Will Smith

picture will Smith

  • Name: Will Smith ( Willard Christopher «Will» Smith )
  • Date of birth: 25 September 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia
  • Activity: American actor and hip hop artist
  • Marital status: married to Jada Pinkett

    Will Smith: biography

    The famous rapper and actor will Smith (Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born on 25 September 1968 in Philadelphia. Will’s mom, Carolyn worked as a school teacher, and his father Willard Christopher Smith was an owner of a refrigeration company. Parents separated when the boy was 13 years old. Will the second of four children of the Smith family.

    In childhood will Smith earned the nickname «Prince». The guy had amazing quality: he masterfully got out of any trouble with the help of gab and an innate charm.

    From a school bench will seriously fascinated by rap and hip-hop. From his Hobbies to the young rapper couldn’t stop anything, not even a lot of success in training and tempting offer for a scholarship at mit. The guy made the right decision. Hobby was the first step in the career of will Smith in show business. Will together with his friend DJ Jeff Townes organized a duet in which the rapper appeared under the pseudonym «Cool Prince». Song of the duet was a great success. Two albums have been awarded platinum, and the work «he’s the DJ» and «I’m the Rapper» even received the award «Grammy».

    But soon the popularity of the band began to decline, and Smith decided to try his hand in other business projects. He invested in the capital as cars and jewelry, however, success is not achieved. What’s more – got into large debts.

    Will Smith movies

    Biography of will Smith continued in the movie. His lucky ticket, the rapper pulled when I got the offer of the company «Warner Bros» to play a major role in the television series «the fresh Prince of Beverly hills». Will even did not have to strain: he was just playing himself. The main character of the story black boy, by fate abandoned in Beverly hills. The series was released in 1990 and became very popular. Actor will Smith had the opportunity not only to cover the debts from a failed business investment, but was able to start a friendship into a professional Hollywood circles.

    After the successful debut of the Smith to think seriously about becoming a movie star. He starred in several films. One of them – «Six degrees of separation» (1993) was well received by critics, and the actor noted by Directors.

    Following notable success in the film career of the artist, was a commercial success, was the Thriller «the Bad guys«. In this tape, for a couple Smith Martin Lawrence played cool and charming police. It seems that the genre of Thriller came to the image and character of will most. For the film «Men in black» will Smith wrote his own soundtrack. The song became a hit in the British charts and topped the prestigious charts of the world — the Billboard Hot 100, returning will Smith lost glory rapper.

    In 1999 will Smith, called, missed, refused to star in the title role of the film «the Matrix». Smith decided to play cowboy in the Western, «wild Wild West». The picture failed miserably, not even recouping the budget. And in addition, also received the anti-award «Golden raspberry» as worst film of the year. Only music again rescued: the soundtrack, written by Smith for the film, took the top lines of the American charts.

    «Wild wild West» has taught the actor a few «landed» him after a series of successes. Will Smith became more serious about the selection of roles and acting work. And success returned. In 2001, screens out the film «Ali, «in which Smith played the great boxer Muhammad Ali. For this role, he was twice nominated for «Oscar».

    The next few years, Smith is rapidly moving to the top of the actor’s fame. Biography of will Smith updated with new victories, which include the continuation of the franchise «Men in black 2, Bad boys 2,» the series «All about us» and «a closer walk».

    2004 blessed spectators and fans of the will Smith film «I – robot», where he played a major role. The presentation of the tape Smith visited Russia than very pleased the Russian fans of his talent. During his stay in Moscow, Smith was a guest of the TV program «ProjectorParisHilton», and together with his son starred in the show «Evening Urgant».

    In 2008, will Smith appeared on the first place of the Forbes list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. For the first time in the history of the film industry with eight films in a row with the participation of will Smith grossed more than $ 100 million each.

    By the second decade of the XXI century will Smith continues to be one of the most popular Hollywood actors. And will the author of the witty sayings that have become almost aphorisms. For example: «Money and success don’t spoil a person, they just emphasize its innate properties», or «we’re All terrible ignorant. Just in different areas.»

    Will Smith: personal life

    Personal life will Smith always at the forefront of attention of fans. But the actor himself does not give many reasons to talk about themselves. His first wife Shiri Zampino he lived for three years and divorced in 1995. Son Willard Smith III was born in 1992 and after the divorce she lives with her mother.

    Two years after the divorce, in December 1997, Smith married his longtime girlfriend Jada Pinkett. Will and jada gave birth to two children: son Jaden Christopher Syrah and daughter willow Camille Rhine Smith. Daughter actor appeared in the film «I am legend», and with the son in the movie «the pursuit of happyness» and «After our era».

    Will Smith: filmography

    • The Prince of Beverly hills
    • Six degrees of separation
    • The bad guys
    • Independence day
    • Enemy of the state
    • I am legend
    • Men in black
    • Ali
    • I am a robot
    • Rules of removal: method hitch
    • Hancock

    Will Smith: photo

    Will Smith

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