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  • Name: Wolf Messing ( Wolf Messing )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1899
  • Age: 75 years
  • Date of death: 8 Nov 1974
  • Place of birth: kraków, Poland
  • Activities: entertainer, mentalist, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Wolf messing: the biography

    Wolf messing – the legendary entertainer, who performed as a mentalist, predicting the future by reading the thoughts of the audience. In 1971 he received the title of honored artist of the RSFSR.

    He was born into a Polish-Jewish town of góra Kalwaria, which at the time of the appearance of the film was part of the Russian Empire. The wolf family was numerous – parents raised 4 sons. Lived in poverty, and children from an early age had to work, helping his father and mother. In addition, the head of the family, Hersek messing was very pious and strict man, so all the children adhere to established house rules.

    Wolf from birth suffered from somnambulism, often wandering in the dream and later suffered headaches. However, it cured using the traditional methods – using the bowl of cold water set in front of the bed. Getting your feet wet, the child woke up, and later sleepwalking and disappeared.

    In 6 years, the boy began to attend a Jewish school, the heder, where he studied the Talmud and learned by heart the prayers in this book. The Rabbi taught the disciples noted a remarkable memory of the little girl contributed to the enrollment of the teenager in Yeshibot, a special school that trains clergy. Wolff strongly opposed this, but his decision was affected by an unexpected event, that he would take his first vision. Once in front of him in the darkness, a figure in white and calling himself the Angel prophesied a great future in the robe of a Rabbi. A devout boy believed, and only many years later learned that it was podgovorenny father tramp, who played the role of a messenger of God.

    In Yeshibot nothing could interest me, and, having studied there for several years, he escapes and goes to Berlin. In the train, at the wolf for the first time, he displayed unusual ability, and at the crucial moment. When the conductor asked the little passenger the ticket, he handed him a slip of paper and looked in the eye. Usher to punch a piece of paper and took it as a travel pass.

    In the German capital, the boy got a job as a messenger, but earned a pittance, which is not enough even for food. One day, doing another job, he lost consciousness and fell faint from hunger on the street. The doctors, believing that the child had died, sent him to the morgue, where it lay for three days, then woke up.

    Learning that wolf messing able to indulge in short-term lethargy, a German psychiatrist and neurologist Professor Abel took him to himself and began to teach the wolf control my own body, and conduct various experiments to suggestion, and reading of thoughts.

    Career in Europe

    Soon Professor Abel introduced the film with a talented impresario with him, which made the young man in the Berlin Museum of curiosities. The objective of the wolf to lie down in a glass coffin and fall into a lifeless sleep. In parallel with this work with Abel and his assistant Schmitt messing was able to improve their abilities. He achieved almost perfect understanding passed him a mental message, especially through contact telepathy, when touched to the other person and also learned how to disable the willpower some sort of pain in your body.

    He later as fakir began to perform in various circus troupes, including the famous Bush circus and vaudeville Wintergarten. His room was like this: actors played to the audience a scene of a robbery and hid the stolen objects in different parts of the room. Appeared then messing accurately locate all the caches. This number repeatedly captivated audiences and soon the actor came first glory.

    In 1915, a young man traveled is the fire of the First world war Central Europe from the very first independent tour. He later repeated tours and in 1921 returned to Poland famous and wealthy person.

    In 1939, when Europe started the Second world war, father, brothers and next of kin of the film, having Jewish origin, was arrested and executed at Majdanek. Khan’s mother had died earlier from heart failure, when wolf was 13 years old. The actor managed to avoid a terrible fate and moved to the Soviet Union

    Career in Russia

    In a new country wolf messing, thanks to the support of the head of the Department of arts Peter A. Abrosimova, continued their performances with psychological experiments. First, he was a member of the brigades, and later received the title of artist of the NHS and went with independent performances in Houses of culture. Also for some time acted as a magician in the Soviet circus troupe.

