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  • Name: Ksenia Strizh ( Xenia Volyntseva )
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1967
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, radio host, actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ksenia Strizh: biography

    Ksenia Strizh, whose real name is Ksenia Volyntseva — Russian radio host, TV presenter and actress, who made her name thanks to the radio station «Europe plus», as well as such programs as «50/50», «How to find a husband?» and «came To us…».

    Xenia was born and raised in the capital of Russia. Her father was a popular theater and movie actor Yuri volintsev, best known to viewers for his role of Mr Sportsman in the TV show «Tavern «13 chairs». In the footsteps of famous dad decided to go and Xenia, though the parents had planned that their daughter would make a career as a flight attendant of international airlines.

    But she was always independent and stubborn. She enrolled at the acting Department of the Higher theatrical school of a name of Boris Schukin and after graduation, even a year and a half he worked in the theater, but by that point she already knew that the scene was not for her.

    Tried a newly minted actress in the movie. Ksenia Strizh starred in six feature films, of which there are youth drama «the Slap, which was not» and the Comedy «radio Day» where she actually plays herself. Also on account of Xenia documentaries on her father Yuri Volyntsev, which were published in the framework of the project «To remember» and «Man in the frame».

    Radio and television

    In the late 80-ies of Xenia Volyntseva randomly from my friends I heard that on the radio «Europe plus» are looking for young and promising speakers. Despite the fact that she already had experience in theater and filming the film, a young woman, the profession was not satisfied. Moreover, she has managed to work for such status, positions as clerk and janitor.

    The casting for the girls was quite successful, only the leadership has proposed to come up with a shorter, sonorous and memorable alias. Thus was born the name Ksenia Strizh, which made her widely known. On radio «Europe plus» swift, I wrote a column «Xenia», as well as DJ has performed in various music programs. Later Ksenia Strizh has appeared on such popular radio stations as «Classic», «Radio», «Avtoradio». The last time a woman led the show, «One Night with Xenia Strizh» on the radio «Spring FM».

    Also, in different years, she appeared on television. Most known for her participation in the youth music show «50/50» in the evening «Good night» and romantic program «How to find a husband?». Last time leading appeared in TV program format talk show «came To us…» on the channel «a Minor». But after a conversation with actor Alexander Solodukha in one of the shows Xenia accused of incompetence, and the contract was terminated.

    It should be noted that Xenia Strizh wanted to get a second higher education, which he graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, specialty «TV and broadcasting».

    Personal life

    For the first time, Ksenia Strizh got married at 18. Her lover was a student of the directing faculty Igor Minayev, who was the older girl of 6 years. Their Union did not last long: Igor does not have a Moscow registration, and the parents of Ksenia refused to give it to him. So the young man received a distribution in Omsk. Wife several times flew to her husband, but in the end, the distance has destroyed this family. Subsequently Minaev dedicated to the life of the Church and became a monk Isidore, Archimandrite Nicholas Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

    Soon the girl struck up a romance with an aspiring actor Alexey Zelenov, but after the guy started it to change, swift has ended the relationship. The following choice energetic ladies was the anesthesiologist, who is almost twice your age. And then in the life of Ksenia Strizh appeared musician and singer Andrei Makarevich.

    With the leader of group «the time Machine» radio host have lived together for four years and believes that they are too early was found. If their affair started after 10-15 years, they could stay together. Xenia and Andrew are still my friends.

    Second time, a woman officially married in the second half of 90-ies. At this her husband was the sound engineer of radio station «rocks» Ilya Kotov. But here, a full family failed. When my father died Xenia, actor Yuri volintsev, host was very worried, and my husband, instead of supporting, went to rest in Sochi. After recovering from a shock, Xenia Strizh went to the Registrar and divorced.

    Now women have a permanent relationship, but in the last decade, she prefers to keep the names of his knights secret from the press and fans.


    • 1985 — Insurance agent
    • 1987 Slap, which was not
    • 1988 — Zoyka’s apartment
    • In 1990, the world. Psychodynamics of witchcraft
    • 2000 — Doctors
    • 2002 — To remember
    • 2003 — radio Day
    • 2008 — People in the picture


    Ksenia Strizh

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