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  • Name: Whitney Houston ( Whitney Houston )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1963
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of death: February 11, 2012
  • Place of birth: Newark, new Jersey, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, actress, one of the most successful artists in the world
  • Marital status: divorced

    Whitney Houston: biography

    Whitney Houston is the third child in the family. She was born in Newark on August 9, 1963. Parents John and Cissy Houston led the children in a Baptist and Pentecostal Church. The environment contributed to the interest in Whitney’s music, because his mother and aunt was a prominent figure in rhythm ‘ n ‘ Blues, soul and gospel music. In 11 years, the girl soloist in the choir of the Baptist Church in his hometown.

    Youth Whitney Houston goes on the road with her mother, she enters a backing vocalist to Chucky Khan, removed in advertising. The turbulent Bohemian life in a musical environment.

    In the 80-ies with Whitney for as much as two contracts with the record companies. But Clive Davis with Arista Records, amazed by the talent of the young singer offers him a contract, after which it will become known.


    In 1985 the first album «Whitney Houston». Sold modestly, but after the resounding popularity of the single «You Give Good Love» albums start to disassemble from the shelves.

    Whitney Houston’s talented and pretty, she is invited to different shows, where before the entrance to black performers were banned. She sings a romantic ballad and erupts on MTV with the dance track «How Will I Know». In pop and rhythm — and-Blues charts and «The Greatest Love of All» also ranks highly, which makes it interesting to the General public.

    A year later the singer’s debut album became the most sold in America. In 1986, he kept on top of 14 weeks of copies sold in 13 million copies. And that’s just in the United States. Whitney has gained worldwide popularity. Critics have called her voice «the most remarkable of the new votes.»

    In 1987 they released their second album Whitney. And he became even more popular than the former. «I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)», «didn’t We Almost Have It All», «So Emotional» and «Where Do Broken Hearts Go» for a long time were on the chat the Billboard Hot 100. Seven of these singles were hits, beating even the record of «The Beatles».

    In 1988, Whitney gets the second prize, a Grammy and goes on a world tour. It’s going down well. However, Soul Train Music Awards African-American audience booed the singer, believing that her music was «too white» and Studio recordings do not feel the sincerity, which is famous for its live performances. She shrugged, saying in one interview that this is the path to a long career. However, she added an urban sound in the following work.

    Album 1990, the year «I’m Your Baby Tonight» worked Babyface, L. A. Reid, Luther Vandross and Stevie wonder. He was diverse. It was the tracks from the hard rhythmic things to romantic ballads and dance hits. He has sold 10 million copies worldwide and was certified platinum. Sorry, but the tour in support of their new album called «worst tour of the year».

    In 1992 came the film «the Bodyguard» where Whitney Houston played not only the main role, but also performed six songs that have become big topics. One of them was a cover of the song Dolly parton «I Will Always Love You» performed in Houston in country style. The producers did not believe in a single, however it is now considered the No. 1 hit in her career. Whitney got in that year three of the award «Grammy».

    The soundtrack to «Guard» not the only one. There were still «Waiting to Exhale» and «the Wife of a preacher.»

    «My Love Is Your Love» was the fourth album with very good reviews from critics. In the voice of Houston had an interesting «bitterness».

    The year 2000 marked the release of the singer’s collection Whitney: The Greatest Hits. She received the prestigious award for contribution to black music «BET Lifetime Achievement Award» and signs a contract for 6 albums ahead.

    «Just Whitney», the fifth album, not pleased with critics. There are rumors of serious drug addiction Whitney. A year later, in 2003 a Christmas album that was a commercial failure for her.

    In 2004, she has toured the world, including visits to Russia. When she sings at the concert of the World Music Awards, the audience welcomed it standing.

    Six years of silence, after which comes the seventh album Whitney Houston «I Look to You» in 2009. He will be the last Studio brainchild of the singer.


    Following a successful creative life, platinum albums, millions of fans worldwide problems Whitney Houston seem unreal. However for many years she was seriously suffering from drug addiction. If in the beginning of a career for her strong image of «good girl» from a religious family, by the 90s she did everything to destroy it.

    Houston was often late for interviews, canceled performances, and entire concerts. Once at the airport he found marijuana. Rumors about drug use did not abate, because they were based on the examples of moments when the singer changed his voice in concert, often in front of the audience she had a strange detached look, could mix the songs and etc. In the magazine Jane Magazine claimed that Whitney arrived for an interview in a bad state, sitting with his eyes closed, imagining that plays the piano.

    In 2004, she went to the clinic for drug addicts. The result is not given. In 2005 she repeated rehabilitation course and successfully finished it. However, the continued rumors about a relapse. Whitney in his last years was treated in hospitals from drug and alcohol dependency.

    Personal life

    Family matters didn’t go smoothly. There are several lawsuits involving the relatives of the singer. Family friend Kevin Skinner sued Houston on behalf of her father, who had visited the Manager’s daughter and demanded $ 100 million for the obligation breached. 82-year-old stepmother of Whitney in 2008 was also filed in the court, lamenting the fact that her daughter inappropriate uses of inheritance of the father.

    The first notable novel of the singer was seen in 1980 with football player Randall Cunningham. Later in the press actively discussed her relationship with Eddie Murphy. There were rumors about a lesbian attachment of Whitney Houston’s assistant Robyn Crawford, but the singer always denied it.

    In 1989, Whitney met Bobby brown. Three years later they were married. Bobby brown — a singer with a scandalous reputation. Being married, he did not change his bad habits: scandals, stints in jail, including for sexual harassment, beat his wife, for which he was convicted in 2000-ies. Together, the couple dabbled in drugs.

    Married a girl, Bobbi Kristina Houston-brown. But there was also a miscarriage, during which her husband Houston was sitting in places not so remote.

    In 2007 the couple divorced. Whitney is tired of constant scandals. Later, Bobby tried to challenge the custody of the daughter, but won the Whitney.


    11 Feb 2011 Whitney Houston found in bathtub of a hotel in an unconscious state. It happened on the eve of the Grammy awards. To save the singer failed. The results of the investigation showed that the cause of death was heart problems and cocaine.

    By a strange and terrible coincidence in 2015 Kristina Houston brown, daughter of Whitney, went into a coma after she was found in a private bathroom where she lay unconscious. In July 2015, the girls did not.


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