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  • Name: Wentworth Miller ( Wentworth Earl Miller III )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Wentworth Miller: biography

    Wentworth Miller is an American actor, who became famous for her role as Michael Scofield in the crime series «Escape».

    He was born June 2, 1972 in the British town of Chipping Norton, in the family of lawyer Wentworth Miller Sr. and his wife, Roxanne, who worked as a school teacher. As both the boy’s parents were Americans, but now Miller had dual citizenship. By the way, the actor in his veins flows the blood of more than a dozen Nations – from African and Indian patronymic, Russian, Syrian and French mother.

    Wentworth Miller in childhood and adolescence
    Wentworth Miller in childhood and adolescence

    In the UK the family stayed long. Actually, there’s father Wentworth was studying at Oxford University. Soon, all the Millers moved back home to the US and settled in new York in Park slope.

    In school a guy a lot of attention spent on combating racial inequality: as soon as his classmates learned that his family is African American, began to harass and insult the Wentworth.

    For this reason, parents are advised his son from the first days of school at Princeton University not to hide the origin, and hang on the walls pictures of the family, to avoid further explanations. But the guy went on. He published a newspaper cartoon on the subject of racial discrimination. But as the author of the picture look like white, the story took an unexpected turn: Miller gained a bad reputation among the teaching staff.

    Wentworth Miller
    Wentworth Miller | Goodreads

    This attitude was compounded by the fact that the young man spent much of his time rehearsing and touring with the famous a Cappella group «The Princeton Tigertones» and missed a lot of lectures. However, Wentworth was able to successfully defend the thesis on the topic of classic novels «Jane Eyre» and «Antoinette» and became a bachelor of English literature.

    Further, the graduate decides to become an actor. Miller travels to Los Angeles, gets a job in the development Department of the production company «Paramount» and starts to storm, one casting after another.


    Four years Wentworth Miller ran a solid bounce, until he got a small role in one episode of the mystical film «Buffy the vampire Slayer». Then there was the part in the melodrama «the Time of your life» and the medical series «er». And in 2002, the actor offered to play the main role in fantasy film «Dinotopia,» and he turns into a sensitive young David Scott. This series was the winner of the «Emmy», but, ironically, the career of Wentworth Miller not affected.

    But the next film «the human stain» was able to draw on the unusual actor’s attention. Interestingly, Miller previously the Director had to prove that he has mixed blood, and for this to bring into the Studio a photo album with a picture of their relatives. The fact that the main character of this drama in the story many years hiding that has African American ancestry.

    Wentworth Miller in the television series
    Wentworth Miller in the television series «Escape» | Ouch Press

    After the success of «Tarnished reputation» Wentworth starred in the Thriller «Another world» and family TV series «Joan of arc», and in 2005 became a superstar. This turn in his career he managed to pursue the criminal through a series of dramas, «Escape», which appeared in the form of Michael Scofield, saves older brother from execution for an uncommitted crime. This role earned Miller a nomination for a Golden globe.

    Later, the actor starred with Milla Jovovich in the horror film «Resident evil 3D: afterlife» and with Karl urban in the Thriller «Loft». It should also be noted that under the pseudonym Ted Folk man writes scripts for films. According to his plan was shot, for example, the psychological Thriller «Vicious games», where the leadership has invited such stars like MIA wasikowska and Nicole Kidman.

    Personal life

    For many years the private life of Wentworth Miller was shrouded in mystery. He repeatedly said that soon is going to build a strong family and raising a family. And in August 2013, the actor decided to announce that he is gay, and hiding sexual orientation for fear that it will affect his career is not in the best way.

    Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane
    Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane | Scoop-it

    According to Miller, in his youth, he even tried to commit suicide through the need to constantly get out and lie. The names of his partners actor, as before is not called, but, according to information from social networks, he at different times met with canadian actor Luke MacFarlane, his American colleague Kristoffer by Kusik and photographer mark Liddell.


    • 2002 — Dinotopia
    • 2003 — the human stain
    • 2003 — Another world
    • 2005 — The New Jeanne D’arc
    • 2005 — Ghost Whisperer
    • 2005-2009 — Escape
    • 2010 — Resident evil 3D: afterlife
    • 2014 — Loft
    • 2014-2015 — Flash
    • 2016 — Legends of tomorrow


    Wentworth Miller

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