pasha Mikus and Maryana Rozhkova. And some he has managed to shoot videos. So the video Yango and Eeoneguy gained many thousands of views. Popular and common rollers, which are mounted Ian and Sasha Spielberg.

    Members of the new love songs Yango and fanfiction.

    Personal life

    The guy loves to travel, and he plans a huge. He wants to see Tokyo and new York. In my spare time enjoy reading biographies of interesting people who managed to achieve success in life. Liked and was inspired by the Steve jobs biography.

    Yan Gordienko Nut
    Yango ex-Ranetki Newtoy | Life.ru/t

    Personal life Yango is in development. Of course, popular videobloggers too young for marriage. But the advantages he already has. He likes smart girls. And if they are good and fun, then it is «stacked» in the ideal Jana Gordienko.


    Yan Gordienko

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