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  • Name: Wesley Snipes ( Wesley Snipes )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Orlando, FL, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Wesley snipes: biography

    Wesley Trent snipes was born 31 July 1962 years in the U.S. state of Florida, in Orlando. However, his childhood the actor has been in new York in the South Bronx. It was one of the most disadvantaged districts of the city inhabited by poor African and Latin Americans, built the slums and is famous for burgeoning crime.

    However, the actor is such a negative situation isn’t a bad time: he was well studied and successfully graduated from the High school for performing arts. Young snipes chose the class of singing, dancing and elocution.

    Wesley snipes in his youth
    Wesley snipes in youth | Cinemania

    Soon after, the Wesley family moved to his native state, and future world-famous actor was forced for some time to postpone the process of education. But he had been practicing, speaking as part of street theater group «Struttin’ Street Stuff» and earning your first money.

    Young snipes very sought titles and prestigious profession, so after some time he returned to new York. There he enrolled in the University, successfully graduated and received the degree of bachelor of arts. In his student years the artist continued moonlights, acting in commercials and playing minor roles in the theater.


    Wesley snipes believed in your talent and regularly went on numerous auditions: during the study at the University and at its completion. His first success was the participation in the film about football «wildcat», directed by Goldie hawn in 1986-m to year. Although the picture has not enjoyed great popularity, receiving a serious role in a feature film was of great importance for the creative career of the actor.

    Wesley snipes in his youth
    Wesley snipes in a youth | Celebrity

    Next was a small role in the movie «streets of Gold» and «Critical state», and in 1987-m to year was a long awaited breakthrough. Associated he was not involved in blew up the world box office film, and with filming of the music video. The video was filmed on the Michael Jackson song «Bad». Charisma and artistry snipes was so impressed by Martin Scorsese (who, by happy coincidence, was engaged in the filming of this clip) that he decided to continue to work with the young actor.

    Thanks to him, Wesley took the lead role in the movie «mo’ better Blues», released in 1990 year. The result was not slow itself to wait: snipes noticed, and he began to offer one role after another. He played an unscrupulous drug Lord in the movie «King of new York» and courageous security officer in the film «Passenger No. 57,» and several other characters.

    Wesley Snipes
    Wesley snipes | Black doctor

    Gradually snipes was invited to a big-budget picture with a lot of potential. So, in 1993, the year the actor was able to work with the famous Sean Connery in the crime Thriller «sunshine». In the same year teammate Wesley was no less famous Sylvester Stallone, with whom he starred in the sci-Fi action movie «the Destroyer».

    In 1996-m to year is gaining popularity to the artist was able to work with Robert De Niro. The actors played the main roles in the acclaimed Thriller «the Fan». The film tells the story of a football fan with mental disorders and develops his madness.

    In the second half of the 1990s, Wesley has proven that it can perfectly cope with the dramatic roles, successfully playing in the melodrama «one night stand» with Nastassja Kinski. For this role the actor even awarded a prize at the Venice film festival.

    Wesley snipes in the role of blade
    Wesley snipes in the role of blade | Horror Freak News

    But international fame Snips brought the same role in the action: in 1998, the year he starred as blade (Eric Brooks) in the movie «Blade» comics «Marvel». The film is about the half-human, half-vampire who was possessed by righteous anger and revenge. In the same year, the actor received his star on the «Hollywood walk of fame.

    The continuation of the first «blade» was not as popular as the first film, unlike the famous Wesley snipes. Actor almost every year is removed in one or two paintings, and they are often commercially successful. «Under the gun», «Nine lives», «Chaos», «Shooter», «the Expendables 3» — all these films, like many others, Wesley was adorned with a brilliant transformation in their characters.

    Wesley Snipes
    Wesley snipes | the World HD video

    Partners of the actor on the set was Tommy Lee Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham, Halle berry and many others. In 2016, snipes starred in the film «Five minutes of life.» Now the actor, as before is ready for serious work and is confident that the best movies he’s not only back but ahead.

    Personal life

    Chunky Wesley snipes, whose height is 175 cm, has always been a favorite of women.The actor was married twice. In 1985, the year his choice was an old friend named April, a native of Puerto Rico. Three years after the marriage the wife gave the actor born son in the name of Desire Asar. Unfortunately, happiness of the spouses was short-lived, and in 1990, the year their marriage broke up.

    Wesley snipes and Halle berry
    Wesley snipes and Halle berry | life Style

    Later Wesley met with actress Halle berry, with artist Donna Wong and other attractive and interesting girls. But really changed his life a native Korean Nikki Park. With this beauty snipes met in the early 2000s, and in 2003, the year he led her down the aisle.

    Wesley snipes wife
    Wesley snipes wife | Cardinal

    In this marriage there were children: his beloved wife gave birth to Wesley, three sons and one daughter. However, the age Nikki is not too large, and it is possible that a new entrant is not far off.

    Problems with the law

    In 2008-m year, during the trial it turned out that Wesley snipes for ten years (from 1991 to 2001 years) absolutely did not pay taxes to the state. In the end, he owes the Treasury more than fifteen million dollars and was sentenced to imprisonment for three years. Snipes tried to pay off from the hard sentence, paying off your debt, but the judge was adamant.

    Wesley Snipes
    Wesley snipes | the MGM Channel

    During the pendency of the appeal, Wesley was released on bail. But already in December of 2010 after years of refusing requests, the actor is still in jail. His time he served in Pennsylvania. Freedom snipes was released slightly early for good behavior: the actor was able to return home in April 2013.


    • «Passenger 57»
    • «One night stand»
    • «Murder in the White House»
    • «Blade»
    • «The sport of the future»
    • «Under the gun»
    • «Zigzag»
    • «Blade 2»
    • «Nine lives»
    • «Blade: Trinity»
    • «7 seconds»
    • «Gunner»
    • «Chaos»
    • «Heavy.»
    • «The detonator»
    • «Sagittarius»
    • «Brooklyn police»
    • «The expendables 3»
    • «Chronicles of the Mayan tunnel»
    • «Player»
    • «Five minutes of life»


    Wesley Snipes

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