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  • Name: Vanga ( Vangelia Gushterova )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1911
  • Age: 85 years
  • Date of death: 11 Aug 1996
  • Place of birth: Strumica, Ottoman Empire
  • Activities: the Bulgarian clairvoyant, prophet and healer
  • Marital status: not married

    Wang: biography

    Wang – the world famous Bulgarian clairvoyant that has a unique gift to foresee important events in the world. Her biography is considered the most mysterious among all famous people of the last century, since it lacks have confirmation events. However Vanga predictions is still unsolved phenomenon for historians, as they continue with incredible accuracy to come true in the modern world.

    Born Vangelia Dimitrova of Pandev on January 31, 1911 in the family of Bulgarian peasants Panda and Paraskeva, on the territory of modern Republic of Macedonia. The name of their newborn received immediately, as it was very weak and the family did not believe that the girl will survive. Immediately after birth, he was wrapped in a coat and put it under the stove where it two months later for the first time began to cry. It became a symbol of what the future clairvoyant stronger and will live. So the girl immediately christened in the Church, and gave her the name Vangelia, which means «bringer of good news.»

    Childhood and adolescence Vanga cannot be called joyful because in 3 years the girl lost her mother and remained a semi-orphan. The father of Vanga was then called to the front, and it is left to the care of a neighbor. After returning from the war Safely and married a second time and future prophetess took under his wing stepmother, which saw the stepdaughter only manpower used in full.

    As a child, little Vangelia liked to play a rather strange game that became a symbol of her destiny – she loved the blindfold to look for hidden objects in the room, and also «blind» to treat their toys. At the age of 12 years, Wang mysteriously went blind. Her returning from the pasture, a few hundred meters from the house took a tornado and dumped in a field. When the girl found her eyes were tightly closed, so tightly clogged with sand. The father and stepmother tried to cure his daughter, but in vain – the necessary amount of money for the operation was to them irresistible, so after 4 years, the girl went completely blind.

    In the next step, the biography of Wang connected with the House of the blind in Serbia. It was the perfect place for children with such problems because the staff of the boarding school very well cared for Pets and taught them to survive with such serious injuries. In the House of Vanga blind are taught to knit, play the piano, clean the house and cook. Also, she has completed a course in school of Sciences, acquainted with mathematics, alphabet, music, drawing and other inaccessible to her due to her blindness developmental Sciences.

    After three years, Wang had to return home Strumica, as if regular childbirth killed her stepmother and father needed help. Despite his blindness, she was a true hostess, she managed to run the household and care for their younger brothers and sisters, and also knitted and sewed for his fellow villagers, knowing the material condition of the family pay the girl food and clothing.

    The Predictions Of Vanga

    A great gift from a blind girl began to emerge in 1940. Then she began to predict the fate of the villagers and decipher them dreams, and to do it in a false male voice. In the same period, Wang went into my first trance, after which predicted the beginning of world war II, which began in April 1941.

    Then the girl who was afraid to admit to their visions, as it could recognize crazy. But his close friend and friends she told about her secret, which soon spread to the whole world. First, the predictions of Vanga concerned men at the front – the girl told relatives about their whereabouts and expected, to return home alive or not.

    After that, Wang began to leave the people for help, advice and prediction. According to historians, the day the woman took up to 130 guests. Your predictions of the prophetess did at piece of refined sugar, which before visiting Vanga was supposed to sleep for the night everyone. Statistics estimated that during the activities of clairvoyants, people brought her more than 2 tons refind, which suggests that it has helped more than a million people.

    In 1967, Wang became a civil servant and was getting a salary for their predictions, as before, it took people completely free. In this period, among its visitors, increasingly began to appear the famous people and politicians who wanted the prophetess to learn the fate and future of their country. Her regular guests were the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon Second, the Communist leader of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov, the Soviet writers Leonid Leonov and Yuri Semyonov, as well as representatives of the former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

    Fulfilled the prophecy of Vanga

    More than half a century of its activities, Wang has made more than 7 thousand predictions that actually came true. In addition to the Second world war, a psychic accurately predicted the events in Syria, Nicaragua and Prague. In 1943, she predicted the defeat of Hitler in the war with Russia, that the German Fuhrer laughed at him that was useless.

    Also among the fulfilled predictions of Vanga it is worth noting under the seer «velvet» revolution in Montenegro, the death of Indian political leader Indira Gandhi, the death of Leonid Brezhnev and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Except for political predictions historians have become aware of the prophecies of Vanga on the scientific world. A psychic predicted that soon there will be a time of miracles, and science will make major discoveries in the nonmaterial world.

    In 1980, Vanga predicted the tragedy with the submarine «Kursk» that took place in 2000 and claimed the lives of 118 crew members. And in the early 90s, the seer spoke about the terrorist attack in USA in September 2011. Then she said «fellow Americans will peck iron birds». Historians claim that the Bulgarian clairvoyant also included an ascent to the U.S. presidency «a black man», which will be the last Chapter of this country.

    Vanga predictions for 2016 talking about natural disasters and technological disasters. It was during this period when the fortune-teller predicted the whole world war with the Muslim state, as well as the conflict between the Eastern countries, one of which, in the end use nuclear weapons and Europe will be empty.


    Death of Vanga came 11 August 1996. A psychic accurately predicted his death a month before the event. Killed a great soothsayer cancer (breast cancer), which started to rapidly progress in the last months of her life.

    His death took Wang with a smile on his lips. He urged the world not to mourn her as the burden she had to carry in life, unaffordable. Her achievements for humanity are highly valued in modern society. In honor of Vanga in Petrich in 2008 was opened a Museum dedicated to her, and in 2011 in Rupite, where he lived his last years as a clairvoyant, had installed her statue weighing 400 kg

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vanga and her entire biography has no official confirmation. It is known that first love clairvoyant of the twentieth century caught up in the House of the blind. Then she was even ready to marry his chosen, but all plans changed father, immediately returned the girl home.

    The only man of Vanga was Dimitar Gushterov who married a blind soothsayer in 1942. Then he took his wife in his home town of Petrich, which was on the border of Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. The couple lived for 40 years until the death of Demetrius, who died after years of alcoholism and its consequences for health.

    Children of Vanga is also one of the most interesting graph of the biography of prophetess. It is known that the clairvoyant was childless, but adopted two children – boy Dimitar Valchev and the girl violet. The seer raised foster children worthy people, they were given a good education and the «right» start in life.



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