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  • Name: Whoopi Goldberg ( Caryn Elaine Johnson )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: American theater and film actress, producer, writer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Whoopi Goldberg: biography

    Whoopi Goldberg – superstar of Hollywood. It’s hard to argue, if you look at a few films with her participation. Confirm this fact and awards those who gathered in the Treasury of the actress. One of the few Whoopi has 4 major awards: an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony. And if these prizes add the 2 «Gold globe», BAFTA and own Star on the walk of fame, you begin to understand the scale of this person.

    Caryn Elaine Johnson, so it sounds real name star, was born in one of the immigrant areas of new York city- Chelsea. The family lived in poverty. My mother worked as a nurse, then became a teacher. The father was a priest.

    Whoopi Goldberg in her youth
    Whoopi Goldberg in her youth].Ru

    His nickname «Whoopi» (means «whoopee cushion»), caryn Elaine was a kid. When it’s time and needed a pseudonym, Johnson remembered a childhood nickname. Mother told daughter the idea to add to the ridiculous name «Whoopi» pompous name «Goldberg». She jokingly explained that the name of Johnson «Jewish enough» and will not fit the star.

    As a child, the girl are unable to go to school and had to drop the class. It turned out to be congenital dyslexia, which is difficult to master writing and reading. Although Whoopi was not eager to deal with a congenital problem: she was fascinated by the hippie movement and left home.

    A talent for acting was in caryn Elaine Johnson in the 8 years. At this age she began to attend experimental theatre Ellen Rubenstein. Very soon, the black girl began to trust a significant role, with which she coped brilliantly.

    WUP Goldberg
    Whoopi Goldberg | Cocktail

    But in adolescence and young adulthood, after leaving home in a hippie commune, Johnson had to think not about performing, but about a piece of bread. She was working as a watchman, worked in construction and makeup of the dead. For a time it helped the unemployment benefit. All the existing problems added another: Whoopi was fond of Smoking marijuana, after which he moved on to hard drugs.

    To jump out of this pit helped her activist one of the organizations that have struggled with drug addiction, Alvin Martin. He not only threw up a future Hollywood star from the clutches of death, but also married her. Soon the couple had a daughter Alexandra. In the life of the actress began a streak of light. In 1974, 19-year-old Whoopi finally wait jobs in a theater in San Diego. Martin refused to leave new York. The couple broke up.


    On the West coast of America began a brilliant biography Whoopi Goldberg. First, she played in several Amateur troupes of small theaters. An Epiphany and a breakthrough happened when Goldberg had to play two roles in the play «Mother Courage». The actress thought that she is quite able to play multiple roles in their own performance. So the project was born, later called «the spook Show». Whoopi in it easily turned into a beggar, the millionaire.

    His solo performance black artist has successfully toured first in the cities of America, Canada and Europe. In 1984, the talented Goldberg noticed Mike Nichols. He helped Whoopi to speak with the production on Broadway. After that, the actress was invited to the musical «Jesus Christ superstar» and several less significant.

    Whoopi Goldberg in the theater
    Whoopi Goldberg in the theater].Ru

    Fame, loud and unbelievable, struck Whoopi Goldberg in 1985, when she was 30 years old. She heard that Steven Spielberg was going to film the epic novel by Alice Walker «the color purple». Actress to obtain role had asked for this very writer by sending her a letter. Walker saw Whoopi Goldberg in her Broadway productions, asked Spielberg to draw attention to the dark-skinned actress. He invited her to audition and approved for the lead role.

    This film earned Whoopi a nomination for «Oscar» award «Golden globe».

    It is noteworthy that debut role, which began stellar filmography Goldberg, was deeply dramatic. But soon the audience saw the rising star in a Comedy. «Spring-heeled Jack», «Thief», «Fatal beauty», «sister Act», «Ghost» – all of these box office hits were highly appreciated by the critics and enthusiastically adopted by the audience.

    Whoopi Goldberg and demi Moore in the movie
    Whoopi Goldberg and demi Moore in the movie «Ghost» | Gossip.Ru

    Comedy, fantasy, detectives, drama – Whoopi Goldberg was great everywhere. And fans of stars with the same enthusiasm perceived favorite actress in different roles. The dramatic film «Ghosts of Mississippi», «Long way home», «Homer and Eddie» is a masterpiece of world cinema that came into his gold Fund.

    1991 brought the Hollywood actress an Oscar, a Golden globe and a BAFTA for the role of the psychic in the film «Ghost».

    The actress is well known as a great presenter who knows how to keep the audience in good shape» and to entertain. For several years she took part in a humorous program «Comic relief». And after 1994, when the star was entrusted to conduct the ceremony of awarding the prize «Oscar», she is regularly invited as a presenter at various ceremonies.

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that the actress can hardly be called a standard of beauty, personal life Whoopi Goldberg was pretty intense. She had 3 official marriage. Her first husband was Alvin Martin, and the second time the star has married the famous photographer David Cassin. But they lived together for only 2 years. Marriage to businessman Michael Trachtenberg lasted even less: 1 year.

    Rumor has it that Whoopi Goldberg had Affairs with Frank Langella, Ted Densham, Timothy Dalton and Eddie gold. In black celebrity, has a great sense of humor, was in love with a famous handsome.

    Whoopi Goldberg with daughter and grandchildren
    Whoopi Goldberg with her daughter and grandchildren | Zimbio

    At 34 years old actress became a grandmother. Her granddaughter Amara gave birth to 16-year-old daughter Alex. Whoopi then 2 more times to become a grandmother.

    Goldberg is known for his active civil position on many issues. She is opposed to bigotry, in favor of the legalization of gay marriage and the equality of all religions and cultures.


    • «The color purple»
    • «Spring-Heeled Jack»
    • «Thief»
    • «Fatal beauty»
    • «Ghost»
    • «Ghosts Of Mississippi»
    • «Homer and Eddie»
    • «Ghost»
    • «Seraphina»
    • «Player»


      WUP Goldberg

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