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  • Name: Xenia Deli ( Xenia Deli )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Basarabeasca, Moldova
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: model
  • Marital status:

    Xenia deli: biography

    Xenia deli — luxurious green-eyed brunette, has managed to become popular and in demand model, to participate in the filming of the clips, along with stars of world size and turn the head of an Egyptian tycoon.

    The modern Cinderella from Moldova was born in the small town of Basarabeasca 27 October 1989. Being the only child in the family, the girl was never deprived of attention. The love of music and artistry was shown Xenia in early childhood.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | VK

    Like many other girls, she loved to dress up, spin in front of a mirror and photographed. Posting the first baby pictures on social media, the young girl could hardly assume that it will change her entire life.

    At the end of the Lyceum, the city girl who decided to become a translator, arrives at the Moldova state University the faculty of foreign languages. It is here that she becomes a member of the program for the exchange of students. Gone on vacation, aspiring model has no idea that decide to stay in the US forever and will be able to realize the «American dream».

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | Instagram

    Before the girl noticed, she managed to work the clothing store in South Carolina. Dream about modeling and strive to achieve more become a reason to move to Miami.

    Modeling career

    At first charming brunette have a hard time. The lack of stable work, participation in the endless auditions and casting calls — all of it had to go through. It was at this time posted online a photo of green-eyed beauties notices Beach Bunny who convinces Xenia to participate in organized online competition.

    Became in 2011 the winner of the contest Ksenia receives not only a contract, but a portfolio shot by a professional photographer.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | VK

    In the «record list» Moldovan centerfolds a lot of glossy magazines, including:

    • Playboy and Maxim;
    • FHM For Him Magazine);
    • GQ (gentlemen’s Quarterly);
    • Sports Illustrated;
    • Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

    Demeanor and the ability to present itself in combination with external data can work wonders. Even the pictures taken in the Nude, do not look vulgar. While they are all attractive and are not devoid of sexuality.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | VK

    At the same time she actively works with well-known brands Guess, Bunny, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Buffalo and of course Victoria’s Secret.

    Surprisingly, the face of Victoria’s Secret Ksenia Delhi could not be. The original data (height — 170 cm and parameters 88-57-89) didn’t fit the part in the casting. Still, the fate of no escape. One of the employees of the company drew attention to photos of beauties in the window of a fashion boutique. The result was the signing of a lucrative contract.

    Show business

    Is Xenia Delhi a dream that has not yet become a reality. Girl dreams of becoming not only a model but also an actress. First, not tentative steps in this direction have already been made:

    • Joint shooting with the handsome Bruno Mars for Playboy magazine in 2012 became one of the most significant events in the career of a model.
    • In 2013, Xenia gets a cameo role in the TV series «the mindy Project».
    • In 2014, starred in the video for the song «Zaya, I love you» Golden voice of Russia Nikolay Baskov.

    • In 2015 involved in the shooting klippa «What Do You Mean?» along with Justin Bieber.

    Personal life

    To appear with someone in public, even just playing a role, and not to cause public reaction is unlikely. At different times of the Moldavian beauties attributed to each of the men with whom she was in the frame.

    At the end of 2015, the fans of Justin Bieber breathed a sigh of relief after learning about the affair with Xenia, a popular Russian rap performer Egor Creed, with which the model met, communicating on instagram. According to rumors, the novel was violent, but short-lived. In any case, she quickly found a worthy replacement for the talented musician and loudly claims to be the happiest woman in the world.

    Xenia deli and Egor Krid
    Xenia deli and Egor creed | Instagram

    Wedding 26-year-old model and 62-year-old billionaire Ossama Veil of Rabaa al-Sharif became a bright event in June 2016. About where and under what circumstances Delhi met an influential businessman, history is silent. At home Xenia a for this turn in the fate model were skeptical, considering a marriage with such a considerable age difference, the pragmatic calculation of beauty.

    Xenia deli and her husband
    Xenia deli and her husband | Fashioneditorials

    Proper response to the attacks and criticism from envious steel lined with Xenia in instagram photo of the happy couple.

    According to the assumptions of many famous people had to forbid his wife to work in the modeling business or something to limit the communication with its customary circle, but this did not happen. Provided the man did not his chosen concubine, and the Queen.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Wedding Of Ksenia Delhi | Fashioneditorials

    One bridesmaid dress cost by some estimates a million euros, the same amount of people allocated for the accommodation of visitors. The venue of the ceremony was the Greek island of Santorini.

    After marriage, she has not ceased to be a model. Her contract with the Agency «Elite Model Management» in Los Angeles and Miami is the reigning and still. One of the attractions of Xenia are numerous reports on the travel, which she never ceases to put on his page in instagram.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | Instagram

    If it supports communication not only with parents but also with her cousin Karina, is also a model. Girls often travel together. Karina was not only a guest of honor for my sister’s wedding and accompanied the couple during the wedding trip.

    Beauty secrets from Xenia Delhi

    To approve the Xenia, she was very lucky with genetics. The model does not cease to care about their figure and appearance, keeping themselves in good shape. Important and necessary she considers a full night’s sleep. As this diet is a healthy diet.

    Interesting facts

    Million rubles added Xenia to purchase the home of one of the avid fans from Krasnodar, Mikhail Goriana. A former refugee from Baku were not their homes. To hand uncle Mike with the money, the renowned singer arrived in Krasnodar personally. So just be acts of goodwill.

    Ksenia Delhi
    Ksenia Delhi | VK

    How many good deeds ahead of Xenia deli — make nobody can. One thing is clear, we all hear again and again focused on the green-eyed brunette, in which achievement of objectives favors the fate.


    Ksenia Delhi

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