    Funded by wolf messing specifically for the pilot Konstantin Kovalyov, who yesterday was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, was built in Novosibirsk the YAK-7, which he flew until the end of the war. Subsequently Kovalev and I become good buddies. Such a Patriotic act further raised the artist in the eyes of Soviet citizens, and his performances were always sold out.

    It is known that wolf messing was familiar with Joseph Stalin, who was quite skeptical about his abilities. However, when the psychic predicted the crash, which in Sverdlovsk had to fly Stalin’s son, Vasily together with the hockey team CDKA, the head of the USSR insisted that the son took the train silent about the reasons. The plane really crashed, and the whole team, but Vsevolod Bobrov, missed the flight, was killed.

    But the next Secretary-General of the Soviet Union Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was Messing antipathy that started with the failure of the artist to speak at the Congress of the CPSU with a pre-prepared language. The sound predictions about the future of Russia did only if I was confident in them. Khrushchev and the requirement to «predict» the need to remove Stalin’s body from the mausoleum, according to the mentalist, it was only a settling of accounts.

    After the rejection of the fictitious speech of the film’s problems began with a tour. First, their geography has changed, and he was sent to small towns and rural clubs, and later stopped giving permission to speak. Because of this, wolf messing became depressed, he retreated into himself and ceased to appear in public.


    Wolf messing, as a legendary person, surrounded by all sorts of rumors and speculation. The same applies to his predictions. Oil poured into the fire, and a book of memoirs, published in the journal «Science and life» in 1965, allegedly written by a telepath. Subsequently, it was found that these «memories» concocted Mikhail Bouncers, head of the Department of science «Komsomolskaya Pravda». But making a lot of mistakes and presenting inaccurate facts, the author has raised a new wave of popularity of wolf messing.

    In fact, the artist always treat your abilities not as a stranger but as a new scientific possibilities. He collaborated with scientists of the «Institute of brain», doctors, physiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, trying to explain your own skills from a physiological point of view. For example, «mind reading,» he explained as the reading movements of the facial muscles, contact telepathy allowed her to feel the microscopic movement of the person, if he was in the wrong place when searching for subject matter, and so on.

    However, there are a number of accurate forecasts, which were announced by the end of the letter publicly, and which was recorded before the events. So, he definitely called the end of the Second world war, however, European time zone – may 8, 1945. Later, he received a personal commendation from Stalin for this prophecy.

    Also before the conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union in early 1941, when these countries signed a nonaggression Pact, but in a speech to the club of the NKVD said that he sees the tanks with a red star on the streets of Berlin. Another important sign has been done by psychic Joseph Stalin, who intensified the persecution of Soviet Jews. Messing said that «the leader of the people» will die on a Jewish holiday. Indeed, quite symbolic death of Stalin March 5, 1953 fell on Purim, the celebration of the Jewish rescue of Jews from extermination in the Persian Empire.

    Personal life

    In 1944 at a performance in Novosibirsk, where then lived the end of the letter, he met with a young woman Aida Mikhailovna Rapoport, who became not only his loyal wife, but the nearest assistant and teaching assistant at the concerts. They lived together until the summer of 1960, when Hades died from cancer. Close friends claimed that the date of the death of his wife, he knew in advance.

    After the funeral the sound fell into a depression, exacerbated by the ban on Khrushchev toured. Until the end of his life he lived in the apartment with the sister of Aida Mikhailovna, who had nursed brother-in-law. Messing found solace only in two dogs-a Maltese, who brightened his leisure.


    The wolf messing even while fleeing to the Soviet Union was corrupt feet, which in the last years of his life were his bother. He repeatedly consulted with doctors and, eventually, lay on the operating table. In addition, the film has developed a persecution complex.

    Before leaving the apartment, as we are assured by witnesses from the ambulance, the artist said goodbye to the house, making it clear that there is not more return.

    The surgery was successful, doctors were confident that the patient will soon recover. But suddenly, on 8 November 1974 at wolf messing, kidney failure, swollen lungs, and he died. Buried legendary psychic on Moscow’s Vostryakovskoye cemetery.


    Wolf Messng

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